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Age of Empires Online is the next chapter in the best-selling Age of Empires PC franchise. The game features some of the greatest ancient civilizations and offer more than hundreds of hours of gameplay for free. Showcasing a unique art style, AoEO offers a free-to-play experience for both single players and fans of coop and PvP. Battle, chat, and trade with fellow warriors in rich new worlds!

Age of Empires Online is the first game in the series that is free-to-play

  • Start with one of three free civilizations or upgrade them to Premium (Greece, Egypt, and the Celts) or get one of three Pro civilizations (Persia, Babylon, and the Norse).


  • Capital Cities offer a central focal point for your empire from which you start your quests or travel to other regions. Vanity allows you to decorate your Capital Cities and units to your hearts’ content.  Champion Mode offers the option to play against PvP opponents without gear being taken into consideration, providing equal footing for paid players and players with free accounts.

Age of Empires Online was closed on July 1, 2014.


Minimum System Requirements

  1. OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  2. Processor: Dual Core, 2Ghz or higher
  3. Memory: Ranges between 1 and 2.5 GB, dependent on OS
  4. Hard Drive: 5 GB required for downloads
  5. Video Card: 128 MB Shader 2 supported card or higher
  6. Recommended
  7. Minimum resolution 1024x768


From the makers of Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, and Age of Mythology comes a new game designed for the Nintendo DS! A brand new, tactical turned-based strategy game featuring the most popular civilizations from Age of Mythology!

Game Features
Featuring three playable civilizations with individual campaigns - the Egyptians, Greeks and the Norse. The game allows players to lead mighty heroes and legendary monsters, call down divine powers of the gods, and change the tide of battle with an all-new active combat system.  There is also an immersive multiplayer experience with unique maps, customizable rules, a new skirmish mode and single-cart game sharing, allowing players anywhere to go head-to-head worldwide.


The Age of Kings boasts turn-based strategy gameplay – a first for the franchise – as players move from the Dark Ages through the Middle Ages with one goal in mind: domination of the known world.

Game Features

Command one of five different civilizations: the Britons, Franks, Mongols, Saracaracens, or Japanese.

Control special 'hero' units such as Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan, whose special 'hero' powers affect the entire battlefield.

Research over 50 different technologies like chemistry, ballistics, siege craft and spying to advance civilization into the next age.

A new Combat Advisor offers advice on certain campaign strategies and provides an assessment of the battle's outcome.

Multi-player scenarios allow up to four players to wirelessly battle each other.

By gaining Empire Points, players can unlock maps and units to improve their Emperor Rank.