The End is Nigh

Ave, all!

Age of Empires Online will close at the end of this month, on July 1, 2014. On that day, the service will cease to function, and no further games can be played. The servers will be taken offline, and no features of the game or the game service will work without the servers. Until that date, the game will continue to fully function just as it does now. You can quest, raid, chat and trade as much as you like until then.

During this final month, we have several activities planned, to celebrate the time that you as players have spent with the game, and make the most of the time we have remaining. Please note that no one new can join the game; these events are for existing players only.

Today, June 3, we will reset the PVP ladder one final time. This will give everyone one final fresh start to climb the ranking ladder and see who takes final bragging rights.

On June 10, we will begin a final Capital City Decoration Contest. For two weeks, until June 24, we encourage everyone to decorate their capital city in the most striking and beautiful ways possible, and to submit screen shots of their city to us. The AOEO Community Team will judge the entrants and offer prizes to the winners. Anyone who enters will receive a special rare city decoration.

On June 24, the AOEO Invitational Tournament will begin. For one week, the best AOEO PVP players, past and present, will be invited to take part in a final set of public matches. The events will be streamed on the official AOEO Twitch channel and then posted to YouTube.

Finally, make plans, if you can, to attend the End of the World event on July 1. More on that as we get closer to that day.

The website will be taken offline on July 1 as well. The forums there have been locked for months, but in case you want to archive any content from that site, please do so before July 1.

Thank you all for playing AOEO. Please reach out to old friends and players of AOEO and let them know of these events and encourage them to participate as well. I hope that you can come back to join us for these events, to talk with old friends and new, and most importantly to play the last few times in this version of Age of Empires.

For more discussion, please see this thread:

AOEO Trajan

About Jessica McCoy

As a German native speaker from the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Jessica McCoy (Gamertag: Garmonbozia81) is the Community Coordinator for the English and German Age of Empires community. After starting out as a German forum moderator for AoEO, she now takes care of all AoE games and various Windows 8 and Xbox titles, including Ori and the Blind Forest, Microsoft Bingo, and Microsoft Jigsaw. Her favorite game genres are strategy, simulation, adventure, puzzle, and tower defense.
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90 Responses to The End is Nigh

  1. Trolly says:

    i just shed a silent tear.

  2. green says:

    workin on new projects, maybe a new version of the game?

  3. alejandro says:

    we want age of empires 4

  4. flávio says:

    First of all, that info about the shut down in jully 4 make me sad, and even now, I’m no different.
    I was introduced to the RTS world by Age of Empires Online and since then, I’ve played many games and can say that I will miss SO MUCH this game, the critical moments when you’re about to finish a quest/pvp and have to make a fast decision that can lead you to win or lose the match.

    I really sorry for the end of such a game that showed me, and believe a lot of people, how a RTS game can be so funny and frustrating at same time (when you get crushed by AI in elite quests lol), but incredibly lovely with thing such the feelings you have when finishs a quest 100% or take down that tuff opponent in pvp.
    I, as I did posted in the old AOEO forun, would like to make something to save this game and keep somehow the possibility to play online or even off line, but unfortunately, it’s not possible.

    The game have problems? Yes, but that problems dons’t change the fact this game, even some players don’t like the art style, is one of the most epic RTS in all time and not only because is a age of empire game, but the civilizations, the gear, the missions, every aspect in this game, imo, make it remarkable and will stay always in my list of games I still hope to play again and again and again.
    I sincerely hope you guys make something in the near future (this year maybe) about age of empires and don’t let this incredable series die in mobile titles or just bringing back old ones with HD resolution.

    Please, make a entirely NEW age of empire game that could be something like online one, that would be awesome or real graphics like old ones, because what matter is have a NEW age of empire online.
    I will really miss my celts..

    ps: If you could sell a version off line of this age of empires, I believe would be great .
    Have a feeling that true fans would find a way out to play on line and show how we love this game series keeping it alive.
    For glory and honor!

  5. pcnerd37 says:

    Is there any way that perhaps the the servers can be turned over to the community and let the community keep the game running? I really don’t want to see such a great game go away. I’ve been playing it since the alpha and I would give anything to be able to continue playing it.

  6. MuhsinTpd says:

    :( good bye AoE:Online

  7. el says:

    Does this mean we can no longer play aom hd online either?

  8. Hi Trajan, I mean Garmon. The Age of Empires Online forums at will also be archived right?

  9. ShiningBanzana says:


  10. luis sonant says:

    Deveras que espero una gran sorpresa como el age 4 on linne porque no se que va a ser de mi sin es fabuloso juego, desde que lo conoci paso a la historia, muchas consolas, antiguas y moderanas , te voy a extrañar mucho age3 on linne trajan y toda la gente esta detrás del juego, simplemete me queda agradecerles por tal magnifico trabajo, ;)

  11. green says:

    is there no way to keep the servers life? or could u give some1 the rights to keep the servers up?

  12. Larke says:

    Extremely displeased that this game is going offline. There are NO other decent alternatives. So thanks for screwing all of us who love this game. I sincerely hope the next version of AOE is also similar. The last AOE3 sucked.

    Though, I must admit that I have great reluctance to buy any game from you guys again. Perhaps I’ll AGAIN spend $60 only to find out the game will go offline permanently a year or less down the road.

  13. Garmonbozia81 says:

    I just added a discussion thread to the blog that allows you to discuss and share your memories. Here’s the link:

  14. Mew says:

    It’s really sad this game won’t see a revival on steam. Microsoft really is burring the AoE franchise. Wish they had more brains.

    • Brad says:


    • W says:

      Same way they burned the Flight Simulator franchise.

      They are just completely annihilating their PC IP’s.

      MS could have made billions in the past decade if they continued to support PC gaming, just look at how well Steam is doing.
      They need to clean house and hire people that are passionate about PC games and have the vision to take full advantage of their PC IP’s and salvage what they can from the current mess.

  15. Turkish says:

    please no close the game please :(((((

  16. Brad says:


  17. Rest In Peace. Eagerly awaiting your resurrection when PC gaming interest return.

  18. Pat says:

    Well, this is just hilarious, you ruined a very very good game with the last episode AOE-Online, this is what u get for this browser-based free to play ***! go back to AOE2 or AOE3, and make a AOE4 for the real fans, and get back to the good old graphics and gameplay… THEN you will be succesfull again!

    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

    • TY says:

      its not browser based and it certainly is not ***. in fact, its a better game than aoe2 and aoe3 combined.

      *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

      • W says:

        It’s definitely not better than AOE2 or 3, in my opinion; but it is still a great game and brings something unique to the RTS genre.

        I think of AOEO as a spin-off from the original, not an actual successor to AOE 3, as those games are in a different league altogether.

  19. Pat says:

    im so thankful to not invest one single $ in this crappy game!

    • W says:

      If I knew they would screw us like this barely 2 years after the game came out I would have never given them my hard earned cash.
      It is absolutely unacceptable to take peoples money and then shut the game down so soon after it’s release.

  20. Miguel Garcia says:

    i have one question though… in some sites they say that the game will continue, only that you guys are not going to put more updates, but the game will continue, or is a general shutdown ?

  21. netone says:

    llevo jugando desde el primer dia ;( , no quiero que desaparezca , es cierto que ahora este juego no produce dinero para la compañia y que es jugado poco pero antes era una gran revolución , como fan de AEO desde AEO1 hasta este , os obligo a trabar en un AEO nuevo , OS LO ORDENO !! XDD

  22. Jan Bitner says:

    Please, anyone of you community devs, server people etc, I beg you to try save this game, allow players to play offline, host servers, anything. Many of us invested much time and love in this game!

    • Garmonbozia81 says:

      In order to make any changes to the game, we would need developers for the game, which we don’t have.

      • YeanlingLoki0 says:

        You could always release at least part of the source code and allow the community to edit it..I get that Microsoft doesn’t like to do anything open-source, but if the problem is only a lack of developers, I’m sure there are many coders in the community (myself included) who would be happy to spend their time modding the game and making it work without the central Microsoft server.

      • ladoncella555 says:

        como podriamos obtener los desarrolladores del juego,me gustaria resucitarlo de nuevo

  23. Theusmellthis says:

    Please keep the game up it is amazing i love the cartoony graphics and awesome gameplay and multiplayer battles i cant find any empire game better than it so please stop this insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Zeesus says:

    What about charity and kindness? MS should respect loyal customers and gamers! Leave AEO running and stop madness!!

  25. Drago says:

    Will you guys have an event like double blueprint materials or something like that? I’m still farming the crete blueprint materials and those take a while haha

  26. TGSTKer says:

    Give me my money back!

    • knightrider578 says:

      ^^^ditto, i spent real money to buy all civs, max out vault and extras. now everything is lost with no hope of return. not even an offline option is retarded. ive never bought a game and then told i will no longer be able to play it ever again, i still have my sega and nintendo and can still play those games at my leasure. AoE3 with all the expansion packs and can still play it if i want…. what a loss for all of us….

      • W says:

        +1; I want my money back as well. This was NOT a free-to-play game when it first launched; it was rather try-and-buy. I bought civs when each cost around 20eur.
        I don’t care about the stuff I bought with empire points after the game was converted to free-to-play, but I want the REAL money I spent before that.
        If MS does not want to return the cash without hassle, then they should at the very least offer AOE2 HD, or one of their other RTS games for free to those who spent a lot of money on this game and will now get burned by this shutdown.

        • Nick says:

          I agree. I paid real money when the game came out, I expect to be able to play the game, who cares if they stopped creating more stuff for it. I can still play pc games I bought in 1995 (granted it takes knowledge on how to get them to work. But I can still play them)

  27. Dios, si supieran que hay cientos de latinos y amigos españoles que no se expresaron, simplemente , por enojo hacia el anuncio de el cierre? por lo menos yo no vuelvo a comprar juegos de microsoft. pero no cabe la menor duda que se le va a extrañar mucho….

  28. God, if they knew that there are hundreds of Latinos and Spanish friends who are not simply expressed by anger at the announcement of the closure? at least I’ll be right not to buy microsoft games. but no doubt that he will be greatly missed ….

  29. Nife says:

    I have boycotted future Microsoft titles like Titanfall because of the way this game was shelved. I do not own an X-box and will remain loyal to the game industries that support the games people pay for.

  30. ilaoeo says:

    plz.. don’t

  31. x1x exits says:

    I want to know where i can post the screen shots

  32. locotaturo says:

    fk u microsoft …fken thieves…

  33. 1 Cichfishy says:

    Who was the one responsible for pulling the plug? Could really use an email address so I can convey my sheer disappointment of them giving us PC players the bird time after time. 1840hrs. of game play down the drain, not to mention the $$.

  34. Borrom says:

    I thought the main reason for AoE Online shutting down was that the GfWL servers were thought to go down, but according to ( MS has confirmed the GfWL servers will continue to function past 1st of July! Does this mean AOE Online in fact does not have to / will not be taken down after all??

    • Nour Douglas says:

      Sadly, no, Microsoft wants to cut AOEO off just because… they turned off the GFWL support for the game which means no new players which means no new funds for AOEO, they didn’t want to straightly pull the plug, they just did it slowly and painfully for the AOEO players..

  35. Nour Douglas says:

    I spent like a 100$ on the season pass when it came out, played the BETA, Still playing the game with 800m g, was a fun ride :) Goodbye AOEO and all the friends i have met in trading and general chats, was fun to be with you. Too bad Microsoft had to be an *** to everything the head of ROBOT entertainment ever did.. He and his friends created Ensemble Studios (ie: createors of AOE1,2,3,AOM), in 2002, Microsoft buys ensemble studios, in 2009, Microsoft leaves Ensemble studios to death because they couldn’t cope with it, head of ES disband from his friends and creates RE, Microsoft buys RE and *** the whole thing again, leaves RE to death again… I wish they weren’t such ***… GG.

    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  36. Marko says:

    You thieving bastards deserve to rot in hell

  37. joshua says:

    this is just crazy, a amazing game and there gonna shut it down…… Microsoft can burn in hell, greedy,judas *** only care about a buck bastards!!!!!dedicate a damn server, well pay like we all ways have….come on bill get your *** together!!!

    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  38. joshua says:

    if I don’t get a new AoE in a month after cut I know about a hundred people that will never give yall another dollar……im getting a mac, im gonna burn this comp and dance around it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Nachiketa says:


    Why do you need to shut the servers down. It will take just a few hundred bucks every month to keep it running. Don’t update, don’t give anything new, just let it stay online. You are getting so much goodwill by doing that. And yes, you can always get hard cash out of it by some in-game purchasable items. AOE is a legendary game, it will always remain so. Don’t let the game fade in peoples’ minds by cutting them off you. For me, AOE2 was the game that made me believe that Microsoft is great at making games (over a decade ago). I grew up, and I purchased Halo and Gears of War only because I had played AOE some day, because AOE filled the awe in me that I have for Microsoft Studios.
    Even then, if it is too heavy for you to bear, just make it a game that can use clients as servers, may be a couple of days of coding. Don’t let it die. AOE is the brightest icon in the world of Real-Time Strategy. Feel proud for being associated with it. Don’t kill it.


    • Craig says:

      Right on. Since they did shut it down, any interest in buying xbox or other Microsoft gaming support just went way down.

      How much does it actually cost for them to keep the servers up? Next to nothing?

  40. FIDEL CASTRO says:


  41. rodgerious says:

    Microsoft games seems a waste of money!!!

    From Portugal

  42. Azulius says:

    i think this is BS, a big middle finger to the players… closing the servers is one thing, but making the game unplayable :/
    is it that mutch of a problem to allow people to atleast play the game in singlaplayer ?

  43. Ayoub Wissam says:

    it’s sad to close the game i want to play it now and i really love it.
    now June 27,2014 and i have downloaded the game about 5.95 GB and i have install it well but when i entred to it they request a PRODUCT KEY.
    i didn’t find it anyway and i want realy to play this game.
    anyway any help ? i’m waiting for some help and thanks.

  44. Dragon says:

    I’m gutted because my ssd failed this week with Aoeo on it so I can’t even play it at the end. I’ll be thinking twice about buying any Microshaft games in future… They ruined this game with their greed and lack of vision. What a waste of a great game!

  45. Ricardo Meira Pt Pt says:

    I’ve been working out. bought all civilizations and all I could buy …
    Now I get to play with my wife and I see that it is closing?

    I can only say I WANT MY MONEY thieves. GOODBYE MICROSOFT OF ***.

    Thieves, robbers, thieves …..

    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  46. Cristina says:

    Deberían reconsiderar y seguir. Son mi compañía. Qué voy a hacer sin Uds.?

  47. Stan says:

    … Ces point à eux seul définisse à quel point je suis déçus de voir un tel jeu ce terminer, clore le mode en ligne, c’est n’importe quoi. Ce jeu apportait divertissement et plaisir à de nombreuse personne sur plusieur génération autant adultes que enfant, certe il n’était plus jouer autant qu’avant mais il suffisait d’une bonne publicité pour relancer cela. Cette déception je pense que beaucoup la partage.
    Je voudrais juste une explication sur le pourquoi de cette fermeture je n’ai pas tout compris.

    Nom de jeu : _Laflamme_

  48. Ricardo Meira Pt Pt says:

    I’m sad … because I see few people to comment on their community … She has worked so weak?

  49. André says:

    Muito triste, foi um bom jogo, pena que pararam de apoiar, e produzir, nos abandoraram, sinto muito.

  50. Ricardo Meira Pt Pt says:

    isto não é muito tiste, mas sim uma miséria da parte da microsoft podiam deixar de dar apoio ao jogo em actualizaçoes, mas agora desligar os servidores ao jogo, isso foi um golpe baixo. eu gastei mais de 100€ no jogos e agora? nem dinheiro nem jogo….esta empreza (microsoft) deixou de ser credivel…

  51. Deurbel says:

    The game itself was quite okay, I played it in beta and a short while after release untill the buisness model used was irritating me. However using this kind of buisness model only to shut it down after not even a handfull of years is just plain stupid. Lots of people payed good money for whatever items or services available only to see it flushed down the toilet by the company that made them pay for such thing, simply by switching off a server. Even if such a choice has been made, at least compensate those people for what they have payed.

    I myself am very happy I left this game behind, any game requiring payments to unlock stuff in the game other then cosmetics is just bad, and using it on a franchise like Age of Empires not just dents the reputation of the game studio in the online community, it destroyes all that is(was) left of it.

    TL;DR: Microsoft, what on earth were you thinking when creating this game and what in the seven hells are you thinking by deserting it in this matter. Shame on you, I feel sorry for the fans.

  52. emil says:

    WHYYYYYY i PAY for this great gameeee i want my money back i just buy it today : today 8/22/2014 ; and i want to play it so much im just feeling so bad :””'((((( now *** you microfostttttttttttttttttttttt *** bitchessss !!!! . IF i had the server i’ll never wont shut down it *** you microsooooftttt if you dont start the server ill *** your all reputation *** your alll *** IF i had the server ill pay for it and i will never had a mind to close this in maximum 10 and more i haTE YOU NOW i wont buy anything from microbitchessss *** *** i dont have nothing to play i have leage of legends smite team fortress minecraft S.K.I.L.L – Special Force 2 and CS Source : that games are not very interesting for me but Age Of Empires Online …. That Is The Greatest Game I have ever seen I WANT THE SERVERS ON NOW I DONT WANT UPDATES ONLY TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!! I WANT THE SERVERSSS ONLINEEEEEE IF YOU DONT START THE MEGA COOL SERVER I’LL GET YOUR REPUTATION TO GO TO YOUR MOTHERS ***

    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  53. emil says:


    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  54. emil says:


    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  55. Angry says:

    Why would you retire a perfectly good game you could have done something about it and keep most if not all of us satisfied. But you chose to piss us off and not do anything about it. I will never buy anything from you ever again I hope you burn in hell for what you did

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