The End of the World

Ave, all, for the last time.

All good things must come to an end, and that time has come for Age of Empires Online. It is time for the barbarian hordes to ride off into the sunset for the final time. The servers will be permanently shut down at approximately 4pm Pacific Time on July 1, 2014.

With this, my final blog post, I’d like to reflect a bit on the history we have all shared.

AOEO launched in August of 2011, with its first two civilizations, the Greeks and Egyptians. Over the years, we added the Persians, the Celts, the Babylonians and the Norse. We also added new modes like the Defense of Crete and Skirmish, to provide for multiple styles of play. In the summer of 2012 we even changed the basic model of the game itself, allowing players to earn Empire Points and play their way to owning more civilizations and vanity items, and adding shifting Alliances to give high-level Empires more reasons to make wars upon each other.

None of this would have been possible, of course, without our friends and partners at Robot Entertainment and Gas Powered Games. They were the architects of the ancient world where we fought and played together. We were ambitious and risky with AOEO in a number of respects; some of these experiments worked, and some did not. As the saying goes, I do think that we ended up among the stars, most of the time.

The most thanks, though, belong to you, the players of the game. It has been a pleasure and an honor serving you all. Thank you for the time you have spent with us, exploring all these little worlds together and conquering them for the glory of your Alliance and your Empire. Thank you especially for the times you spent with each other, in PVP matches, in co-op quests, and in the forums and the rest of the internet. Thank you for playing.

If you would like to join us for the final farewell, we will be livestreaming the last hours of AOEO starting at 10:30am PDT/5:30pm GMT. Our regular community team will be there, along with myself and some special guests: .

AOEO Trajan

About Jessica McCoy

As a German native speaker from the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Jessica McCoy (Gamertag: Garmonbozia81) is the Community Coordinator for the English and German Age of Empires community. After starting out as a German forum moderator for AoEO, she now takes care of all AoE games and various Windows 8 and Xbox titles, including Ori and the Blind Forest, Microsoft Bingo, and Microsoft Jigsaw. Her favorite game genres are strategy, simulation, adventure, puzzle, and tower defense.
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122 Responses to The End of the World

  1. pcnerd37 says:

    Do you think there is any chance we could see the game be brought back to life down the road similar to the revival that AoEII and AoM have seen?

    • RealCook says:

      All the Age of Empires games are dead or almost dead. Microsoft does not think the Age of Empires brand is good because of there new Xbox One and all the new HD games. People might be thinking that the brand will come back, but sadly It won’t. I am a Fan of Age of Empires and still play it today. There is nothing like Age of empires anywhere, people that make games today only focus on the short term of the game. Which means they want people to play the game for a year or less. Then go buy another new game. That is one thing that really sucks about video games today. All the old fashion video games and computer games were made to make you play for 5 or 6 years. I have been playing Age of Empire since it came out, and I am still playing it today. The only way I see any of the Age of Empires games coming back will be if someone else buys the name from microsoft and then starts making a new Age of Empires or fixing the old ones and uploading them. Like if “Ubisoft” would buy the Age of Empires brand they would upload all the old Age of Empires and of course they would make new Age of Empires that would go on the Xbox and PS4. Which is a bad Idea. I think a small company should buy the Age of Empires brand and upload all the old Age of empires and Start making new onces the way all the Age of Empires have been made. Also, it would be a cool Idea if the company that bought the Age of Empires name would hire designers and coders from “Big Huge games”. Since they were the people that make the Age of Empires game.

      • L. says:

        Ensemble were the people behind Age of Empires, later Robot Entertainment. NOT Big Huge Games.
        Big Huge Games only helped with the last expansion for Age of Empires 3, not the game itself, and they had nothing to do with AOEO.

  2. L. says:

    The shutdown of AOEO so soon after its release is a huge letdown.
    An argument by some that there is an inherent risk that a game you spent $20+ might die any second because the publisher so chooses, if it’s an online game, might be true to a certain extent, but actions such as closing down a game just two years after it’s release and screwing everyone who has paid $20 per civ and in many cases more than $100 comes at a huge cost to the publisher, and is going to be remembered and recalled for decades to come when talking about said publisher.
    Therefore a decision to first gut the game’s community by restricting new players from joining and then shutting the whole thing down, should be one that is very carefully considered.

    I am not saying that an online game must stay alive forever, but when someone spends no small amount of money on a game there is a reasonable expectation that that game is going to stay alive for a reasonable amount of time. As to what is a reasonable amount of time, well that is up for debate, but I think it is fair to say that most people would not consider two years from release a reasonable amount of time for a game that was as expensive as AOEO at launch, with each civ costing $20 and a season pass $100.

    If Microsoft is serious about getting back into PC gaming they need to try a hell of a lot harder to rebuild fences and stop screwing over PC gamers.
    First step should be to offer a good will gesture to those that spent a lot of money on AOEO and are now left with nothing, after barely more than two years from the games launch.

  3. Pyke says:

    If you are going to make another age of empires game (and that’s a huge ‘if’, and not ‘when’ because I seriously don’t know why Age of Empires IV hasn’t been announced when 1-3 sold millions of copies)

    If you’re going to make another age of empires game it better be one that isn’t running off a server like Online was. I love this series but you won’t ever see me playing a Microsoft Free to Play game ever again.

    In fact, this whole debacle, the game shutting down SO soon after its initial release has made me wary of playing free to play games in general. Because no matter how much money you spent the game is never yours and they can always take it away !

    Does Microsoft really believe that the future of Age of Empires lies on smartphones ? If so than this is goodbye Age of Empires. I’ll miss you !

    • L. says:

      This was NOT a free-to-play game on launch!!!
      It was rather a try-and-buy game, as you HAD TO buy a civilization in order to unlock many of the key game features. That is why it is questionable whether it is even legal for Microsoft to completely shut down this game and keep the money from people who bought it before it went to the free-to-play model with empire points.

      • Pyke says:

        I somewhat agree with you.

        Though it was technically a free to play game, there was nothing warning people who bought content that this game was running on a server and it could get shut down.

        People going in , thinking this was the same as previous AOE, games were duped because of this. Is that legal ? I doubt it, but no one can sue MS, and they know it…

        The least MS could do is give people another game to those who invested in it. But they won’t. I’d be happy with an Age of Empires IV announcement.

        But knowing MS, they’ll probably announce it as an Xbone exclusive, LMAO

        • L. says:

          “Though it was technically a free to play game”

          Free to play game is defined as a game where you can unlock everything by simply playing the game.
          At launch AOEO was NOT free to play; you could not unlock 80% of the game without buying a civilization for $20 each.
          They change the game model to free to play about one year after the game was launched.

          • Pyke says:

            No, free to play is not defined like you put it.

            Because a lot of free to play games were exactly like you described: lots of stuff hidden behind a paywall.

            There is no one guarding over the term ‘free to play’ so you can call basically anything free to play.

      • Hellscreamgold says:

        It’s legal because the TOS you agreed to says it is.

        • L. says:

          Yeah, and there is also something called the Unfair Contracts Terms Act, and a bunch of other consumer protection legislation.
          There is also The Consumer Rights Bill which is currently under consultation and which would put an end to these disgusting practices from game publishers.

          • Pyke says:

            Yup, Microsoft can make us agree to whatever they want. There are still national and international laws.

            And those dictate that you need to provide a service or working product in return for money. Which MS doesn’t do anymore. They took money from people and offer nothing in return. Nothing legal about that.

  4. Bronzeager says:

    It’s a sad day, though one we’ve seen coming for a long time. I hung up my AOEO sword and shield long ago, but enjoyed the game for many long months while it was in its prime. I hope this is not the last we see of the Age of Empires series, but considering the rebirth of my titles through the HD editions, I think there is some hope for the future.

    Ultimately, I think AOEO tried to do too many things differently. Completely overhauling the graphical style, while shifting to a MMO-like system, and incorporating F2P elements, etc was just too much for the community to accept. Any one of these changes might have been ok by itself, but together I think it was the downfall of the game. Particularly, with the very poorly implemented PVP system in the early days.

    I’d like to see a proper Age of Empires IV down the road, perhaps once again returning to an ancient setting. Though RTS games are no longer in their heyday, it could be done well if it focuses on the elements the community enjoys and comes to expect from the series: balanced pvp matchmaking and epic historically-based campaigns with rich story and characters.

    • Pyke says:

      There is a huge lack of RTS in the PC gaming scene at the moment, and a company with a strong IP like Microsoft could see that as an opportunity to fill that hole in the market.

      But these are the things that prevent AoE IV from ever being made:
      -Ensemble doesn’t exist anymore. Robot entertainment has moved on to other games, OMD, and afaik those aren’t made under Microsoft anymore.

      -Microsoft is focusing on Xbone right now. When is the last time they made an exclusive for PC that is not a simple remake ?

      If anything they would make an AOE IV for both Xbone and PC and frankly I’d rather see no AOE IV than one being built around playing with a controller…

      • MainKiller7 says:

        I agree with you Pyke…however you have a simple mistake.

        There is no real big strikes for RTS in the PC gaming scene…right now.

        However…GameRanger has alot of old RTS classics being played…daily. AoE & AoEII…untouched…or patched.

        AoEIII has servers up as well. C&C3, & Kanes Wrath…Red Alert 2 & Red Alert.

        Bringing Command & Conquer back to the forefront without coporation greed is OpenRA. They are currently working on a Tiberium Sun mod and they have Dune 2000, Red Alert & C&C on the system.

        Free to download & play.

        The RTS scene is still strong…when counted all together and games like Call of Duty just will never match up. The reason it seems weak is because it is stretched FAR & WIDE. RTS has evolved in so many ways…that…it is the strongest gaming genre out there and will probably remain so.

        Sins of a Solar Empire, Supreme Commander and their XPacs, hell even Dark Reign from the 1990s still has a working community…to this DAY!

        It ever surpassed Command & Conquer in one major way that other games still haven’t matched yet. The game was 100% balanced at release. It was a real achievement.

        AoEII: Forgotten Empires as well…how could I forget that! SMH. -_-

        When you look at the entire RTS genre together…spanning its existence…it still remains the pure blood PC strength today. That will never change.

        (No Red Alert 3 & C&C4 don’t count…they are pieces of sh**!)

        • Pyke says:

          Aye, I still play many older games (AOE II, AOM, AOE III) as well. And so do many people.

          But if MS can capture what made previous games great, a lot of people will migrate to the new one which means lots of revenue.

          I know they have evolved. But I don’t want 4X games, Mobas, RTT games… No, my favourite games are still the RTS games with base building, preferably in a historic setting.

          So a lot of my time is spent in AOE and COH, until the next one comes out :)

  5. I’m really sad about the ending of such an awesome game. I love Age of Empires Online. I recently reached level 40 with the Egyptian Civilization, and now my beautiful city and all my progress will be lost; I hate that. But I understand this call and I’m thankful for all the hours of fun this game brought to my life. LONG LIVE AOEO!

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  7. Víctor Jesús Arroyo Reyes says:

    Thank you for your amazing game.

    I thank you Age of Empires Online Team for your efforts, you did very interesting mechanics; I enjoy every aspect of the game.

    I wish you the best. Thank you.

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  9. André says:

    I want my money back!!!

    • Hellscreamgold says:

      Why? The hours and hours you spent playing (at a VERY low $-per-hour rate) wasn’t good enough for you?

      • L. says:

        Not that was NOT good enough, because I did not pay for a game subscription I paid for a full game.
        There is a clear difference between games you pay monthly for and games you buy and can play forever, but that seems to be lost on you.

  10. Roger That says:

    That’s too bad. I met my mistress on this game…

  11. Varrigal says:

    Thanks to the community, and to guys we dont see that was always there, to comfort us, to help, and fix all right. Its us and you that made this game. For me it was hell of a ride and I wont forget this experience, cuz u guys were part of my world, which is now a little shooked, but every change is constructive, so I hope we will meet again at other games.

    • Craig says:

      I’m not inclined to buy anything else from people who shut this down the way they did. I bought most of the content and hadn’t got to playing it yet.

      Too much to ask for at least a single player version to be given to players to get to play the content they bought?

  12. DarklingStar9 - Paul says:

    Well I can’t really add much to what has been already said. Two years ago I paid to play & have nothing to show for it now but friends lost maybe forever & carpal tunnel syndrome. The server is now shut down but as most of you know the server had been shut down long ago. Though I did have some issues most of the time I enjoyed my time on AOEO. Sometimes the moderators didn’t seem to care about some of your problems but were more concerned with other issues. One time I reported that I had lost over 800k in coins. Garmonbozia81 handled my claim but I never received any of my coins back in fact she was more concerned with some illegal level 43 gear I had acquired I guess from another player who had left AOEO. Now I’m not the swiftest gamer but I don’t like to be accused of obtaining illegal gear. When I asked what gear it was I was never told & she wanted me to do a screenshot. I don’t even know how to do a screenshot. LMAO. Anyway I would like to thank all my friends who made my gaming experience a memory I won’t forget. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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  14. ladoncella555 says:

    estoy muy triste, AOEO siempre estara en nuestros corazones :(

  15. I thought the reason why AoEO was shutting down was because of Games for Windows LIVE closing.

    That isn’t the case anymore, so shutting this down is frankly disgusting.

    • L. says:

      Exactly, that was the reason given, and that reason is complete BS now. But I guess that’s what PC gamers and paying customers can expect from Microsoft.

    • Pyke says:

      Yup, just remember how MS thinks they can treat customers the next time you are thinking of buying a product of theirs.

    • Garmonbozia81 says:

      While we understand your frustration, GFWL was never part of the discussion for Age Online’s shutdown. You can find more information on the shutdown in AOEO Trajan’s blog:

    • Hellscreamgold says:

      LOL – I LOVE the overreactions of morons like you.

      Let’s put it this way – you must be one of those idiots who think MS should continue to support Windows XP forever, right? After all, those with XP paid for it….so MS should be on the hook to support it forever?

      Same argument here.

      • L. says:

        Nobody is saying they should support and keep the servers alive for AOEO forever, but people that actually paid for this game expected to be able to play it for a reasonable time; and two years from release is far from reasonable.

      • Pyke says:

        Your arguments:

        “one of those idiots”

        Yeah, your arguments are way better. And don’t sound at all like they come from some 12 year old internet troll.

        • Pyke says:


          True, if we’re gonna make the Windows XP comparison: if AOE:O was supported for that long, I don’t think many people would have complained.

  16. With all the age of empires games getting redistributed through steam, it gets me wondering why the hell didn’t they just transfer management to steam? Steam has their own server network and with a little code rewriting for the login platform we could still be playing this game. Take out the windows login and we could just use our steam name. We may not get direct support of the game with events but who really cares about the events. I just want to be able to play the game. Plus if steam does take over control, all the little special shops could be sold as DLC for money. Like 2-5 dollars and so forth. Come on steam why arent you fighting to keep this game alive. Everyone will profit: Steam takes control which will make players happy plus change the purchase model and make a profit. Microsoft will make a profit on royalties without a cost. BAM everyone is happy.

    • John says:

      Microsoft doesn’t care, they rather spend hundreds of millions on their unprofitable console than support the consumer base that made them big in the first place. If it was in Microsoft’s power PC gaming would’ve been dead a long time ago.

  17. Max says:

    My opinion. The developers saw selling virtual products as a quick way of screwing a load of money out of punters. Got no sympathy for the mugs who bought into this game. The whole philosophy of making money this way put me off even playing it for free. Very happy it died a death. I’ve play AOE from year dot and play AOE3 daily online… I am more than happy to spend £100 on an amazing complete game that will last for decades (AOE3, still feels fresh), AOE2 looks dated when it made its come back. Also, happy to spend a small amount of money annually for on going online to play indefinately. Win win for everyone.

  18. Eric says:

    Sorry to hear the game’s servers have shut down. I should have definitely played this game when I had the chance.

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  22. Daniel Costa says:

    I even played This age of empires online, because I was gaming Age of Empires III on ESO or Rise of Nations.

    I would like to see a new age of empires, not in the future, but with empires from midle of XIX or with a tematic of independence of colony once age of empires III was about make colonys, including more Civs (Americans, Brazil, Mexico, Italy) etc…

    Would be a nice thing and would sell too much.

    PLEASE JUST LAUNCH A NEW AGE OF EMPIRES FUTURISTC like “anno” did with Anno 2070, horrible, I even played, stay at the Anno 1401. kkkkkkkkk


    Remove system of deck cards and develop better automatch of games, because choose a game to get in is horrible on ESO and automatch on age of empires 3 is slow and too noise. I like automatch of COmpany of heroes 2.

    Best regards,

    Daniel Costa

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  24. burgstaller johannes says:

    WE WANT AOE 4 we pay any price!

  25. Drags says:

    The final stats in this article are very interesting : 524+ millions single player quests vs 13+ millions multiplayer quests.

    This just proves that the publisher chose a totally wrong business model for AOEO. They would have done better to develop a true AOE sold 35$ with a single player campaign and multiplayer, they would have sold millions …

  26. Bao Dinh says:

    Why is it shut down again? First it because GFWL, now GFWL still alive.
    I did pay 20$ for this game? Will I get a refund? Why can I play it anymore? I’m lost..?
    Is it in the contract that this game gonna close, and my 20$ gonna gone? If so, why don’t it print bold in red so customer can differentiate?

    Sorry for my Grammar and English, since it not my first language, and where I live $20 is kind of a big deals.

    • Hellscreamgold says:

      Why would you get a refund? I’m assuming you played the game?

      If $20 for hours and hours of entertainment that YOU DID get is too much, perhaps you shouldn’t be playing online games.

      This is no different than the decision to stop supporting Windows XP. They don’t have to support it forever, nor should you expect it.

      • Bao Dinh says:

        Can I still use window XP if I want to?
        Before you asked, you should think a little bit first :)

        I can Still use AOEII, or III if i want to? Is it the same with AOEO?

  27. xxgurentai says:

    Was really happy when they go online with the game, played all AoE games from the start, even bought extra Civilizations in AoE online to get the full game. Later on You could get them for free ^^
    Stopped playing it when they announced they would pull the plug out of it, couldn’t see the fun anymore while knowing it would stop in a relative short time. Never stopped playing the older versions, specially over LAN with friends.
    Want to say THNX to the people who developed this version and tried to make it running with profit, to bad it failed, or at least MS didn’t make enough money on it.
    Next time don’t make it run 100% on a server, and I hope to see a good game as this (yes it was) in the near future.

  28. Blackhawky2k11 says:

    What a great & amazing game!!! I found it a total entertainment RTS game with it’s different beautiful civ’s, solo/multiplayer quests, skirmish hall, geared mode pvp, market buying/selling/trading gears, etc… I was regularly playing Command & Conquer “Generals” before when it catch my attention on this online version of AOE a month after its launch then shifted to play most of my time on it… I have gave all my time, heart & wits in playing this game & was able to win some friends… As I have started playing this amazing game a month after it’s launch, I have manage to beautify my Greek city to its best & recorded some of my videos playing solo of very hard quests, challenge myself to the limit & upload it to Youtube for personal satisfaction & in some point helped others & served it as a beginners guide… Of course there were some drawbacks on this game that I’m sure most of us experienced that regularly annoyed us, like the NAT issues & the Sparta PVP matchmaking that wasted much of our time waiting to connect…Thank you so much to this great game & to all the players that I played with…I hope AOEo will be revive & resurrect in the future!!!

  29. JinLing says:

    WTF??? i bought this game about 4 months ago on STEAM,and there was NO INFORMATION that the servers won´t be available soon on there site…..I WANT MY CASH BACK YOUR LIARES! there were still 1500 people AoE ONLINE each day!!!diabolo 1 servers are still ON….what a shame MICROSOFT!!!

  30. Ahmet says:

    Sorry to hear the game’s servers have shut down :(

  31. MC says:

    Oh, the shutdown is such a surprise and well planned that even the official site haven’t noticed it…

  32. JK says:

    When shutting down the game, with all the money people put into the game, they should have made it possible to play single player quests. They showed the stats above. Look at how many single player quests were played compared to everything else. Why not simply make it a stand-alone game at shutdown that requires no server interaction. AOE is my favorite series of all-time and I’m pretty upset that I can never play this game again. What a waste of all the effort put in. Maybe we can get a petition together to have them convert the game to some type of off-line mode where you can explore the game on your own and you don’t have to be connected on-line. There is so much to explore in this game and it’s so disappointing that I’ll never be able to enjoy it.

  33. mamlord says:

    Love u so *** much u aoeo … c u in heaven maybe …

    *** Edited by moderator for profanity ***

  34. Alex says:

    Worst game purchase I have ever made. Spent $30 a year or two ago on the game and only played a few hours here and there but was usually busy with other things. Now that I really want to go back and play it and get my money’s worth I can’t. Never heard of a game shutting down so fast and not even letting you play single player. Ridiculous and shameful.

  35. Spen says:

    What is this?
    It was 2 years ago I bought this game and played for a while, then life got busy.
    This summer I want to come back to this game just to find out the game is gone?

    I am very pissed

    • Sebastian C. says:

      yo también como carajo van a cerrar un juego tan chimba como eso que acaso no están pensando en lo que hacen que lo vuelvan a abrir que les pasa madre santa yo ahorita también estoy cabreado no por todo el tiempo que perdí en ese juego si no que fue uno de los chimbas que e jugado lo jugaría no importa si fuera con mi misma cuenta desde 0 empezaría

  36. Belerefotnis says:

    The players will never forget the scam that took place in this game from the companies that made it.
    I and i hope more will never again pay for a game from Microsoft, Robot entairtenment etc.
    Farewell honest and true players, i also wish the worse for the scammers that were in this game from day 0 since 1/7/14 and they know very well who they are :)

  37. killthebill says:

    peeeeeeelz make the game work again

  38. MegaUnhappy says:

    Take the money then pull the plug.
    Absolutely despicable behaviour.
    I’m totally disguted

  39. Ricardo Meira Pt Pt says:

    ps4 two here at home microsoft goodbye you just screwed up

  40. Yanko says:

    It’s sadnews,
    but why so much anger….why don’t just ask Microsoft to release the server side of the game and let us host our selfs… or even better let all of us put some cash down and by the rights for the game and hire a game dev company to dev a new version…kickstarter could be good way to fund it all….. come on ppl look at the bright side…once one door closes a new one opens… don’t be stuck in the past!

    • Belerefontis says:

      We have asked it, they refuse it due to copyright of the granny textures.
      We asked a offline Server, they refuse it with attitude, example : we have say it and we are gonna say it again NO OFFLINE patch etc etc
      Even if they do though the game was condemned, the moderators were made a bunch of mistakes fron letting scammers alive to craft undroppable items and give them away to very few and specific persons without explainations.
      These and many more reasons made me and other to leave, the only solution is to found a way and play it to a private Server with small donations per month without Microsoft above us and of course far away from the moderators that have they piece of responsibility for what happened long before the 1st July.

  41. SHIVA says:

    It was an awesome game. I am gonna miss it really. But I can still play a Lan game with my friends atleast :/

  42. Bryan says:

    Are you kidding? It took me 3 hours to find this game on the internet, and install Windows Live. And when I’ll finally install the game he went bankrupt? you embarrassed me microsoft …

  43. Diviciacus says:

    It pains me to see what happened to age of empires.
    I wanted to play this game so badly,
    but got put off by the online only pay to win systems.
    After they ditched the original system, I tried to download the game, only to find that no new players were allowed to play it anymore. Discriminating, to be honest.
    This confirmed to me that Age of Empires is completely ruined by corporate greed.
    But it doesn’t have to stay dead. Maybe it’s time to listen to all these fans.
    Give them what they want, and they’ll pay for it. Happily.
    Why not remake the game, without the free to play and premium content system and release an xbox live and steam version? Maybe add an offline campaign to it as well.
    That would sell better than ice cream on a hot summer day.
    Good luck.

  44. sweetsalt says:

    u just killed a legendary game and u know it

  45. RPR says:

    You can close the servers and kill the game that i payed for! So you can also give my Money back.
    i hope you pay back to all users!

  46. ahmet says:

    abi oyun açılmadı mq yaa

  47. Rico Wahlgren says:

    omg i just bought the game yesterday and when i was going to download it they had taken down the game/servers maby they should inform the markets about there shutdown becouse they are still selling it even thou u cant play it :(

    • Garmonbozia81 says:

      We put out a recall on the boxed product, but we have to rely on the individual retailers to pull them from the shelves. While we can’t give you a refund, we suggest you attempt to return the code and explain the game’s situation. Please contact us via our support form if this is not an option.

      • Talon Tepuni says:

        bring the game back come on its better than sto runescape any game you name it its freakin awesome as the saying goes no man gets left behind well I had no choice but to lead my men astray going back is impossible

  48. Rasim says:

    Start the game already!

  49. ibrahim says:

    age of empires hope to be back online. At least get like age of empires 2
    Allow steam to play out.

  50. jenet says:

    How or where can I get the online product activation key for age of empire free online gasme

  51. Talon Tepuni says:

    yeah that’s quite sad that no ones got theyr money back but please don’t bring the law into this I know I didn’t get it back but the law will find the owner instantly so don’t bring them into this

  52. Alex says:

    I find the new concept introduced in AoEO quite fun and refreshing I liked most of the new elements. It’s hard to believe MS can not afford to pay for dirt cheap servers just to keep the game going for at least another year or two… Sometimes these game companies make me wish I was rich enough to buy them back and do things in favor of gamers and not profit. SHAME.

  53. Dimitri says:

    i happen to have a degree in law myself. and what many have said here is 100% true your company signed a contract .when u offer an online game that has servers to other country’s you must do so by shutting down the servers after making people pay more then 20$ to play and closed it you have in turned broken that contract .long story short everyone here can sue you and your partners for fraud. i know all the contracts for gaming .if anyone contracter knew u pulled this .psst all i can say is good luck trying to get another online game PS all players who have paid more then 100 dollars in this game .I’d advise filing a civil suit the chances of you winning due to them failing to meet the required amount of hours due to pay will give u about a 98% chance of winning thus lawsuit . if you need any help with it or have any questons u can vist my website *** i happen to deal with cases like this

    *** Link removed by moderator ***

  54. bastien says:

    vous êtes vraiment des enfoirés j’ai payé pour ce jeu et vous l’arrêtez comme ca sans vergogne il était pas sensé être gratuit a la base ?? free to play mon cul

  55. sonatsiren83 says:

    te sigo extrañando, AOEo , lamento mucho la indignación de todos nosotros tus seguidores , por favor los creadores, apunten aotro AOE 4 para nuestro consuelo ,,,, estaremos enternamente agradecidos,,,,,,

  56. berat says:

    please make single player version

  57. Luska says:

    I want to play the game! D: I can’t do this because I dont have a serial key for…
    can somebody help me? :c

    send me a e-mail please! I will love you forever<3

    thx! XD

  58. Richard Doster says:

    Is Age of Empires Online ever going to come back online? Or should I just un-install and forget all about the game?

  59. grigore says:

    Why you shut down AOE Online!! This one was my favorite game on PC and today when i wate to play this game , I see there server is close:(. i want it back

  60. marwan says:

    i want to play
    any nows please let me know.

  61. sean says:

    does anyone know if this game will be bought and come back?????

  62. Chris Pettett says:

    There is a replacement open-source alternative to this game:

    0 A.D.

    It is free to play.

  63. vyrose says:

    I miss AoEO so much, i’m a big fan of AoE games, i bought all games and expansions, and once AoEO was released i bought all civs, i thought it was going to be a game that would last a long time like WoW for example, but once they made quests and stuff to win ingame currency, and allowed players to buy the civs and stuff with the ingame money won freely, that was when i realized that this would happen… if they continued with the release of new civs, and didn’t give the option to win ingame currency, we would still have the game online…

    I wish someone someone would buy the rights to the game and re-released the game, but without those changes that destroyed the game…

  64. If you keep going the good work I’ll visit your blog often.

  65. ajay__ajju says:

    Please one more time start this game…..

  66. Piha huonokuntoinen ampuminen tusina mukaan lukien keisari murehtia
    :( irene kuuleminen korpela asukasluku.

  67. mamlord_again says:

    Bill gates and microsoft make this game work again … it was awesome and this time is the best time for you to make new strategy game WTF is WRONG WITH U!!!!!!!1

  68. mamlord_again says:

    u can make aoe online 2 or aoe online HD or aoe online X ….

  69. Atreo says:

    I really miss this game. I wish it could be playable again…great moments would be back.

  70. Its no wonder aoe online was shutdown. imo it was the worst aoe game made. If Microsoft would of actually put real time in effort into a non free age of empires 4 i think it would of been successful, at least i know i would of loved it. I hope they make age of empires 4 in the future… and none of this free to play games with nothing put into it.

  71. There are different types of buildings, jobs and tasks to assign. With
    the advancement of computer networks these free online strategy games are a huge hit towards
    the tech society. Aside from card games like Outdated
    Maid and Ridiculous Eights, most ranked Chutes and Ladders, Sorry.

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    They are really convincing and will definitely
    work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for beginners.
    May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

  74. Silas says:

    For me Aoe online was the most awesome game I ve ever played … it is so sad to see how such a good game vanished….RIP AOE ONLINE… I will regret it for ever! …:( :( :(

  75. Police can’t pull you over with out reason. Rather, legislation enforcement must have affordable suspicion” that prison activity has occurred.

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