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THE END OF AN ERA. THE BEGINNING OF AN AGE. Congratulations to all of our Trivia Challenge winners! Below are the answers to the questions, a list of participants, the (total) number of entries earned by each individual, and the winners who were randomly-selected from the total pool of entries. Here’s how the entries were … Continued

If you’ve been tuned in to our social channels over the past few months, you’ve probably seen the #HaveYouSeenElric (or #HYSE, for short) hashtag mentioned from time to time. Often, these posts were accompanied by exclusive images of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, as well as some sort of riddle or challenge for our … Continued

THE SEARCH CONTINUES… “Here’s the first piece. See what you can find…” “Here’s another one. I feel like I’m missing something obvious…” “It’s tough work deciphering these from ancient wololo.” “Have you deduced anything from the first two pieces yet? I’m sure there must be something I’m missing…” “Halfway there!” “I’ve also uncovered a new … Continued

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE CRACKED THE CODE!    A MESSAGE FROM ELRIC HELP FIND BAABAAROSSA Help Elric find Baabaarossa! Here’s how you can help in the search: 1. Take a picture with a sheep! This can be a real sheep, a toy sheep, a stone sheep, whatever sheep—as long as it is in the real world … Continued