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Below are the answers to the questions, a list of participants, the (total) number of entries earned by each individual, and the winners who were randomly-selected from the total pool of entries.

Here is the full list of Questions and Answers asked during our trivia challenge.

Note that we allowed some room for spelling errors, as long as it was clearly pointing to the actual answer.





1 Age I What is the [translated] name of the tall red crown worn by the ancient kings of Lower Egypt? Deshret
1 Age I These four Romans were recognized as emperor at some point during the “Year of the Four Emperors.” Galba, Marcus Salvius Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian
1 Age I Following the Battle of Metaurus, this Roman general led troops against the Iberian tribes of what is now modern-day Spain—spreading Rome’s influence into the peninsula. Publius Cornelius Scipio
1 Age I This river marked the final battle where Hirotsugu’s rebellion was decisively defeated by Japanese Imperial forces. Itabitsu River
1 Age I Between 479 and 431 BCE, a Theban-Spartan attack on this allied city drew the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues into a war that would last nearly thirty years. Plataea
1 Age I How many berry bushes can be found on the easternmost island during the ‘I Shall Return’ mission? 17
1 Age I How many Greek mercenaries were hired to support Cyrus the Younger during the Battle of Cunaxa? 10000 – 13000
2 Age I Julius Caesar first sailed to Britain with two legions (around 10,000 men) in this year, but would be met (and ultimately repelled) by heavy British resistance on the shoreline. 55 BCE
2 Age I Following the sacking of Babylon in 1595 BC by the Hittites, which civilization controlled the city for nearly 500 years? Kassites
2 Age I Which two cities formed an alliance to help defend Canaan from the armies of Pharaoh Thutmose III? Kadesh, Megiddo
2 Age I In the early 270’s CE, Queen Zenobia led an open rebellion against this Roman Emperor, proclaiming an independent Palmyrene Empire. Emperor Aurelian
2 Age I Xi Fi is often regarded as the first Japanese emperor, better-known by this name. Emperor Jimmu
3 Age I The death of this political leader in 53 BCE led to a political duel between Caesar and Pompey for the Roman Empire. Crassus
3 Age I During ‘The Caravan’ mission, these three unique civilizations are represented on the battlefield. Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians
3 Age I The number of uninhabited islands in the ‘Tigris Valley’ mission. 1
3 Age I The sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty, who sought to fold the Sumerians and Akkadians under his rule. Hammurabi
3 Age I Romans credit their city’s founding to this legendary king in 753 BCE. Romulus
3 Age I How many “steps” were there in the first Egyptian stepped pyramid? 6
4 Age I This is the name of the capital city of the Assyrians, which Babylonian forces raided in 612 BCE. Nineveh
4 Age I Leading up to his death, Emperor Tenji named this eldest son as heir to the throne, although sired with a lowborn wife. Prince Otomo
4 Age I Mithridates VI was killed during a coup in 63 BCE incited by this son, who would later be deposed by Julius Caesar. Pharnaces II of Pontus
4 Age I During the ‘Claiming Territory’ (Glory of Greece) mission, what kind of animal is the closest to your starting position? Fish
4 Age I In the ‘Discoveries’ mission of the Tutorial Campaign, what is the color and shape of the sacred sites you are tasked to discover? White Horse
4 Age I What is the name of the legendary queen who worked to unite the warring tribes of Japan during the Yamatai-koku kingdom—a possible precursor to state to the later Yamato? Queen Himiko
4 Age I If you are unsuccessful at ‘Hunting’ (Tutorial Campaign), what creature ends your story before it ever begins? Gazelle
4 Age I What is the only type of water unit fielded by the Trojan Defenders team in the ‘Trojan War’ mission? War Galley
5 Age I The original name of ‘The Conquest of Crete’ mission (Glory of Greece campaign) in the classic Age of Empires release is a reference to this 1984 film. The Terminator
5 Age I The Assyrian general who supported King Nabonasser’s fight against the Arameaens circa 740 BCE. Tiglath-Pileser
5 Age I Who succeeded King Mursili as king of the Hitties after assassinating him and kicking off a period of social unrest in the Hittite kingdom? King Hantili
5 Age I This battle in 378 CE resulted in the decimation of the Roman military in eastern Europe and opened the door to the Hun invasion of the Roman Empire. They would eventually sack Rome in 410 CE. Battle of Adrianople
5 Age I This famous inventor called Syracuse his home during the Second Punic War, and aided in the city’s defense with his unique inventions. Archimedes
5 Age I In the ‘Farming’ mission of the Tutorial Campaign, how much food do you need to stockpile to feed your people and Namer’s warriors? 800
6 Age I The Athenians were famous, in part, for implementing a unique form of exile known as ostracism. How many votes did it require to banish someone from Athens for 10 years? 6000
6 Age I This Roman Emperor reorganized the Roman Emperor into what is known as a “tetrarchy,” or four regions controlled by four different leaders, in 293 CE. Emperor Diocletian
6 Age I The patron deity of Babylon, of whom a golden statue was stolen by the Elemites before being recovered and relocated by the Babylonians. Marduk
6 Age I What is the name given to the ancient Egyptian harvest season that fell between March and May? Shemu
6 Age I These ceremonial bells of the Yayoi culture were used during agricultural rituals and as warning bells in case of attacks. Dotaku Bell
6 Age I Anthony fell for this Egyptian queen in 33 BCE, fracturing the Second Triumvirate and leading to war between Octavian and Marc Antony, and Rome and Egypt by extension. Cleopatra
7 Age I This famous gate along the walls of Babylon was described in detail by the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, as “one of the wonders of the world.” The Ishtar Gate
7 Age I On what island did the Fujiwara clan start a revolt against Emperor Shomu in 740 CE? Kyushu
7 Age I This north African king of the Berber Numidian kingdom was crucial to Scipio’s conquest of Carthage near the end of the Second Punic War. King Massinissa
7 Age I Following the death of Julius Caesar, a new triumvirate was built between these three Roman leaders—a period of time known to historians as the “Second Triumvirate.” Marc Antony, Octavian, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus
7 Age I This Japanese word, meaning “way of the gods,” was adopted from the Chinese “shendao” (or “shen dao”), meaning “spirit path or study.” Shinto
7 Age II The Battle of Falkirk was fought in this month of 1298, when King Edward I defeated the army of the Scots, led by William Wallace. July
8 Age II Name the four Ages in Age of Empires II. Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age, Imperial Age
8 Age II Known to Joan of Arc as “le beau duc,” this military general was one of her most prominent supporters leading up to the Battle of Orléans. Duke D’Alençon
8 Age II How many British castles must be destroyed to emerge victorious during ‘The Cleansing of the Loire’? 3
8 Age II The cost to advance to the Imperial Age is reduced by this percentage for the Byzantine civilization. 33%
8 Age II The Slavs gain this research technology for free as a civilization bonus. Tracking
8 Age II Each civilization researches their unique technologies at this building. Castle
9 Age II These are the two unique technologies that can be researched by the Celts. Stronghold, Furor Celtica
9 Age II How many sheep can be found during the ‘Research and Technology’ tutorial scenario? 11
9 Age II Following his defeat at the Battle of Falkirk, William Wallace resigned as Guardian of Scotland in favor of this Earl and future king. Robert the Bruce (Robert I)
9 Age II These two unique units are the only two that can be trained from two different buildings. Huskarl, Tarkan
9 Age II This type of unit gains +10%/+15%/+20% hit points during the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Ages (respectively) as the Viking civilization. Infantry
10 Age II The Town Patrol technology can be researched in this Age. Castle Age
10 Age II The Fletching technology is researched at this building. Blacksmith
10 Age II The Magyar civilization gain these three upgrades for free as a unique civilization bonus. Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace
10 Age II Joan of Arc arrived at the Château de Chinon in this year, where she convinced Charles VII to grant her supplies and join the army at Orléans. 1429 CE
10 Age II Which type of villager works faster and carries more resources than any other as the Indian civilization? Fishermen
11 Age II Saladin is the nephew of this Saracen general, who was installed as the leader of Egypt by the ancient ruler of Syria, Nur ad-Din. Shirkuh
11 Age II The Genitour unit is trained at this building. Archery Range
11 Age II During the Battle of Falkirk, Scottish troops famously organized in this battle formation: characterized by its tight formation and use of pikes and shields to create an impenetrable, circular “shell” around the more vulnerable archers. Schiltrons
11 Age II The upgrades for these two units are available for free as a civilization bonus of the Turks. Light Cavalry, Hussar
11 Age II As a unique advantage of the Khmer civilization, villagers are able to garrison in this structure. House
11 Age II Pirates led by the the French crusader, Raynald of Châtillon, raided Muslim towns and villages along the coast of this gulf—located on the northern coast of the Red Sea. Gulf of Aqaba
12 Age III This Dutch Prince of Orange ruled from 1618 through 1625, and is the AI personality of the Dutch civilization in Age of Empires III. Maurice of Nassau
12 Age III Germans receive this unit for free with every Home City shipment. Uhlan
12 Age III The Chinese, Indians, and Japanese civilizations build these structures in order to advance to a new Age. Wonders
12 Age III This civilization has the largest number of unique units in the game and the second highest population cap. Chinese
12 Age III This historical figure was the longest-reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire—ruling from 1520 until his death in 1566—and is the AI personality of the Ottoman civilization in Age of Empires III. Suleiman I (Suleiman the Magnificent)
12 Age III Name the Home City of the Spanish civilization. Seville
13 Age III Name the Home City of the Japanese civilization. Edo
13 Age III This building replaces (and offers the functionality of both) the Outpost and Barracks building as the Russian civilization. Blockhouse
13 Age III Without using the “Raj” Home City Card, the Indian civilization spends this resource to train villagers instead of food. Wood
13 Age III Name the unique building that can only be built by the Ottoman civilization. Mosque
13 Age III This military leader ruled as the King of Prussia from 1740 until 1786, and is the AI personality of the German civilization in Age of Empires III. Frederick the Great
13 Age III This AI personality of the Russian civilization was the first Tsar of Russia when he was sixteen—a reign that included the implementation of a violent state policy known as the oprichnina. Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV Vasilyevich)
14 Age III This Indian ruler was the third Mughal emperor who led to a long period of growth and economic prosperity for India, and is the AI personality of the Indian civilization in Age of Empires III. Akbar the Great (Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar)
14 Myth At 146.5 meters, this structure was the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3800 years, and serves as the model for Ra’s Wonder in Age of Mythology. Great Pyramid of Giza
14 Myth Name one of the Norse minor gods that can be unlocked during the Heroic Age. Skadi, Bragi, Njord
14 Age III Name two unique units that can only be trained by the French civilization. Coureur des Bois, Cuirassier
14 Age III The Ottoman civilization produces this unit for free, and can even speed the rate of production by building and researching upgrades offered at the Mosque. Settlers
14 Myth Name two of the thirteen named hero units that can be trained by the Greeks in Age of Mythology. Jason, Odysseus, Heracles, Bellerophon, Theseus, Hippolyta, Atalanta, Polyphemus, The Argo, Ajax, Achilles, Perseus, Chiron
15 Myth Odin’s Wonder is a representation of this mythical building in Asgard; its name translates to “hall of the slain” from the Old Norse language. Valhalla
15 Myth The Chinese Titan is a representation of this legendary character, once regarded as the first living being and creator of all. Pangu (P’an-Ku)
15 Myth The Norse civilization can use the Ragnarok god power to transform their Gatherers and Dwarves into this heroic unit. Heroes of Ragnarok
15 Myth Zeus’ Wonder is a representation of this ancient statue—created by the Greek sculptor Phidias around 435 BC. Statue of Zeus at Olympia
15 Myth The hero of the ‘Fall of the Trident’ (Age of Mythology) campaign is this Atlantean admiral. Arkantos
15 What is your favorite unit? ANY ANSWER IS THE RIGHT ANSWER! (Though we all know which is the *most* right answer…)

Here’s how the entries were tallied:

  • Duplicate responses to any given trivia day were removed, though any correct answers were counted.
  • Answers that were incomplete or partially correct were awarded 1 point, rather than the full 2 points.

Here’s how the winners were selected:

  • A total of 196 points were available for each person (90 questions + 16 surveys).
  • Winners were selected at random from the 8529 total entries.
  • Duplicate draws were discarded and redrawn at random until 11 unique winners were selected.
  • Individuals who scored 98 or more points will unlock the Philosopher of the Ages 2019 title on Discord. This will be awarded immediately.
  • Individuals who scored 98 or more points will also unlock the Philosopher of the Ages 2019 title and badge on the official forum. This will be awarded later this month.

Winners will be contacted via Discord!


Total Entries

Discord/Forum Title

Age II: DE Key Winners

Dawn_of_Enceladus#8820 194
potato#2419 194
Rochendil#6398  192
 Black Adder#6355 190
 FKAWonderRaceAddict8#5627 190
 Namitai#1317 190
 Aristeus#1697 188
DarthLazze#6016 188
 Dielcius Nickledeim#1126 188
 Lurker#3740 188
SlyCooperFan1#3082 188
SosialistinenLeb#9616 188
 Brendan Boman#2775 186
Kumarsudeep#7010 186
 ‘Master_Superninja418’#8294 186
RON_Hwarang#0565 186
 Sergikito CT#0228 186
 Thyrsos#9996 186
 NicoM#8775  185
「Gamma-Ray Burst」✦#8877 184
 LagirafeTasuinante#6318 184
 Tortugu#1525 184
 Zip#4166 184
 Crock272#3428 183
Jack11111122#5396 183
bairen#0001 182
MiraDizel#6148 182
~Arya~#2615 180
Alejandro Magno7#1606 180
Fenrior #1809 180
YoungPanda95#3662 177
James#0276 175
tibs#3405 175
Lord Niladir#3486 168
 Andre B.#9387 165
-DareDevil/x/#1016 160
 Alberto#0226 156
ImChequer#0887 154
Just_Reikasa#6988 153
 Makx#0787 151
robo_boro#5469 146
ChickenWrap#4156 125
 Gosphor#0252 101
 blaisevcz#3493 96
mandywtf#1250 95
genghiskean#9045 94
gopo#8704 90
RadiatingBlade#5444 54
ringil#5804 49
 Lusiggy#4753 45
Tam501e#6002 37
EnderdracheLP#2305 35
Caliph Mohammed #6121 31
Dawjaw#0001 22
FolderOfDoom#1318 21
ColonelNoob1232#4261 20
Jukka Koivu#3362 20
Kamikazi#6195 16
maropulj#6224 16
Jahlab#6238 13
stoopidcamel#3307 13
The0ne88#4692 13
Wesseb#7566 13
VesperRhino6205#7049 12
JIX#9524 11
NinthBlade#9262 11
ShihTzuOnYou#2790 11
 suspence32#0288 11
Ayden610#0674 9
Kao#2541 9
Paulo [PauloFN] lHluNTelz 9
S1RPapu#3902 9
ThePoplipo#3990 9
Tobias Sammet#7241 9
xj0#6917 9
Canin0z#2484 7
Grafter Gaz #6823 7
Richx # 9336 5
Sebastián#9310 3
Kurdonthego001 1
Sico Itsuka#8967 1
Sir_Talha#4065 1