If you didn’t know already, Age of Empires has an official Twitch channel that we regularly stream to. Our goal is to deliver as much content as possible to you, so for the hours we aren’t streaming, we’ve been trying to fill the gaps with community players in the form of guest streamers. We’ve recently added a few to our roster, and we’d like to welcome them!

We’re excited to have the following players stream for us:

A very unfitting name for him, Im_no_pro_ is a very talented Age of Empires II player. A regular of the stream for a while, and a player who has personally taught me a lot of things about AoE II, we’re excited to have him streaming for us!

AoE III fans rejoice: we’ve finally added another guest streamer to our roster! Veteran players may know him as snowww or Gamepower. Be on the lookout for Erik’s high-level The Asian Dynasties gameplay.

Welcome back LiteraryArtist32, or as you may remember him, Kevm30! If I recall correctly, Kevin was the very first guest streamer in the program, so it’s great to have him back. Tune in to hear the dulcet sounds of his voice as he commentates his Age of Empires II gameplay.

Are you interested in guest streaming for us? Take a look at http://www.ageofempires.com/blog/?p=1452 and follow the instructions within.

Make sure to say hello to our new guest streamers in the comments below!

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