Summer, unfortunately, is over, and we’ve officially entered autumn. We had a summer filled with epic games played live on Twitch channel, and we’d like to share some of our favorites. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and enjoy these battles from our official YouTube channel!

AoEO Invitational Semifinals: sKs Anxiety vs EeryMule PT (Best of 5) [AoEO]

Unfortunately, Age of Empires Online was shut down in July 2014, but that didn’t stop us from having one last hurrah in the form of an invitational tournament! This best of five series between two veterans yielded some of the best games in the title’s life, in my opinion.

Part 1

Part 2


MegaRandom Wonder Wars [AoE II: HD]

Love them or hate them, Wonders can play a key role in securing victories in any of the Age of Empires games. They certainly played a role in this six-player free for all on MegaRandom. It’s a long game, but make sure to watch all the way through this nail biter!


Epic 2v2 [AoM: EE]

Speaking of wonders… Spencerp65, Age of Empires fan and fantastic RTS player, came to visit us in the studio and played a fantastic 2v2 in Age of Mythology: Extended Edition with me.


ZutaZuta vs Aizamk [AoE III]

ZutaZuta, our resident Age of Empires III expert and guest streamer, takes on Aizamk in a Japanese vs British match.


LB10 vs chris.pelham [AoE II: HD]

If you tuned into any of our Age of Empires II streams, no doubt you’ve seen at least of these titans of the game play. Here they face off in an epic back-and-forth game on Acropolis in a Koreans mirror.


Mitoe vs Cohenski [AoE III]

Part of the Saturday Smackdown series, ZutaZuta and sKs Anxiety cast this French vs Sioux game played by two expert Age of Empires III players.


Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoyed the games! Make sure to tune in to our live streams every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at or As always, GLHF!

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