All hail, king of the winners!

As part of The Forgotten Launch festivities, we conducted a sweepstakes asking members of the community to respond via our social media channels about which of the five new civilizations were their favorite.

The majority of those who participated picked the Italians as the clear favorite. It was such a lop-sided victory, we posted an article about it here.


The winners of the Age of Empires II HD – The Forgotten Launch Sweepstakes have been selected and are in the process of being notified. The winners will receive a complete set of the five bandanas representing each of the new civilizations.

To assist with the notification process and to ensure those who were selected have an opportunity to claim their prize, the list of winning user names as stated on the response to our social media channels, is provided below:

Adrian Wu

Antonio Felipe Silva Guimarães

Arturo Magaña Mora

Blake Douglas

Danny Salas

Dominik Nolten

Elisabetta Cataldo

Flint Shanley

Francesca Ianniello

Fred Pearce

George R. Lopez

Isaac Cao

Jared Derby

Joe Tidd

John Burton

Jon Olsen

Kyle Cohen

Malachi Provenzano

Manali Modi

Markus Frömmel

Matthew Hamann

Michael Chadwick

Andrew Bohan

Mikko Nikkilä

Raul Royo

Ronald Heredia

Santiago Martinez

Tidal tack

Vladimir La Corte

Warren Malmberg


If your name is on the list and you haven’t been contacted yet, please visit our Support page and submit a ticket using Sweepstakes Winner in the subject line. Once we hear from you we will coordinate delivery of your prize.

Congratulations to all of the winners!