Hello and Happy Holidays! As you may be aware. Age of Empires II: HD Edition is fully Steam Workshop compatible. Every week we pick user-created items and showcase them live on our Twitch channel. If you missed the action or want to find links to download the Workshop items for yourself, read on!

As mentioned above, we stream user-created content from the Steam Workshop every Monday at 1 PM Pacific/GMT-8 at twitch.tv/ageofempires. We have a thread up on the Steam forums for authors or fans to submit items that they’d like us to highlight, so make sure to link us to your favorites! You can also leave items in the comments below this and all future Workshop blogs.

Yesterday, we looked at a texture pack, random map scripts and custom scenarios:

Full Texture Pack v2.0 FE Edition
By Ozhara

If you’ve tuned into our best of Steam Workshop stream before, chances are you’ve seen us use one of Ozhara’s texture packs. If you browse his library of Workshop items, you’ll find graphical mods ranging from the totally outlandish (like this lava water) to more conservative changes that stay true to the original feel of the game. Ozhara’s most recent texture pack takes the original art as well as the new assets included in The Forgotten expansion and adds his own art style to them. Players that want to modify their playing field while keeping it mostly traditional should can find this texture pack here.

A special thank you to Ozhara for making this with a subtle grid per my request! You can find that version here.

Amazonia v3.1
By Mente Psionica

Tired of playing ranked games on maps from the existing pool? Rejoice, as there are many more random map scripts available on the Steam Workshop, including this heavily-forested map based on the jungles along the Amazon River. The author recommends this map for team play. It’s also compatible with the new LudiKRIS map size, so The Forgotten players can get in on the fun too! Find Amazonia v3.1 here.

By smoshanthony

My favorite custom scenario, Smosh is fast-paced archer warfare. Kill your opponents’ archers to upgrade your own, and use unique spells to burn all who oppose you. With games lasting about 20 minutes, Smosh is perfect when you don’t have time to play a full RM game. Watch this video to see typical gameplay and a full explanation of the rules. Many users recommend playing this on Fast speed. Smosh is available in several different Workshop scenario packs which you can find here.

If you missed the live stream on Monday, watch the full VOD below. (Skip to 6:45 for the start of the stream).

Remember to send us your favorite Steam Workshop items so we can highlight them on the Monday stream. Post in the Steam discussion thread or in the comments below. We’ll be back next week with more mods! GLHF!


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