Howdy everyone! If you’ve played Age of Empires II: HD Edition, you know that it has full Steam Workshop functionality. We’ve been highlighting Workshop items every Monday live on stream, and it’s been a lot of fun playing with your custom scenarios, texture packs, taunts, random map scripts, and more. This new weekly blog will give a rundown of the mods used so you can check them out for yourselves!

As mentioned above, we stream user-created content from the Steam Workshop every Monday at 1 PM Pacific/GMT-8 at We have a thread up on the Steam forums for authors or fans to submit items that they’d like us to highlight. Make sure to link us to your favorite Workshop items! You can also leave items in the comments below this and all future Workshop blogs.

Yesterday, we looked at a texture pack, custom scenarios and an RMS:

Manu’s Texture Pack v2.0
By Manu_La_Capuche

There are plenty of texture packs available on the Steam Workshop. Some change the look of the game dramatically (Ozhara’s Industrial Planet Space Collection, anyone?) while others offer more subtle changes. Manu’s Texture Pack v2.0 falls under the latter category, offering higher res textures while still remaining true to the original look of the game. While this mod makes any tileset look great, snow, ice and water look particularly impressive. You can find it here.

Europe LudiKRIS
By Nvrpicurnose

With so many European civilizations in Age of Empires II, it only makes sense to go to war on a map of Europe! This enormous ludiKRIS-sized scenario is a very detailed map with realistic borders and features of the continent, played with all European civs. Note that this is only available to players who own The Forgotten expansion as it uses the new map size. Rumor has it that the author is working on a map of Eastern Asia… Subscribe to Europe LudiKRIS here!

War in the Alps (Nomad)
By Cruentus

This custom Nomad scenario takes place in the cold, hilly region of the Alps. Gold, stone and deer are spread throughout the map, and it’s the same Nomad gameplay you love, with a twist – players cannot advance beyond the Castle Age. This is the first submission to the Workshop from author Cruentus, and it’s great! Check it out here.

Team Causeways
By Zetnus

If you’ve tuned into the Monday Workshop stream before, chances are you’ve watched gameplay on one of Zetnus’ highly polished random map scripts. Team Causeways is his latest creation, and it’s just as awesome as his other maps.  With similar gameplay to the standard map Team Islands, this version has shallow land bridges connecting the islands. Since this is an RMS, you can even play ranked games on it! You can find Team Causeways here.

Did you miss the action yesterday? You can find the full VOD below. (Skip to 15:00 for the start of the stream)

Remember to send us your favorite Steam Workshop items so we can highlight them on the Monday stream. Post in the Steam discussion thread or in the comments below. We’ll be back next week with more mods! GLHF!

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