Below is a list of known issues we are tracking for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Note that this is not a comprehensive list; we will continue to update it with new issues as they are reported and fixed, will only include the most visible or disruptive issues that prevent you from enjoying the game, and will never include exploits that could be leveraged to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

If you encounter a bug that is not listed below, take a moment to visit the official Age of Empires forum and report the problem:

    1. Visit the official Age of Empires Forum
    2. Click ‘Report a Bug‘ in the Age of Empires II category
    3. ALWAYS search the sub-forum for similar issues before creating a new post.
      • If the issue has already been reported, add a comment to the existing thread.
      • If the issue has not been reported, start a new thread.
    4. Read up on How to Report a Bug or Exploit to make sure you have everything you need to post about an issue.
    5. Click Create Topic to finish creating your thread!

Thank you for taking the time to help keep our game clean and bug-free! We will try to update this list each month, as well as provide solutions to any new issues over on the official forum.

This page was last updated on December 3, 2019.


 Game Performance Performance Issues with Low FPS We are currently aware that there are some performance issues which cause the game’s FPS to drop when played on higher-end monitors or machines. We are continuing to research this issue.

  • Please try disabling Vsync and running the game.
  • Please follow the troubleshooting steps in this article: Game Optimization Tips
  • If you are unable to find a solution, please consolidate reports in this thread.
In Progress Nov. 15, 2019
Gameplay Translation/Localization Issues We are aware that there are some localization issues in the game. Please consolidate all translation bugs and suggestions into a singular thread for that language. Thank you!

NOTE: Language names listed here are translated using an app to increase accessibility. Please comment in the respective language’s thread if there is a translation issue with the name. Thank you!

Tracking Nov. 11, 2019
 Multiplayer Trouble Signing In or staying connected to Multiplayer Servers We are aware of issues that may prevent you from signing in to the multiplayer servers.

  • If you encounter this issue, please include as much information as possible as a response to this thread.
Tracking Nov. 08, 2019
 Settings & UI Font Style Legibility We are aware that certain text in the game can be difficult to read. Please report any issues you notice with as much detail as possible in this thread. Tracking Nov. 11, 2019
Spectator Mode Spectating can cause sync issues or crashes. We’ve received numerous reports about multiplayer match spectating causing problems. One fix was implemented with the Nov. 14 builds. The team is working on a second fix to be implemented in an upcoming build. In Progress Nov.15, 2019
ELO Players sometimes lose ELO after playing a ranked game. We have reproduced this bug internally. A fix will be implemented in an upcoming build.  In Progress Nov.15, 2019
Multiplayer Cannot see all available lobbies. There is a known issue where multiplayer lobbies are not being displayed properly. The team is working on a fix for this issue, which will be implemented in an upcoming build.  In Progress Nov.16, 2019
Campaign Crash during William Wallace Campaign (Mission 6) This is a known issue in the William Wallace campaign. While we work on a permanent fix, users have reported a workaround for the issue:

Tracking Nov.19, 2019
Game Performance Game Crashes Though sporadic, we have received reports of game crashes occurring at different times, based on different factors, or with different symptoms. As they can be caused by any number of factors, we recommend working through the troubleshooting and game optimization steps in the following guides:

If you continue to experience issues, please visit the forum to find others who may be experiencing a similar issue.

Tracking Nov.22, 2019
Mods Mods disappear from in-game subscription list. Some players have noted that content mods seem to disappear from their in-game mods list. While some have solved the problem by logging into the Xbox Companion App, others have not been able to identify the root of the issue. Tracking Nov.22, 2019
Multiplayer AI exhibit strange behaviors. Several players have noted issues with the computer (AI) team in multiplayer matches. These issues seem to manifest themselves in several ways, all of which undermine the difficulty of the computer-controlled players.

Tracking Nov.22, 2019
Scenarios Editor The 3D water effect does not display properly in the editor. This only affects the editor; in-game 3D water effects always work properly. This issue is being tracked. Tracking Nov.22, 2019
Map Buildings may be replaced with random art assets. Particularly for Enhanced Graphics Pack users, buildings may look stretched or utilize the wrong texture.

  • For now, players have found that verifying the integrity of the game files (Steam) or re-downloading the DLC (Microsoft Store) fixes the issue.
Tracking Nov.22, 2019
Multiplayer Lobby chat cannot be seen if players have not selected a team color. The issue has been identified is being tracked for a fix in an upcoming build. Tracking Nov.25, 2019
Art of War Videos do not play. Players have found that updating their video driver addresses the issue. The team will be looking for a way to message this in the future.

Tracking Dec.3, 2019
Multiplayer Unit icons always appear as the Blue Team color rather than the player color. We are currently investigating this issue to reproduce and implement a fix. Tracking Dec.3, 2019



These are issues which we presume to be fixed as of a recent update. If you continue to encounter the issue, please visit the official Age of Empires forum to report your experience:

Audio “Death” audio sound effects don’t play for multiple units. This has been fixed as of Update 33059. Please visit the forum to report if you continue to experience the issue after downloading the new build. Fixed (Build 33059) Nov.20, 2019
Gameplay File Error 12
This issue is presumed to be fixed as of Update 33059If you continue to encounter this issue, please visit the forum to let us know that you are still seeing the problem. Fixed (Build 33059) Nov.20, 2019
Multiplayer Standard AI resigns too early  This issue is presumed to be fixed as of Update 33059If you continue to encounter this issue, please visit the forum to let us know that you are still seeing the problem. Fixed (Build 33059) Nov.20, 2019