History Throughout The Ages – The Hypaspist


Hello history fans. We have another “History throughout the Ages” blog for you, this time it is about the Hypaspist. In addition, we are calling out to all of you who are interested in posting your own history blogs on … Continue reading


PANE ROMANO – The History of Eggs


Welcome back to PANE ROMANO! Last week, we learned a bit about the history of chicken so I thought that this week we would look at the history of eggs. Much like chicken, bird eggs have been consumed and been … Continue reading


Community Highlight – The Owl Burrow’s AoM Drawing


The Age of Empires is a very powerful series, and, apparently, Age of Mythology has some supernatural powers of its own. I knew that it’s easy to spend hours playing AoM, but it took this great drawing by Tumblr user … Continue reading


July Wololo Wednesday Contest


Greetings, warriors! As you may know, July 1st was a sad day as the Age of Empires Online servers were closed forever. Personally, AoEO will always hold a special place in my heart as my favorite game, and I imagine … Continue reading


PANE ROMANO – The History of Chicken


Welcome back to PANE ROMANO! You may be wondering why I chose the history of chicken as this week’s subject. Well, the truthful answer is that I made Chicken Parmesan last night and it got me wondering how long we’ve … Continue reading


Community Highlight – David Carpentier’s “The Wolf”


Hey Community Highlight readers! It’s time for another community content feature. This week, we have a cartoon by David Carpentier for you that describes the life of an AoE II HD villager. – Sometimes you defeat the wolf, sometimes the … Continue reading


History Throughout The Ages – The Pikeman


Hello history fans. Are you ready for another “History throughout the Ages”? This week, we bring you a blog about the Pikeman, or, more specifically, his weapon, the pike. Pikemen are an upgrade to the Spearman in both AoE II … Continue reading


Community Highlight – CSuk-1T’s AoE III Screenshot Makeover: Warpath


Welcome back to another Community Highlight! While I spent most of my day yesterday saying farewell to Age of Empires Online on its last day in the Twitch stream, I did not want you to miss out on another great … Continue reading


The End of the World


Ave, all, for the last time. All good things must come to an end, and that time has come for Age of Empires Online. It is time for the barbarian hordes to ride off into the sunset for the final … Continue reading


Redbeard’s Movie Corner – Live. Die. Repeat. Edition.


Live. Die. Repeat. This is the mantra of Edge of Tomorrow, the summer sci-fi flick featuring Tom Cruise as he lives the same day over and over again. On the surface, it has some great similarities to Groundhog Day, as … Continue reading