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By completing the survey below, you will join the Age Insiders and unlock access to several exclusive benefits:

  • Updates about the latest developments to the Age of Empires franchise.
  • Opportunities to provide input to the development teams via Insider surveys.
  • The chance to be selected as a participant to join special playtesting events.
  • Selected players will have the opportunity to play and provide feedback about the earliest versions of new games and updates to existing games.

To join the Age of Empires Insider Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an Xbox Live account. This is a free account that can be connected to any active email address.
  • Be 18 or older. All Insiders are required to read and sign a non-disclosure agreement to participate in any playtesting opportunities.

Note that you will want to complete the survey on the PC that you will use to participate in playtesting, if you are selected. The survey will ask for information about your PC so we can troubleshoot issues and optimize the game for different specifications. Please be sure to complete the survey on the computer you intend to use to play the game.

NDA Agreement
To join the Age Insider Program, you must:
  • Be 18 or older.
  • Read and agree to our non-disclosure agreement below.
  • Complete the Age Insider survey.

Guidelines & NDA

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Age of Empires video game (“Game”) Insider Program (“Program”)! By registering for the Program, you’re attesting that you’re eligible and willing to access and participate in previewing new updates to the Age of Empires franchise: including early testing of the Game and any associated promotional and communication materials (collectively, the “Materials”) before they are rolled out to the general public, as well as the providing of feedback via web surveys, forums and other electronic means.

You may be invited, at Microsoft’s discretion to download early versions of the Game and participate in playtesting opportunities known as “flights.” Access to the early versions of the Game, playtesting phases, and the associated services will occur at Microsoft’s discretion. Any times will be published on the ageofempires.com website. These testing phases include experimental and early pre-release software, which means that you may experience occasional crashes and data loss. Some Xbox Live features may not work correctly. Since this Game is pre-release code, we cannot provide customer service in the traditional sense. However, data and Feedback as you play and enjoy the Game will help us improve and enhance the final product.

The Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement apply to your participation in this Program. You will need to login with your Xbox Live account, and will utilize your Gamertag as your alias on the Insider site and forum.

The Program is open worldwide to individual persons who are 18 years and older at the time of enrollment and have a Microsoft account (“MSA”). Void where prohibited by law.

To enroll in the Program, visit the Age of Empires site (https://ageofempires.com) and follow the instructions (if any further are given) for registration.

You acknowledge that everything related to this Program is confidential and should be treated as confidential until such time as Microsoft releases it. If you have a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) with Microsoft, then the terms of that NDA govern your confidentiality obligations with respect to this confidential information.

Please keep in mind that features you see in this Program may change or be removed in the final version and those features should always remain confidential.

  1. Do not take photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game.
  2. Do not post photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game on any venue.
  3. Do not describe any part of the Game on any venue unless we’ve instructed you to.
  4. Do not allow others to watch you play the Game.
  5. Do not leave the Game running unattended.

No compensation will be paid with respect to Microsoft’s use of your Feedback.

For any questions or concerns about this program, please contact us at:

Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your access to all or part of the Program at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.

  • I am 18 or older.
  • I agree to the Guidelines and NDA and wish to continue with the survey.
Communication Preferences

Thanks for accepting our terms of use! We’ll need a bit more information to better understand what kinds of Age Insider activities to inform you about in the future.

  • I would like to be considered and contacted about Windows Store betas.
  • I would like to be considered and contacted about Steam betas.
  • I would like to receive news and information for the Age franchise, including product updates and related communications sent to me on a recurring basis.
Add A Steam Account

Some Age of Empires playtests will require an active Steam account to participate. If you’re interested in joining these Steam playtests, please link your Steam account by clicking the Add Steam Account button below. Once you’re finished, you’ll be automatically redirected back to this survey.

Not interested in Steam playtests right now? No worries, just click skip to continue. You’ll still be able to participate as an Age of Empires Insider and join playtests on other platforms. If you change your mind about linking to Steam, you’ll be able add or remove your account in your profile settings.

What other RTS games do you play?

Please select at least one.

  • Dawn of War
  • Starcraft
  • Company of Heroes
  • Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Homeworld
  • Warcraft
  • Command & Conquer
  • Other:
  • None
What Age of Empires games do you play?

Please select at least one.

  • Age of Empires DE
  • Age of Empires II HD
  • Age of Empires II (Other version)
  • Age of Empires III
  • Age of Mythology
  • None
Which Age of Empires playstyles and experiences do you prefer?

Please select at least one.

  • Single-player campaign
  • Single-player vs. AI
  • Multiplayer vs. AI
  • Mulitplayer PvP (Ranked)
  • Mulitplayer PvP (Unranked)
  • Playing mods or custom scenarios
  • Watching streams or videos, mods, or other content
  • Participating in Age of Empires community platforms, such as social media, forums, or fan sites
  • I'm not sure
DirectX Diagnostics Info

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming beta playtests, we will need information about your computer’s hardware to ensure we consider you for the best beta opportunities for your specific setup. You can provide a report of this information using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool—an official Windows tool that comes installed on every Windows operating system.

Upload DxDiag.xml File:

  • If you are not currently on the computer you plan to use to play the game, you can skip this step to continue with the registration process.
  • If you want to join as a beta participant, you will need to provide a DxDiag report before you will be considered.
  • Don’t worry, if you skip this step now, you can always upload your DxDiag report via your profile page once you’ve completed the survey!

There is nothing personally identifiable saved by the tool, and this information will only be used to better understand the hardware being used to run and play the game. If you need help creating a dxdiag.xml, check out our help page: How to create a DxDiag.xml file.

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    What other RTS games do you play?
      What Age of Empires games do you play?
        Which Age of Empires playstyles and experiences do you prefer?


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          • Whitelist noreply@ageofempires.com. You don’t want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to playtest your favorite Age games!
          • Visit your profile page. This is where you can review and update your settings and preferences.

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