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Age of Empires III: DE

Multiplayer Stress Test

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Age of Empires III: DE

Multiplayer Stress Test

Next Invites: Invites Sent

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Active Flight: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition stress test is currently active! Sign-in for details. If you missed the sign-up deadline, please keep an eye on your inbox for future opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Insider Program? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of the most common answers about the program:

What are the benefits of being an Age of Empires Insider?

As an Age of Empires Insider, you receive several perks:

  • Regular updates on what is happening with the Age of Empires community;
  • Early information about the Age of Empires franchise before anyone else;
  • Access to the exclusive Age of Empires Insider forums;
  • Title and badge flair to show-off your Insider status on the Age of Empires forums!

Additionally, Age of Empires Insiders have the opportunity to be considered for early playtests and closed betas of our products! More information is available under the Beta Opportunities section.

What kind of beta opportunities are available?

Generally, there are two types of betas you may see:

  • Open betas are free for anyone to join. Simply follow any listed directions in the beta details.
  • Closed betas are by invitation and may have a more focused audience. The details will list any requirements, and a timeframe on when invitations will be sent out via email.

Details about a beta may change from one session to another; sign-in to your Insiders page to see what beta opportunities are available!

If no betas are listed, it may be that none are currently announced. Please keep an eye on our newsletters and social media for more information on upcoming beta opportunities.

How can I be considered for a closed beta opportunity?

To be considered for closed betas, you will need to be an Age Insider and take these steps:

  • Upload a DxDiag to your profile; we use these to verify minimum technical specifications.
  • Opt-in on your Age Insider Profile to opportunities on one or more platforms; if you want to be considered for the Steam platform, you will also need to link your Steam account.
  • Update your Insider Settings to tell us more about you and your interests – such as what Age games you like and your playstyle. We try to honor your preferences, though we may invite you to additional opportunities to see if you are interested.
  • Review the Insiders page for details on opportunities, technical requirements, and when we plan to send out invitations.

You can also read up on other common questions in the official Insider FAQ or ask any unanswered questions in the Insider forum.

Frequently Asked Questions