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Insiders have the opportunity to meet and play with some of Age’s most devout fans and influencers, as well as the chance to build relationships with the development team working on Age games and updates! Your feedback plays an important role in the advancement of the franchise, and Insiders have already helped inspire new changes, systems, and innovations throughout the history of Age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Insider Program? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of the most common answers about the program:

What is the Age Insider Program?

The Age Insider Program is a community for Age fans and influencers who want to participate in the early testing of new releases and updates to the Age of Empires franchise. Insiders have the unique opportunity to play a part in the game development process, work with the development team, receive exclusive updates about the future of the franchise, and are selected to participate in hands-on beta opportunities to play and provide feedback about their favorite games on various platforms.

What is required to become an Insider?

You will need a valid Xbox Live Account, and must be over 18 years of age to sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) required to become an Insider and receive exclusive updates about your favorite games.

If you’d like to be considered for beta opportunities, you will also need to complete the Insider survey: where you’ll be able to submit a copy of your computer specs and link your Steam account to your Insider profile. We use this information—along with your game preferences—to select participants for each beta opportunity as they arise.

How often do you invite Insiders to beta opportunities?

Insiders who opt-in to being selected for beta opportunities will have the chance to participate in early play sessions with the development team of new Age projects. Each opportunity comes with its own set of goals, which is why participants will be selected from the Insider community based on their preferences. To increase your chance of being selected, make sure your Insider settings on your profile page are complete and accurate. Remember: you can always update your settings or opt out of the program at any time from your profile.

You can also read up on other common questions in the official Insider FAQ or ask any unanswered questions in the Insider forum.

Frequently Asked Questions