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  • tomglhf May 7, 2021
    It doesn't seem to work. Can the author update it?
  • fellow-human December 29, 2020
    Does not seem to work with UHD graphics.
  • vyshka March 6, 2020

    Does this need to be the same file format as the groupnum files in the actual game? In the game the files are .smp, and with or without the mod active the numbers are very small. If I remove the .smp files, and copy over the files from the mod then the numbers are big as expected. So it seems like it is for some reason deciding to not use the mod files. The only thing I can think of is the difference in file format type.

    • vyshka March 7, 2020

      As a test I took the .slp file from the voobly mod, converted it to .smp with the DE Asset tool, and putting that .smp file in a mod works. I don't know if the format changed on the original files, or it something changed in the code dealing with the files.

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