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  • colderwood November 11, 2020
    Hey zetnus i was wondering if you could help me at all. I like creating random maps on aoe2 de just for myself mainly to play on, but i get stuck on one thing, how do you create a map where specific civs have there units spawn at the beginning of the game, for example incas get eagle warrior and a llama and chinese start with extra villagers, when ever i create a map everyone playing has the standard 3 villagers and scout calvary. i've tried lookig online but i cant find anything that really helps. if you could help me that would be great thanks.
    • zetnus December 5, 2020
      This happens automatically
  • colderwood October 28, 2020
    has v3 for black forest rivers been taken away now?
    • zetnus November 18, 2020
      you can still get the old versions on age of kings heaven
  • votelesstech26 April 14, 2020

    the gold and stone piles in lr version have a massive number on them. was that the intention? I just thought the lr version was more piles of stone and gold and more animals and berries to harvest not changed number amounts.

    • zetnus April 25, 2020

      Originally that was true. This was an intentional change. That way you get so many resources without having them take up so much space and possibly getting in the way.

  • votelesstech26 March 26, 2020

    any idea when or if the LR version of black forest rivers will be joining this mod?

    • votelesstech26 April 8, 2020

      yeh looks fantastic just a shame now my computer is old and with so much going on in the map my game lags like crazy, thank you though still, keep up the good work

    • zetnus April 8, 2020

      should be included now

    • votelesstech26 April 2, 2020

      yeh me and friends loved it on aoe hd. so on de would be awesome

    • zetnus April 1, 2020

      Can do. If that is something you are looking forward to

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