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  • jackylin9487 April 19, 2020

    Beginner is compatible with both WK and DE. Not compatible with HD!
    It mainly runs on DE. I don't know why there is a bug in this ai running on WK, I haven't fixed it yet.
    It can only play 50% of the original strength of DE in WK.

    This is a non-cheating AI. This AI will imitate human tactics, such as Dark rush turn Feudal, Feudal rush, etc. In addition, it can also order it to go straight castle and boom the economy. Please read the description below for details.
    It can beat Extreme AI, winning rate is 50%, and the level of not cheating is about 1,000 elo. If you think it is too simple, there are cheating versions to play.
    The ones with numbers, D, Super, and 1vN are cheated versions, so that players of all levels can find their own suitable strength.
    With the word "OS" is an abnormal version suitable for playing on closed maps such as oasis, hessen, michi and other maps.

    Note: This ai will get angry when attacked by tower, castle, TC, please don't do this to it ...
    Suitable maps: waterless maps, only pure land, the best in Arabia
    Suitable Mode: Force Conquest
    Suitable for population: At least 500

    Recommended game settings

    Information piece: Any
    Game: Any
    Map type: Custom
    Location: Arabia
    Map size: Large size (8 players or less)
    Difficulty: Extreme
    Gamer: 2~8
    Resources: low
    Population: At least 500
    Game speed: any
    Show map: any
    The beginning era: the dark age
    The end era: the era of emperors
    Victory: Conquering by force

    Team community: open
    Lock the team: open
    Complete technology: any
    Locking speed: any
    Allow the use of secret technology: any
    Recording game: Any

    Beginner Gamer Civilization: Arbitrary
    Beginner player team: Any

    Human ally Taunts to AI:
    31=Attack now
    45=Retreat now
    36=Ban attack now
    23=Cancel ban attack now

    Host Taunts to AI (remember to turn on full frequency):
    104=Don't surrender
    105=Surrender allowed
    111=Rush mode
    112=Not straight castle
    113=Straight castle
    114=Boom mode
    200=Start metamorphosis mode
    201=Cancel metamorphosis mode
    202=Increase 100 tricolor
    203=Increase 300 tricolor
    204=Increase 500 tricolor
    205=Increase 1000 tricolor
    206=Increase 2000 tricolor
    222=Attack now
    223=Retreat now
    224=Ban attack now
    225=Cancel ban attack now