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A New Friend Visits Our Village

Greetings Age community!

I have a very special person I’d like to introduce you to. Age fans, meet Andreas, the journeyman of the newest Obsidian game, Pentiment

Andreas is joining us all the way from his 16th century medieval, narrative adventure where art imitates death. Andreas, tell us more about Pentiment!

“Guten tag! My life journey as an artist starts has started as narrative adventure game Pentiment from @Obsidian comes to Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox consoles, PC & Steam. 16th century Bavaria comes to life in a story filled with murders, scandals and intrigue!”

To celebrate Pentiment’s launch we’ve compiled some short facts about illuminated manuscripts!

  1.  Illuminated manuscripts are handwritten books carefully decorated with silver and gold. The detailing done with these materials created the illusion that the pages were literally illuminated. 
  1. These pieces of art were also decorated with bright colors, intricate designs and drawings. 
  1. The images and décor were just as important as the words written on the page. Often times these drawings had a message or story of their own. 
  1. This technique was not reserved to European scribes. In fact, many Islamic societies also practiced this art. 
  1. The rise of the printing press in the 15th century made these illuminated manuscripts less popular and eventually, a lost art. 

Ready to learn more?

Check out this never before seen Hands on History video detailing illuminated manuscripts.

Andreas! Thank you so much for joining us today and providing our community with a sneak peek of your world at Pentiment. Congratulations to you and the entire team for a successful launch and we do hope you join us again soon. 

WOLOLO !!!! 

On to our next adventure !!!! 


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