We’ve vacated the Town Center (for now) and our Age Fan Preview broadcast has come and gone! We hope you enjoyed the show and have plenty of new news to talk about and share with the community.

In case you missed some of the excitement or information in the whirlwind, here’s a quick breakdown of everything we shared today.

♦     ♦     ♦

IV | New Civ: The Delhi Sultanate

First we revealed one of the civilizations you’ll be able to play in Age of Empires IV: the Delhi Sultanate! This first look showed off buildings, units and…elephants!

If you’d like to learn more about what makes the Delhi Sultanate unique, you can visit our Virtual Village for a closer look.

IV | The Norman Campaign

We took a deep dive into the Norman Campaign coming to Age of Empires IV. We previewed the documentary-style storytelling that will carry you through missions, as well as some of the gameplay captured straight from the campaign: beginning with William of Normandy’s battle for the English throne. Age of Empires IV will have four playable campaigns, and we’re excited to share more as we get closer to its release.

IV | Behind-the-Scenes at Relic Entertainment

Age of Empires IV is being developed by Relic Entertainment, who offered us a behind-the-scenes look at their Vancouver studio and work on the game. Their history with real time strategy games, their passionate team, and their love for the franchise shone through in our chats with them, and we hope you enjoyed getting to know the people behind the project!

IV | New Civ: The Chinese

Our trip to Vancouver to visit Relic was followed by another special civilization reveal for Age of Empires IV: the Chinese! Their reveal video gave us a taste for their units, unique buildings, and even the first notes of their musical theme.

Learn more about the Chinese civilization in the Virtual Village.

II | New Expansion: The Dawn of the Dukes

As Fan Preview is a celebration of ALL things Age of Empires, we also wanted to feature our Definitive Editions. We’ve been so thrilled to remaster these classic titles for new and old players alike, and to continue evolving them alongside the community’s feedback!

Today we announced some big additions coming to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition:

  • The second official DLC—Dawn of the Dukes—is coming with an Eastern European setting!
  • Some of our existing campaigns will be playable in two player co-op, with more information about the feature coming soon!

III | New Civ: The United States

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is getting more content too! On April 13, you’ll be able to experience the United States civilization.

  • A new civilization, new customizable home city, distinct units, and unique mechanics are on the horizon!
  • You’ll be able to earn the United States civ for FREE by completing the Fifty States Challenge, or by purchasing and unlocking it immediately via Steam or the Microsoft Store.
  • We’ll also be expanding the civ roster in the future as we head to Africa. More information to come!

♥ | A Community Tribute

One of the best things about Age of Empires is the vibrant, creative, welcoming community. A celebration of the franchise wouldn’t be complete without all of YOU, so the Relic and World’s Edge Community Teams got together to pay tribute to you and your love of the games. It’s been a fantastic journey with you all so far, and we can’t wait to see you in Age of Empires IV.

IV | Age of Empires IV Gameplay: An Exclusive Look!

You’ve been asking to see more of Age of Empires IV, so we pulled a little something together! This epic look at the gameplay of Age IV showcases all of our revealed civilizations as they build and battle across the Ages. There are so many great moments, and we’re excited to hear what stands out to you!

IV | A Final Look...

Just when you thought we were done, our host hinted at one final look at the game…

...But Wait, There's More!

And with that, our show was done! A big thank you to our host Zak (AKA ZeroEmpires) and to the entire team who worked so hard to put the show together.

But this is just the beginning! Fan Preview isn’t finished just yet; there are a few more activities for you to enjoy over the next week:

  • You can head to our Virtual Village to catch more exclusive content, learn more about the Age of Empires IV civilizations we’ve revealed thus far, and take part in some activities built exclusively for this celebration.
  • An Age of Empires IV Closed Beta is on the horizon! If you want a chance to take part, you’ll need to be an Age of Empires Insider. Go sign up if you haven’t already; we’ll have more to share about the Beta in the near future, so stay tuned to our social channels and website.
  • There’s also an opportunity to win a one-of-a-kind, Age of Empires-branded, Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Desktop. Enter for a chance to win!

♦     ♦     ♦

Age of Empires IV is coming this Fall 2021 as our Definitive Editions continue to evolve month after month. There’s never been a better time to be an Age of Empires fan, and we’re excited for what comes next.

So, to everyone joining us, whether new or for the twentieth (or more) years: WO-LO-LO!

—The Age of Empires Team

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  • bravestfoil9703 May 9, 2021
  • purelogic May 4, 2021
    Why you take out one of the core nation from the game? You will loose a lot of fan base (from Turkish players) just because Turks will not be at the launch. We take this so intentionally. So, I suppose you should consider adding faction as Ottomans or Turks. Janissaries(gunmanship), Cannons and wealth could be pluses. Don't know but leaving Turks a side at the launch will be a crucial mistake in terms of reliability and income for the game.
  • narrowbubbles54 April 18, 2021
    Recommand let vietnamese to new civil next update.
  • volkiirhere April 12, 2021
    Anyone know what time specifically the US expansion will be available.
  • one-badd-wolfe April 12, 2021
    The trailers and teasers look good and I'm happy to hear that the Devs and Creators are still keeping Age of Mythology in mind for something in the future perhaps. However, I see a number of things that I'm not too happy about, mostly from an aesthetic standpoint. First of all, the enormous lawn dart like arrows look awful, truly. All of the previous Age games all had nice looking projectiles on their arrows (ballista and War Galley projectiles less so, but that's what we're talking about.) I mean the arrows fired from handheld bows, castles and towers just look silly and cartoonish. Secondly, and this could just be because I don't fully understand what they are intended to represent yet, but what is with the gold/shadowy images of units during certain building/movement animations? Is this how we're handling occlusion now, or is it something else? I can kind of gather that with the building animations it might be some kind of Time Lapse effect to show the building taking place fasterthan a realistic pace (which I can appreciate, but it's still a bit distracting compared to the tried and true build animations). Thirdly, while the terrain and maps looked very beautiful from what was shown, there was something about the scaling of all the art that just seemed off. Like in the temperate european maps with forests and fields there were dirt roads and what appeared to be like a patchwork effect of fields on the terrain like aerial photographs of farmland but it just looked weird when the units were moving over the terrain like the units were huge amongst the landscape. I know Age of games have always taken a stylistic licence when it comes to realistic scaling, but I have no problem with this in any of the previous games, yet it stood out here as something not quite right. Does anyone else share any of these thoughts and opinions? Does anyone else have anything else to add? Overall I am very excited for Age IV and all future content and updates for the existing games,but I just felt that I really wanted to draw attention to these details that I personally found displeasing. Thanks for everything so far! :)
    • graubart-senior May 11, 2021
      proportions are off indeed - I noticed it specifically between units and buildings. buildings look tiny next to units - that's really disturbing
  • delta23122007 April 12, 2021
    Please help me talk to the developers of game. Please please.
  • delta23122007 April 12, 2021
    I meant Polish, hussites, ####### and Rus
  • delta23122007 April 12, 2021
    I have ides for 5 expansions, the first polish, hussites, ####### and Rus And it also brings four news generic units. And two news games maps. And i need to send the developers inmediately.
  • rassta-schmoo April 12, 2021
    I don't understand what the Fifty States Challenge is about ir how do I complete it. Someone could teach me please?
  • remi-le-gnome April 12, 2021
    I am excited about any kind of coop content for AoE 2, 3 and 4!
  • sok4r April 12, 2021
    I still have to add one thing, and that is to critize the marketing strategy: why is the official communication so light on details, that are explained in interviews with the devs, that I have to scrape through after? Technically they are all in the video, but I would have to watch it frame-by-frame (for which I have absolutly no time for) or turn to other outlets. Just take a look at one of the recent videos of Spirit of the Law, a major Age2 content creator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7tPtPbVxVM He guesses a lot of the things that are actually in the game, but since he seems to only look at the official videos, he doesn't know for sure. Which is really unnecessary. And I'm not talking about minor details, very import things like the role landmarks play in the game is nowhere explained but in interviews in third party outlets. Why not tell your entire audience about such an important feature of the game? That is a recipie for destater. And its not the first time: when the firstgameplay was shown on the XO event, it was exactly the same thing: technically everything was shown in the video, but without further explanation, that I had to get through outer outlets. I'm not a marketing expert, but I really don't get that strategy. Releasing information in small increments to have multiple points of attention is annyoing for me, but it works. But only explaining critcal details of gameplay only through interviews with third party outlets makes no sense to me.
  • darkkaelion April 12, 2021
    More than waiting until the end of 2021 :)
  • cm375508 April 11, 2021
    "You’ll be able to earn the United States civ for FREE" Huge Red Flag. Sounds like micro transactions are coming to destroy your nostalgia.
    • sok4r April 11, 2021
      They showed it yesterday on the ESOC stream: for a limited time, if you do 50 ingame challenges (all not too difficult), you earn it for free. But you can also buy it if you miss it or don't want to wait. Designing a new civ, units, buildings, etc is a lot of work, so I understand they can't just give it away for free. I don't see it on Steam yet, so I don't know how much it costs. Also, buying content later and microtransactions in general aren't always evil. If you get something worth your money and can't endlessly buy virtual currency, I don't see a problem. Developers need to make money to make a living. And this seems a fair way to do it: you know what you get, you don't absolutly need it, and its a one time purchase.
  • sok4r April 11, 2021
    I did keep my expactations in check, so I was quite satisfied with what was shown. But what we really need for Age4 more, proper gameplay footage. Show an entire playthrough of a campaign mission or skrimish game instead of those bits and pieces with unrealistic (yet cinematic) camera angles. To give somewhat of a feel of how the game works and plays.
  • simpolsan April 11, 2021
    History cannot be written without the Turks. Please add the Turks. Seljuks or Ottomans ...
    • simpolsan April 11, 2021
      and Göktürks...
  • subotai-mgl April 10, 2021
    Please keep Blood and Gore. Otherwise, the game will feel dull or empty as it is not gonna feel like a battlefield.
  • floriian57 April 10, 2021
    It's a shame to do the competition for only 4 countries, USA Canada, Germany, United Kingdom ... Why? 😭
  • cabezon8705 April 10, 2021
    After Such a long wait, finally a new AoE game :) can't wait.
  • mistermbbs April 10, 2021
    Super excited!!! But link for giveaway is dead.
  • dengood April 10, 2021
    the picture seems to be quite good, but everything is somehow clumsy, arrows fly like that, it's generally a failure, the walls are destroyed somehow from clay, the siege weapons are again without people, they go by themselves, there is a dictatorship among the developers ? someone thinks that the siege robots are robots ? a siege weapon can not be just a unit, everything should look spectacular and beautiful, for the sake of this in AoE and play, I thought at least they will make it beautiful, but no, siege again robotic, riders still somehow jump a little on their own from the surface, even slide on the surface, well, the battle does not look very beautiful, clumsy wave, even if units are created in groups in TotalWar, then this is not AoE, in general, let's see what will be in the release, very, very, waited for this game, there were hopes that they would make beauty, And so until that only like landscape only a beautiful, a bit even disappointed in AoE4, one thing pleases that Diablo 2 remaster like as will the that need to.
    • foldedchunk1769 April 11, 2021
      It looks like age of 2 battles to me. They probably wanted to make it similar to age of 2. I think it is a good thing. I mean sure they can make realistic battles but this is not total war and shouldn't be. If you make entirely different game as a successor it probably mess things up(Just look at age of 3 or empire earth 3).
  • pandaaura668364 April 10, 2021
    I can't enter the sweepstake, there's an reCAPTCHA error: "Invalid domain for website key".
  • innigop April 10, 2021
    Sad to read that the alienware giveaway it's only for 4 countries. VERY HAPPY about all the Fan preview, specially for the DE new content!
    • memphissk April 10, 2021
      Which ones? Where did you read it? I was hoping to join it too, but the link is broken for me.. Thanks
  • stereoquasar163 April 10, 2021
    aaahhh!! really wanted an south asian dlc for AOE 2 with bengals, tamils etc,,, and were still stuck in Europe
    • subotai-mgl April 10, 2021
      More like a future add-on or DLC. I think they are adding famous historical civilizations 1st.
  • br3ed April 10, 2021
    Top :)

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