Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Achievement List

That’s right Age fans, it’s finally time for us to let you know what the AoE:DE achievements will be.

You’ll find the whole list below! What one do you think you’ll go for first?

Campaign Achievements:

Roma Victrix – Complete the Rise of Rome campaign.

Vene, Vidi, Vici – Complete the Ave Caesar campaign.

Imperial Peace – Complete the Imperium Romana campaign.

The Elephant in the Rome – Complete the Enemies of Rome campaign.

Punic Attack – Complete the first Punic War campaign.

Hittite Baby One More Time – Complete the Reign of the Hittites campaign.

Pharaoh – Complete the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign.

Smoking Ziggurats – Compete the Voices of Babylon campaign.

Epic – Complete the Glory of Greece campaign.

Big in Japan – Complete the Yamato Empires of the Rising Sun campaign.

Other Achievements:

Homes? – Build 500 houses.

Towers of Babel – Build 50 Babylonian towers.

Rise and Wall – Build 789 Shang wall segments.

Not that I’m keeping count… – Defeat 1000 enemy units.

Hun, is that you? – Destroy 200 temples.

Heracles – Defeated a Lion (Alpha)

Artemis – Hunt 250 animals.

Parthian Shot – Train 500 horses.

21st Century – Train 21 Centurions.

Axe to Grind – Train 400 Axemen.

Cute Cats – Build 500 heavy catapults.

The Choson Ones – Create 1000 Choson Legions.

Dancing Chariots – Train 400 Assyrian Chariot Archers.

Minoan Compies – Train 100 Minoan Composite Bowman.

Scytheseeing – Train 100 Egyptian Scythe Chariots.

Syntagma – Train 256 Macedonian Hoplites.

Wololo – Convert 1000 units.

Eye of Horus – Convert 20 units with Egyptian Priests.

Losing Your Religion – Convert an enemy Priest.

Atlas – Explore all areas of a single map.

Feet on the Ground – Win a random map without training any cavalry.

Eye in the Sky – Win a random map without training any archery units.