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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Audio Update!

Hello again Age Fans!

You’ve had a chance to take a closer look at some of our new art, but what about all of those new sounds?! With completely new narration, 75 minutes worth of new fully orchestrated music cues, 350 character emotes, and 250 rebuilt sound effects there is just so much to listen to! We worked with the absolutely fantastic Corby Michaels to produce a great new narration track, new voice lines, and so much more.

We know how much everyone loves the original wololo sound, and we do too, so we didn’t want to just replace it! To make sure that we never miss it too much we’ve left in in the updated game, and you’ll hear it about 20% of the time that line plays! The old version is also always available in classic mode, just in case we ever start to get too nostalgic!

Take a listen to the new wololo compared to the old one:




And here is a bit of that awesome new narration:


We also worked to re produce the background music for the game in a way that still sounds like Age of Empires, but is also a bit more fleshed out! It’s hard to explain just how awesome some of the new stuff is, so why don’t you just take a listen for yourself!




Now there is obviously tons of other new stuff to listen to in the game, so we are going to stop typing this and GET BACK TO IT! We’ll check back in soon!

If you’d like a chance to start playing soon too click here to sign up for our Age Insider Program and get more information on the Beta!

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