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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Update 9

Another major update to Age of Empires: Definitive Edition!


In Update 9, we are bringing some serious balance changes, including reduced training times for some early Archery Range units, common-sense upgrades to Scouts, and a big buff to cavalry units, especially Cataphracts.


We’ve also got some highly anticipated feature improvements, including a UI that displays how many villagers are on each resource, options to toggle blood, and resolution settings for full screen or windowed mode!


Here are the changes for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Update 9:



  • Automatic File Transfer of scenarios and maps in the Multiplayer Lobby
  • UI now displays the amount of villagers working on each resource
  • Further unit AI improvements to reduce micromanagement
  • General AI improvements
    • AI better at setting up economy on higher population limits
    • AI no longer builds wonders on Conquest victory
  • Stability, performance and crash fixes
  • Options to toggle blood on/off
  • Bodies now darken on decay
  • Resolution settings can now be set in full screen or windowed mode
  • Language selection is now available in the pre-game options screen


Balance updates:

  • Bowman training time reduced from 30s to 26s
  • Slinger training time increased from 24s to 28s
  • Chariot Archers no longer do bonus Damage vs Priests
  • Scouts auto-attack
  • Scouts cost reduced from 100f to 80f
  • Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract +1 pierce armor
  • Choson Clubman/Axeman +5 HP
  • Sacrifice cost reduced from 600g to 400g
  • Sumerians lose Craftsmanship
  • Yamato Cavalry and Horse Archer cost -20% (instead of -25%)
  • Romans: Buildings cost -10% (instead of -15%)
  • Cataphract +20HP
  • Priests now auto-heal wounded units



Update 9 is available for download today!


But we’re not done yet!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for update 9.  We’ve got another big update on the way soon, and update 10 will include one of the community’s most-anticipated changes!


What do you think it will be? Discuss in our forums and keep your eyes peeled here and on our social media pages for more news and updates on the Age of Empires franchise!


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