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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 13.18214

Welcome explorers to another exciting update for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

We are having lots of fun this summer and there’s so much to look forward to in this update! New maps, new customization options, and so much more, plus, the Peacemaker Community Event is here with all-new challenges, and cool rewards. So, grab your adventuring gear, it’s time to jump into all the fun!

While there are plenty of notable fixes and features in today’s update, here are some of the big highlights of what you can expect to see:

  • New Haudenosaunee Home City & Explorer Customizations
  • 11 new cards & balance changes for Haudenosaunee
  • 3 New Maps
  • Peacemaker Community Event
  • 140 New Weekly Profile Icons
  • Crash Fixes
  • Performance Improvements

Thank you for sharing in yet another major milestone for Age of Empires with us! We hope you enjoy all the changes and look forward to sharing in all the adventures yet to come!

—The Age of Empires Team

Download on the Microsoft Store
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  • Select Downloads and updates.
  • Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 13.18214

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.
That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Download on Steam
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  • Open Steam.
  • Click on Library to see your games list.
  • Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 13.18214

That’s it;you’re ready to play!

Download on the Xbox App for Windows 11
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Xbox App for Windows.

  • Open the Xbox app.
  • Games that are installed show up on the left side of the app.
  • Hover over the game or click it, and then select Update.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] hover over the game, select More Options (…), choose Manage. Under the Files tab, choose the option to Check for Updates.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 13.18214.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

Still having trouble? Visit our support site!

Build Spotlight

Peacemaker Community Event

💥August 16th – September 1st💥

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is enjoying a nice and relaxing summer and we’re celebrating with the release of an all new event! For a limited time, you can unlock new portraits and explorer customizations by completing the community challenges!

Explorer Customizations!

New Rewards!

NOW through September 1st, complete daily in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Day ~ 🎯 Sign in to Xbox Live.
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock – Mantlet.

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days.

Day 1 🔒 Research 5 Big Button techs in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock – Chief.
Day 2 🔒 Build 2 additional Town Centers in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
🧱 Explorer Customization Unlock – Nonahkee.
Day 3 🔒 Deal 1000 damage with your Explorer as the Haudenosaunee in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer Game.
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock – War Chief.
Day 4 🔒 Gather at least 1000 Coin at the Tribal Marketplace as the Haudenosaunee in a single Skirmish/Multiplayer game.
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock – Priest.
Day 5 🔒 Train 50 Cavalry in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer Game.
🧱 Explorer Customization Unlock – Ká:nien.

Keep it Forever!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live at any point during the event, you get to keep all the mods and profile icons you unlock! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy!

—The Age of Empires Team

Event F.A.Q.

Q: Do I have to complete the challenges on consecutive days?

While challenges don’t have to be completed on consecutive days, only one challenge can be completed per day.

Q: When is the last day I can complete the daily challenges?

The Peacemaker Community Event concludes September 1st.

Q: Do I get to keep all of the event unlocks?

All you need to do is log into your Xbox Live account before the end of the event to keep all of the profile icons and mods you unlock; it’s as easy as that!

Q: What do I do if I accidentally unsubscribe from a special mod?

No problem! All you need to do is click your Profile Icon on the main menu, select Event Mods (under Collection), and then check the unlocked event mod you want to enable!

Q: How do I change my profile icon?

You can update your profile icon in your profile:

  1. On the main menu, click the Profile Icon next to your name.
  2. You should now be in the Profile Icons tab under Collections.
  3. Select your favorite icon, then click the Select Icon button to lock in your choice.
  4. You’re done!

Q: How do I download and enable mods?

For information about how to subscribe to and prioritize your mods, visit this article.

11 New Haudenosaunee Cards

Environmentalism (Card, III)
“Trees last significantly longer.”

  • Improves Villager wood yield by +500%.
North America Trade (Card, IV)
“Villagers now earn extra Coin whilst gathering natural resources, particularly from animals.”

  • Additional Coin income whilst gathering:
    • Huntables: 0.34 c/s
    • Herdables 0.34 c/s
    • Berries: 0.034 c/s
    • Trees: 0.034 c/s
Medicine Wheels (Card, I)
“Improves the effectiveness of Healers tasked to the community Plaza.”

  • Unrelated to this card, Healers may now socialize as a default feature of the Community Plaza (read on for details!)
  • This card improves their effectiveness by +50%.
Beaver Wars (Card, IV)
“Makes Rams and Mantlets more resistant to ranged and siege damage. Also grants their Champion upgrades.”

  • Ranged Armor increased by +15%.
  • Siege Armor increased by +30%.
  • Grants the Champion Ram and Champion Mantlet upgrades.
Siege Construction (Card, III)
“All Siege Workshop troops train faster and cost less population.”

  • Population cost reduction: -1.
  • Train time improvement: 30% faster.
Wampum (Card, IV)
“All Units and Buildings grant more XP when created.”

  • Build Bounty improvement: +35%
Covenant Chain (Card, IV, 3000c)
“Ships 2 Heavy Cannons and a number of Mercenaries from the British isles.”

  • Ships 2 Heavy Cannons.
  • Ships 3 Harquebusiers, 4 Highlanders and 8 Irish Brigadiers.
INF Canadian Loyalists (Card, IV, 1000f)
“Arrives fast! Ships a number of powerful Dragoons.”

  • Arrives in 5 seconds.
  • Ships 10 powerful Dragoons.
  • May be sent infinite times.
22 Lenape Allies (Card, IV, 1000c)
“Ships a number of Native American Skirmishers that can stun enemy units at a distance with their war cry.”

  • Charged Stun ability:
    • Cooldown: 40 seconds.
    • Stun duration: 2 seconds.
  • Also grants Lenape Warrior Societies.
TEAM 2 Light Cannons (Card, IV)
“Ships 2 Light Cannons.”

  • Granted to all team members.
TEAM 3 Mantlets (Card, III)
“Ships 3 Mantlets.”

  • Granted to all team members.
4 Healers (Card, II)
“Ships 4 Healers.”

  • Lakota Civilization also receives this card.

3 New Maps!

Mediterranean: Teams spawn on separate land masses along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Nearby natural resources on land are limited so players must expand to the surrounding land masses while fighting for control of the sea and lucrative Trade Routes.

Description: A large sea dividing Europe and Africa that is teeming with Fish, Whales, and Treasures. Natural resources on land are limited and will be quickly depleted so players must fight for dominance of the sea and the two lucrative Trade Routes and Royal Houses. Several islands dot the sea and provide strategic points for players to control and establish a strong presence on the sea.

Settlements: Phanar, Habsburg, Bourbon, Wittelsbach, Hanover.

Outlaws: Inquisitor, Corsair Marksman.

[Knights of the Mediterranean]

Acropolis: Players begin on their own plateau with some resources. Resources are more plentiful in the valley.

Description: Just like in Ancient Greece each player begins atop their own Acropolis that can be easily defended with a few segments of walls and the starting Battery Towers. However, not many resources are present atop each plateau so players will have to descend into the resource-rich valley below to continue gathering natural resources. Greek Phanariots also know the area well and may join you in your conquests.

Settlements: Phanar.

Outlaws: Inquisitor, Highwayman Rider.

[Knights of the Mediterranean]

Pomerania: A coastal region on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Description: Along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea lies Pomerania. In this region, you may take to the water and use the coastal islands to gain an economic advantage over your enemy. You may also choose to control the land instead including the long trade route in the south.

Settlements: Vasa, Wettin.

Outlaws: Inquisitor, Crabat.


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the terrain system, especially after repeatedly loading saved games of different maps.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs if flare visuals have not finished animating when destroying the world, then loading into a new world.
  • Faster pathfinding algorithm to reduce slowdown in busy games
  • Optimised refresh of in-game UI elements
  • Fixed a bug where using the file dialog repeatedly (when the user has a lot of saved games) would eventually run the game out of memory.
  • Record Game playback improvement so frames are not unnecessarily skipped. This means playback at the slowest speed will have more chance to keep in time with the original.
  • Fixed an issue that caused record games to play back slower each time they are viewed.
  • Fix for crash when sorting players by score in the post-game screen
  • Fix for crash when hiding the UI tech tree screen.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when there were heavy amounts of particle effects present.


  • Fixed some minor shader & SSAO issues.


  • Fixed Lakota Home City night lighting with fireflies customization deducting 11 points instead of 10 points.
  • Fix for adjusting the Age-Up button to refresh more often so it will become active/not-active as the player’s resources change.
  • Command panel hotkeys are now hidden whenever the tycoon panel is open.
  • Command panel is now darkened when the Tycoon Package panel is open.
  • Added hiding the Tycoon Package panel whenever the game summary or challenges popup is opened.
  • Fix to stop players sending a flare when playing back a record game.
  • Updated Trade Monopoly notification icons & timer icon to be the correct resolutions for their size to avoid visible compression.
  • Fixed incorrect Maltese Depot compendium image.
  • Fix for Clan Invites/Applications page language not updating after initially loading.



  • Fix for rescued treasure units unintentionally having extra damage bonus when the Starting Age is set higher than Exploration Age.
  • Fixed an issue where “Mission Fervor” didn’t correctly apply the research discount to Italian priest shipments.
  • Royal Huntsmen are no longer able to gather wood after sending the Sawmills card from the Home City.
  • “Team Inca Bridges” can now be sent regardless of the Chasqui build limit
  • Lakota can now upgrade Wettin Battery Towers
  • Indian Card “Grazing” now correctly affects Berber Camel Riders
  • “Somali Oryx Hide Shields” now correctly affects Chinese Banner Armies

Civilization Balance


  • Priest and Imam: Cost reduced to 100c (from 150); bounties adjusted accordingly hitpoints reduced to 200 (from 360)
  • Captured Mortar: Cost reduced to 450c (from 500); bounties adjusted accordingly; population cost reduced to 6 (from 8)
  • Stealth ability: All units (but not buildings) will reveal a stealthed enemy if the enemy is within 2 range of it
  • Trample mode: Self-damage for units in trample mode reduced to 35% (from 50%)
  • Unit Promotions: Unit Promotion levels are now displayed under the unit’s hitpoint bar whenever units with promotions have been selected or the Alt key is pressed.
  • Heroes: Adjusted as follows
    • May no longer use the Cover Mode tactic
    • African Heroes no longer gain attack and hitpoint shadow improvements until the Industrial and Imperial Ages
  • Javelin Rider: Hitpoints reduced to 180 (from 190)
  • Armored Pistoleer: Initial HP reduced to 560 (from 660).
  • Desert Archer: Adjusted as follows
    • Now occupies 3 population space (up from 2)
    • Heavy infantry multiplier reduced to 1.75X (from 2X)
  • Desert Warrior: Now occupies 3 population space (up from 2)
  • Crabat: Adjusted as follows
    • Ranged armor reduced to 15% (from 25%)
    • Ranged attack decreased to 30 (from 43)
    • Melee Cavalry damage multiplier reduced to 3.x (from 4.5x); Shock Infantry damage multiplier adjusted accordingly to 2.25x
  • Cossack Daredevil: Adjusted as follows
    • Mounted: Fixed a bug where it was tagged as Light Ranged Cavalry (is intended as a Heavy Cavalry unit)
    • Mounted: The area of effect on its charged ability has been reduced to 2 (from 3)
    • Dismounted: Melee attack is reduced to 14 (from 17).
    • Cost increased to 115c (from 100c).
  • Inquisitor: Increased speed to 5 (from 4.5).
  • Mountain Monastery: Can now be built nearby capturable food windmills.
  • Totenkopf Hussar (Hanover Royal House): Now starts with it’s Death Strike ability fully charged; number of hits required to fully charge it increased to 8 (from 4)
  • Northern Musketeer (Oldenburg Royal House): Build limit corrected to 16 (from 12)
  • Seminole Sharktooth Bowman (Seminole): Now benefits from the target lock feature and attacks up to 33.3% faster the closer the target is to the unit
  • Trabant (Wettin Royal House): Received a charged pistol attack; Cost increased to 60f 70c (from 50f 70c); Melee damage increased to 22 (from 15), cavalry multipliers adjusted accordingly for no overall damage change against Cavalry
  • Klamath Rifleman (Klamath): This unit got reworked to be different from the Cherokee Rifleman it used to share identical stats with. The Klamath Rifleman now costs 100f 30w (from 60f 60w) and has a build limit of 10.
“Klamath skirmisher versed in a wide range of trades. Can pick up treasures and slowly gather from all natural resources except mines and huntable animals.”

  • New multiplier versus treasure guardians.
  • Reduced combat stats to balance gathering.
  • Team Alta California Territory (IV): Now can be shipped even if the player is at or above the Cow Build Limit.
  • INFINITE 7 Sheep + Homestead Wagon: This card now respects sheep build limit.
  • Mission Fervor: Effect updated to “Healing units train faster and gain more hitpoints. Significantly improves their healing speed.”
    • +50% HP
    • +50% train speed (also improves arrival time of Basilica shipments of Priests)
    • +100% heal rate
  • Town Watch: Unit LOS improvement increased to +3 (from 2); cost reduced to 150 food (from 200)
  • Gas Lighting: Cost reduced to 75f (from 100)
  • Bandit Gang and Outlaw Band (IV): Now no long ship Treasure Guardians along with Outlaws.
  • Royal Scots Grey (Hanover Royal House): Now causes the Death Strike ability to be charged in 4 hits instead of 8 hits. Previously this technology caused Totenkopf Hussar to start with their Death Strike ability fully charged.
  • Austro-Hungarian Empire (Habsburg Royal House): Cost reduced to 375f 375c (from 500f 500c)
  • Royal Tax (Bourbon Royal House): Now grants 35 coin per building (up from 25)
  • Royal Saxon Grenadiers (Wettin Royal House): Cost reduced to 500c (from 600c)
  • Filiki Eteria (Phanar Royal House): Cost reduced to 800c (from 1000c)
  • Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs (Tupi): Now also allows Tupi Blackwood Archers to inflict poison damage
  • Carib Kasiri Beer (Caribs): Now also allows Carib Blowgunners to inflict poison damage
  • Klamath Huckleberry Feast (Klamath): Now sends 150 food in crates for every 3 minutes (up from 100)
  • Klamath Work Ethos (Klamath): Now also improves gather rates of Klamath Riflemen
  • Seminole Guerilla Wars (Seminole): Cost increased to 350f 350c (from 200f 200c), but now also increases the Seminole Sharktooth Bowman siege range by +6
  • [NEW] Seminole Invincibles (Seminole): A third technology has been added to the Seminoles to complete their technology roster:
Seminole Invincibles (II)
“The story of Seminole invincibility improves Sharktooth Bowmen hitpoints and allows them to slowly regenerate hitpoints.”

  • Grants +10% Hitpoints.
  • Reduced combat stats to balance gathering.
  • Regenerates 2.5% Hitpoints per second.
  • Maya Pyramids (Maya): A third technology has been added to the Maya to complete their technology roster:
Maya Pyramids (II)
“The study of Maya pyramids allows you to reconstruct a mighty Maya Castle for defensive purposes.”

  • Delivers 1 Maya Castle Travois.

Haudenosaunee Gameplay Adjustments

  • Community Plaza: Healers may also now socialize at the Community Plaza to improve the benefits of ceremonies (same effectiveness as a Villager) – this also affects the Lakota
  • Healers Ceremony: Now spawns Healers less quickly – this also affects the Lakota
  • Harvest Ceremony: Train speed bonus for Military Units is now considerably better, but the train speed bonus for Economic units has been reduced – this affects all civilizations. Assuming 25 villagers on the Community Plaza, this results in an increased train speed of 343% for military units training and 120% for economic units (up from 224% for each).
    • Exponent (Military): 1.0425
    • Exponent (Economic): 0.9800
  • Mantlet: Cost reduced to 80w 80c (from 75w 125c); bounties adjusted accordingly
  • Ram: No longer tagged as infantry; hitpoints increased to 250 (from 200)
  • The Chief (Council Member: Exploration Age → Commerce Age): Now ships 2 Villagers (down from 3)
  • Infantry Attack (II): Renamed to “Warhut Warrior Attack”; now only affects Aenna, Tomahawks and Forest Prowlers
  • Infantry Hitpoints (II): Renamed to “Warhut Warrior Hitpoints”; now only affects Aenna, Tomahawks and Forest Prowlers
  • Infantry Combat (III): Renamed to “Warhut Warrior Combat”; now only affects Aenna, Tomahawks and Forest Prowlers
  • Siege Combat (III): Added to homecity with expected icon
  • Siege Discipline (III): Replaced with Beaver Wars
  • Canoes (II): Renamed to “Watape” and added a new icon
  • [NEW] Beaver Wars: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Siege Construction: Added to homecity
  • Engineering School (II): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] Environmentalism: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] North America Trade: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Medicine Wheels: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Wampum: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Covenant Chain: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Canadian Loyalists: Added to homecity
  • [NEW] 22 Lenape Allies: Added to homecity
  • 2 Light Cannons (IV): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] TEAM 2 Light Cannons (IV): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] 4 Healers (II): Added to homecity
  • 7 Mantlets (IV): Increased to 10
  • 6 Mantlets (IV): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] TEAM 3 Mantlets (III): Added to homecity


  • Starting resources: Now begin with a Goat (previously a semi-fattened Goat)
  • Meteor Hammer: Bonus damage against Artillery reduced to 1.34x (from 2x)
  • Blockhouse (Russian Relations): Reverted the ability to train Hand Mortars and Flamethrowers; cost increased to 250 export (from 225).
  • 11 Changdao Swordsmen (III): Reduced to 10
  • 17 Arquebusiers (IV): Reduced to 16
  • 18 Changdao Swordsmen (IV): Reduced to 17


  • Zebenyas (III): Siege armor improvement reduced to +5% (from +10%); hitpoint improvement reduced to 10% (from 15%).
  • Loyal Warriors (I): Moved to the Fortress Age.


  • Aïr Berbers (II): Moved to the Fortress Age.


  • Huaraca: Adjusted as follows:
    • Added a 2x Artillery multiplier to all of its attacks
    • Bonus damage against Infantry reduced to 1.5x (from 2x)
    • All ranged attacks now benefit from the Target Lock feature (once the firing animation begins, the attack will always finish, even if the target moves out of range)
  • Priestess: Adjusted as follows:
    • Conversion Range now improves upon reaching the Fortress and Industrial Ages by +5 (up from +4.5) and by +5 upon reaching the Imperial Age (previously didn’t improve) – this makes their maximum range 27 and should make them a formidable force against expensive units


  • Shipments: XP cost penalty reduced to 1.05x (from 1.08x)
  • Architect: Adjusted as follows:
    • Coin cost reduced to 170 (from 200); bounties adjusted accordingly
    • Training time improved to 25 seconds (from 35)
    • Now constructs Lombards in 100 seconds (down from 120)
  • Lombard: Investments now deposit 250 resources (down from 300); investment cap increased to 5000 (from 3000).
  • 7 Pavisiers (II): Increased to 8
  • Team House of Savoy (III): This card is no longer infinite
  • [NEW] Native Warriors (III): Added to homecity
  • 25 Bourbon Allies (IV): This card no longer activates the Guard upgrade for these units (also affects the Maltese civilization).


  • Starting resources: Adjusted to 400f, 100w, 100c (from 400f, 200w, 100c)
  • Teepee: Gather rate bonus adjusted to 10% (from 12.5%)
  • Bow Rider: Now inflicts 0.75x to Villagers (down from 1x)
  • Tashunke Prowler: Moved to the Industrial Age (from Fortress)
  • Legendary Wakina Rifle: Now also grants +1 range
  • Bonepipe Armor: Now grants +10% Siege armor (up from 5%)
  • Great Hunter (II): Now grants 10% of the food hunted so far again (down from 12.5%)
  • 4 Tashunke Prowlers (III): Removed from homecity
  • Dakota Support (III): Moved to the Industrial Age; cost increased to 1500 coin (from 1000); now ships 10 Tashunke (up from 5)
  • Friendly Territory (I): Now also causes Teepees to increase the range of nearby Military Units by +10%
  • Earth Bounty (I): Moved to the Fortress Age (from Exploration); Now trickles 2.5 c/s (previously 0.65 w/s and 0.65 c/s); now boosts Estate Work rate by +20% (up from 10%)
  • Advanced Captured Mortars (IV): Now ships 3 Captured Mortars (down from 4); now reduces Captured Mortar population cost by -1; cost increased to 750c
  • [NEW] Fur Trade (I): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] North American Trade (IV): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Medicine Wheels (I): Added to homecity


  • Depot: Increased build time to 20 (from 15) and triggered detonation time to 5 seconds (from 4.5)
  • Hire Royal Horsemen: Fixed an issue that allowed the card to be sent three times; can now be sent once as intended
  • 7 Sentinels (III): Increased to 8
  • 8 Sentinels (III): Increased to 9
  • British Tongue (II): Now ships 10 Longbowmen (up from 9)
  • Spanish Tongue (III): Now ships 9 Veteran Lancers (up from 8)
  • Portuguese Tongue (III): Now ships 13 Veteran Cassador (up from 11)
  • French Tongue (IV): Now ships 9 Guard Cuirassiers (up from 8)
  • Flintlock Rockets (IV): Now increases Sentinel cost and stats by 45% (up from 35%)


  • 1 Covered Wagon (III): Removed from Home City.


  • Contract French Fusiliers (II): Moved to the Fortress Age; cost adjusted to 1000c (up from 400c); now ships 7 Fusiliers (up from 3).

United States

  • Carbine Cavalry: Now benefits from the Target Lock feature (once the firing animation begins, the attack will always finish, even if the target moves out of range).
  • Shotgun Messengers: This card now also sends 4 Cowboys + 4 Owlhoots (but does not affect the card unlocked by the Mexican civilization’s Baja California revolution – which has been renamed to “Coach Guns”).

Random Maps

Map Updates

  • The Standard and Team Maps can now be filtered in the map selection screen.
  • Standard Maps Set:
    • Added Finland
    • Added Lithuania
    • Added Pomerania
    • Added Portugal
    • Added Wallachia
    • Removed California
    • Removed Himalayas
    • Removed Ozarks
    • Removed Pyrenees
    • Removed Siberia
  • Team Maps Set:
    • Added Pomerania
    • Added Ozarks
    • Added Siberia
    • Removed Anatolia
    • Removed Baja California
    • Removed Balkans
    • Removed Courland
    • Removed Finland
    • Removed Korea
    • Removed Mexico
    • Removed Nile Valley
    • Removed Sonora
    • Removed Vistula Basin
    • Removed Wallachia
  • Treaty Maps Set:
    • Added California
    • Added Vistula Basin

Map Changes

  • Alps:
    • Fixed an issue that could result in Trading Post Sockets from spawning outside the treaty build radius.
  • Archipelago:
    • Now available for single player.
  • Central Asia:
    • Players’ third hunt is allowed to spawn slightly closer to the Town Center.
  • Colorado:
    • Added Cheyenne and Navajo settlements into rotation with the Comanche.
    • Trees should no longer bunch up in the very middle of the map to provide better pathing.
  • Courland:
    • The central ice patch is now slightly smaller and the buildable area surrounding each player’s TC is slightly larger.
  • Dakota:
    • Cheyenne settlements instead of Comanche now spawn.
  • Deccan:
    • Fixed an issue that could result in Trading Post Sockets from spawning outside the treaty build radius.
  • Eurasian Steppe:
    • Generals can now build the first Town Center (but only the first).
    • Now features multiple spawns better representing more of the transition between our European and Asian maps.
  • Great Plains:
    • Apache settlements now added into rotation with the Comanche settlements. The Cheyenne settlements are unchanged and will still always spawn.
  • Guianas:
    • Fixed an issue that could result in Trading Post Sockets from spawning outside the treaty build radius.
  • Horn:
    • Added a second mine close to the starting Town Center.
  • Lithuania:
    • Removed the middle pond in 1v1 spawns to allow for more open space mid-map.
  • Manchuria:
    • Fixed an issue where players could not build a Trading Post at the Tengri Shrines on the Large version of the map.
  • Northwest Territory:
    • Cree settlements added in rotation with the Klamath.
  • Ozarks:
    • Seminole settlements will now spawn in place of the Cheyenne settlements. Comanche and Cherokee settlements remain in rotation.
  • Painted Desert:
    • Comanche settlements now added into rotation with the Navajo settlements. The Apache settlements are unchanged and will still always spawn.
  • Rhine:
    • Fixed an issue which prevented players from allying with certain Royal Houses.
  • Rockies:
    • The Comanche settlements have been replaced with a rotation of Cree and Klamath. Cheyenne settlements will remain unchanged.
  • Savanna:
    • Fixed an issue where one of the Trading Post Sockets failed to spawn in 1v1 games.
  • Scandinavia:
    • Removed some sea resources.
  • Unknown:
    • Added new technologies, treasures, and Unknown-exclusive Outlaws. As always, they’re yours to discover!
    • Some new features have been added to the Command Post when it spawns . . . along with some other mysteries for you to enjoy!
    • The AI now appropriately uses the Command Post when it spawns in place of the starting Town Center.
  • Yukon:
    • Klamath settlements now spawn in place of the Cree settlements.



Community-Reported Issues:
  • Your reports continue being crucial to our prioritization and implementation of fixes and features in the game. Keep them coming!

For other known issues, please visit this page to see what’s being tracked!

What's on the Horizon?


  • A Special Event
  • More balance changes, more bug fixes, and more fun!

    Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

    For the latest updates and announcements, please visit our social channels.

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