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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 14.43676

Welcome trailblazers to another exciting preview for the update dropping on Wednesday, August 2 for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition so stay tuned! This one is large with a whole lot of balance updates, bug fixes, and more!

While there are plenty of notable fixes and features in the update, here are some of the big highlights of what you can expect to see:

  • Online status for friends!
  • Unique Explorer bonuses
  • Tons of new balance updates
  • Reworks for Royal Guard and Church technologies
  • Enhanced Civilizations & Revolutions

Thank you for sharing in yet another major milestone for Age of Empires with us!

—The Age of Empires Team

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

Still having trouble? Visit our support site!

Build Spotlight

New Map!

[Knights of the Mediterranean]

Wales: There are no trade routes in this region, but large mineral deposits and whales provide economic opportunities.

Description: Large mineral deposits contained in a central plateau provide an opportunity to boost your economy on land while an abundance of whales in the sea provide an alternative economic opportunity. There are no trade routes in this region so your home city has provided you with additional starting experience to help your town get started sooner.

Settlements: House of Hanover
Outlaws: Inquisitor, Highwayman Rider


Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue where the terrain rendering would appear corrupt on certain graphics cards.
  • Fixed an exploit where units could end up being instantly trained, if an auto-train action was suspended on the first update.
  • Fixed an issue where a tech changing status could cause a desync.
  • Fixed a crash when a custom modded texture is assigned to some specific models.


  • Added online indicators to the friend list.
  • Visually highlighted the Attack Move button to increase the awareness for its function.
  • The frame of the minimap now contains compass points to help with map orientation.
  • When a unit is selected that contains garrisoned units and icons are shown for the garrisoned units, include the garrisoned units in the selected unit count.
  • Unique Church technologies that come with negative effects now consistently use a blue icon border.
  • Removed the non-functional buttons that were displayed in the chat panel.
  • The Deck Builder button is now disabled when Random Civ is selected in the civ picker UI.
  • Improved the formatting of the Mods screen:
    • The Created and Updated columns only display the date.
    • The Rating column rounds to one decimal place.
  • Fixed a series of technology tree issues such as icons or missing entries.
  • Fixed the playercolor blending of the Karelian Jaeger portrait.
  • Fixed inconsistent spellings of War Hut.
  • Fixed several mistranslations in the German and Turkish localizations.
  • Fixed the string for the Mercenary Contractor politician that stated Outlaw units would be improved, which is not the case.
  • Fixed the outdated tooltip of the Wokou Pirate that still described it as anti-cavalry unit.
  • The Advanced Frontier Defenses and Aztec Mining card icons now use a split border to highlight their secondary effects.
  • Fixed the default icon of the Spy as well as its upgrade cards Agents and Assassins.
  • Gave the Unction and Atonement cards their own icons to distinguish them from the Mission Fervor and Compunction technologies.
  • The Lenape technologies now use unique icons.
  • Updated the fidelity of several icons.
  • Fixed incorrect weapon details in the Lancer and Doppelsöldner icons.


  • A 15-minute option for Treaty mode has been added.
  • Treaty technology in civ data is now properly applied only when Treaty game rules are active.
  • Fixed an issue where some legacy hotkeys would not work correctly when the Allow Conflicts setting is off – for example, the Find Stable legacy hotkey.
  • Added a shortcut to reset the camera rotation (Control+Mousewheel).
  • Fixed an issue with the Papal Guard treasure reward to deflect and suffer damage from treasure guardians whenver they were in combat.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Mounted Rifleman from attacking in trample mode.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the Somali Ajuran Engineers technology erroneously setting a build limit for the Fixed Gun.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Papal Guard to use the charged pistol attack in cover mode without requiring the Papal Arsenal card.


  • Cree Coureur des Bois, Cree Tracker, Nootka Warchief and Oromo Warrior horse visuals updated.
  • Added a unique look for the Dutch Skirmisher in Age 2.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Guard Ranger cosmetic.
  • Each unique Church technology and Royal Guard unit now has unique visuals.
  • Fixed various missing or erroneously images for compendium entries.
  • Added a unique Guard cosmetic for Pavisiers.
  • Battleships now use a different cosmetic when upgraded through a unique Battleship card.
  • Fixed the Pirate portrait erroneously displaying a firearm.
  • Updated portraits for the following Hero Cosmetics: Devotee, Fernig Sister, Fräulein, Roman Centurion, Maria of Portugal.
  • Fixed an issue with the Indian Fishing Boat displaying anachronistic car tires.
  • Fixed an issue with several muskets showing anachronistic knife bayonets.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the sword of the Mexican Muerte cosmetic.
  • Fixed an issue with the Swedish Kristina cosmetic not being able to perform the Heavy Strike ability animation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented unique visuals for Jaguar Prowl Knights and Eagle Runner Knights to be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Guardians and Outlaws from using their melee animations.
  • Improved the readability of the melee mode for several light cavalry units.


  • The Roman Centurion hero cosmetic now speaks Latin.
  • Plan of Miramare: Fixed the missing Voltigeur VO.
  • Savolax Jaegers: Now speak Finnish instead of German.
  • Italians: Fixed the missing attack voice lines for the male Settler.
  • Germans: Fixed the wrong creation sound for Landwehrs.


  • Fixed an issue where mods larger than 1GB would fail to install.
  • Fix for some mods being incorrectly marked as “safe for multiplayer”.
  • Fixed an issue where the mod name and/or description would be truncated when publishing a mod if the text contains a multi-byte Unicode character.

Civilization Balance


  • Native American build menu: Adjusted the Villager’s build menu for Native American building by moving the Community Plaza behind the Wall and the Town Center to the last position. This change will result in Houses being in the first slot as for all other civilizations as well and thereby make it easier for players to switch in between Native American civilizations and others.
  • Tribute Penalty: Increased the penalty for tributing resources to allies to 20% in Age 1 (from 12%) that gets successively reduced by -2% each age. This results in a 12% penalty in Age 5.
  • Hand Infantry: Corrected damage values for Cover mode attacks of Hand Infantry units.
  • Ranged Infantry: Light Infantry and Counter Skirmishers that had their damage against Heavy Cavalry and Shock Infantry reduced now have their damage multipliers increased again by about 20%. Both multipliers are now equal at ranged attacks.
  • Grenade Troopers: Aligned the negative damage multipliers of Grenadier-style units to 0.4x against Cavalry (from 0.5x) and Shock Infantry (from 0.3x).
  • Stealth: The following units now move a bit faster while stealthed: Jaguar Prowl Knight, Ninja, Jaguar Warrior, Spy, Native Scout, Eagle Scout, Chasqui, Chimu Runner, Jungle Bowman, Coyote Runner.
  • Warships: Improved the turn rate of ships with standard broadside attacks to make it easier for them to pursue and hit moving targets.
  • Treasure Guardians: Adjusted the hitpoints and damage of primarily African and European treasure guardians, mostly by reduction.
  • Field: Is now built more quickly when in range of a Granary and can be constructed in Age 1.
  • Native Scout:
    • Can now be trained by Aztecs, Haudenosaunee and Lakota from the Town Center and Native Embassy.
    • Now inflicts +5x bonus damage versus Mercenaries (removed from Advanced Scouts).
  • Royal Guard upgrades: Costs have been adjusted as follows:
    • For cavalry units to 850w 850c (from 1000w 1000c).
    • For infantry units to 750w 750c (from 1000w 1000c).
    • For artillery units to 400w 400f (from 350w 350f).
  • Spy: Cost reduced to 110c (down from 125c)and improved attack prioritization against heroes and mercenaries. Icon updated.
  • Explorer: All Explorers are now as unique as they look! Each civilization received a small bonus:
    • British: +1 Rangeand +2 LOS.
    • Dutch: Can train Envoys.
    • French: Constructs Trading Posts faster and +1 Ranged damage.
    • Germans: Hitpoints regenerate +15% faster.
    • Italians: Bonus damage against Treasure Guardians and Pets +0.25x at range and +0.5x in melee.
    • Ottomans: +5% Hitpoints.
    • Portuguese: Spyglass ability. (unchanged)
    • Russians: +3 Siege damage.
    • Spanish: Can train War Dogs. (unchanged)
    • Swedes: +1 Melee damage.
  • Horse Artillery: Now transitions notably faster between bombard and limber mode.
  • Levied Spearman & Bowman: Can now be trained in batches of 5, but take 7s longer to train.
  • Priestess, Warrior Priest: Can no longer be trained in batches from Athos Monasteries and American Citadels.
  • Wild Boar, Beast: Flipped the strength of Wild Boars and Beasts. Greatly reduced the number of Beast treasure guardians.
  • Missionary (Guardian): Renamed to Heretic.
  • Berber Camel (Berbers): Now have a 0.5x malus for Light Infantry on their melee and charged attacks.
  • Chakram (Udasi): Renamed to Chakram Thrower.
  • Conquistador (Jesuits): Ranged damage reduced to 18 (from 19).
  • Drummer (House of Hanover): Now cost 1 population slot and attack rate improvement slightly reduced. Fixed the missing Infantry tag.
  • Maya Castle (Mayans): Renamed to American Citadel.
    • This building can now also train infantry units and limited artillery from other civilizations.
    • Attack range increased to 26 (from 24).
    • Now automatically improves upon advancing to Age 4 and 5 by +20% hitpoints and damage each.
  • Maya Javelineer (Maya): Now tagged as Foot Archer.
  • Nootka Clubman (Nootka): Can now be trained in batches of 10.
  • Nootka War Chief (Nootka): Fixed missing War Chief traits.
  • Prinz ChevaulegerChevauleger (House of Wittelsbach):
    • Now have a 0.6x malus for Light Infantry on their melee attack.
    • Melee damage bonus for Heavy Cavalry increased to 1.6x (from 1.34x).
    • Ranged damage bonuses for Heavy Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry increased to 2.75x and 2.0x (from 2.5x and 1.9x) respectively.
    • Siege damage decreased to 12 (from 23.4).
  • Qizilbash (Sufi): Fixed an issue where the unit would use the trample attack instead of the intended hand attack.
  • Royal Dragoon (House of Bourbon): Now uses Stampede instead of Trample mode.
  • Royal Musketeer (House of Bourbon): Charged pistol attack now inflicts -25% less damage versus Villagers.
  • Somali Darood Militia (Somali):
    • Ranged damage reduced to 11 (from 14).
    • Increased damage multiplier for Artillery to 3x (from 2x), for Ships to 6x (from 4x) and both of them for the melee attack to remain consistent with the ranged multipliers.
  • Somali Issa Warrior (Somali):
    • Decreased speed to 4.5 (from 5) and damage multipliers for cavalry in melee to 2.5x (from 3x) and in the ranged attack to 2 (from 2.5x). Multiplier against Shock Infantry adjusted accordingly.
    • Train time increased to 30s (from 25s).
  • Yoruba Legionary (Yoruba): LOS increased to 20 (from 18).
  • Askari: Cost reduced to 230c (from 250c).
  • Barbary Corsair: Cost reduced to 180c (from 200c).
  • Battleship: Range reduced to 32 (from 35).
  • Black Rider: Melee damage increased to 18 (from 10).
  • Bosniak: Decreased the hitpoint and damage promotion to +10% in level 2 (from 15%) and +15% (from 25%) in level 3.
  • Dahomey Amazon: Population reduced to 2 (from 3).
  • Giant Grenadier: Population increased to 3 (from 2).
  • Inquisitor:
    • Building damage increased 30 (from 22), but attack rate slowed down to 3.0 (from 1.5).
    • Speed reduced to 4.25 (from 4.5).
    • Now only receives 35% of the benefits from the Mission Fervor technology.
  • Kanuri Guard: Hitpoints increased to 390 (from 320).
  • Li’l Bombard: Cost reduced to 1100c (from 1200c) and train time to 70s (down from 90s).
  • Mounted Rifleman: Removed Rifleman class and adjusted negative damage bonuses for Heavy Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry (0.67x to 0.6x) to keep them in line with other Counter Skirmisher units.
  • Napoleon Gun:
    • Decreased population to 4 (from 5) and cost to 450c (from 500c).
    • Speed increased to 4 (from 3.75).
  • Yojimbo: Decreased melee area of effect to 1 (from 2) and siege damage to 20 (from 40).
  • Zenata Rider: Population increased to 3 (from 2) and LOS increased to 16 (from 14).
  • Cash Crops (IV): Technology cost reduced to 1000w (from 1200w).
  • Crop Rotation, Subsistence Farming (II): Technology cost reduced to 300w (from 400w).
  • Large Scale Farming (V): Villagers now gather from Fields 35% faster (up from 30%) and research cost reduced to 1200 of each resource (down from 1500).
  • Mission Fervor: Corrected the tooltip to mention the improved healing speed for Healers.
  • Marriage Politics (House of Wettin): Now reduces age up costs by 15% (down from 20%) and cost increased to 325f (from 300).
  • Maya Cotton Armor (Mayans): Costs reduced to 175w 175c (from 250w 250c) and hitpoint improvement to 10% (from 20%), but now also affects Foot Archers.
  • Goldener Reiter (House of Wettin): Reduced ability duration to 15s (down from 60s).
  • Paper Cartridge: Cost reduced to 300w 300c (from 350w 350c).
  • Pillage: Wood cost reduced to 250 (from 350).
  • Royal Card Games (House of Hanover): Cost increased to 175 of each resource (up from 125).
  • Somali Oryx Hide Shields (Somali): Increases ranged resistance by 5% (down from 10%), but costs also reduced to 150f 150w (from 250f 250w).
  • Tupi Animal Lore (Tupi): Cost reduced to 50w 50c (from 75w 75c).
  • Victorian Era (House of Hanover): Fixed an issue where some civilizations could not upgrade the Factory in the Industrial Age.
  • Advanced Scouts: No longer enables Native Scouts in Town Centersand now increases bonus damage versus mercenaries by +3x (down from +10x).
  • Advanced Farm: Now also sends a Farm travois.
  • Advanced Mill: Now also sends a Mill wagon.
  • Advanced Estate: Now also sends an Estate wagon.
  • Advanced Rice Paddy: Now also sends a Rice Paddy Rickshaw.
  • Advanced Market: Now also sends a Market wagon.
  • Blood Brothers: Now also increases the build limit and hitpoints of Native Embassies.
  • Fencing School (II): Fixed an issue where this card would not improve the train time of Shock Infantry for several civilizations.
  • Heavy Fortifications:
    • This card now only researches defensive technologies of your respective civilization resulting in a smaller score increase.
    • Research time increased to 60s (from 40s).
    • Added to Ethiopians and Hausa.
  • Hire Armored Pistoleers (III): Unit count reduced to 7 (from 8).
  • 4 Grenadiers (III): Unit count increased to 5 and now also enables Grenadier training in Barracks, renamed to Line Grenadiers.
  • 4 Native Scouts (II): No longer enables Native Scouts as they are now available by default.


  • Arrow Knight: Now inflicts 0.6x damage against Cavalry and Shock Infantry.
  • Jaguar Prowl Knight:
    • Now benefits from Combat Promotions
    • Speed increased to 5 (from 4.75)
  • Warrior Priest: Spawn time at Community Plaza increased by +10%.
  • 5 Villagers (II): Added to homecity.
  • Calmecac (I):No longer ships a Warrior Priest.
  • Cheap War Huts (II): Renamed to Tollocan Garrisons.
  • Knight Combat (III): Moved to Age 4.
  • [NEW] Oztuma Citadel (III): Ships an American Citadel (identical to Maya Castle).
  • Temple of Xipe Totec Support (III): Now improves Coyote Runner armor by +0.15 (up from 0.10).
  • Legendary Coyote Runners (V): Now increases Coyote Runner hitpoints and damage by 50% (down from 60%).


  • 3 Settlers (I): Added to homecity.
  • 5 Settlers (II): Removed from homecity.
  • [NEW] Gentlemen of the Pike (IV): Researches Guard Pikemen and allows researching Imperial Pikemen for a reduced cost.
  • Musketeer / Grenadier cards: Have been renamed to Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards, TEAM Grenadier Guards.
  • The Black Watch (The Glorious Revolution): Now also grants Highlanders hitpoint regeneration, +3 LOS and +1 range. Enables Highlanders in Taverns.
  • Thin Red Line (The Glorious Revolution): Now only applies to Musketeers instead of all Infantry and changes their visuals.
  • Redcoats (IV): Unique Musketeer upgrade improves hitpoints by 35% (from 40%), but damage by 45% (from 40%).


  • Transcendence (Temple of Heaven Wonder Ability): Has now a cap of healing 100 hitpoints per unit.
  • Double Faced Armor (III): Now also applies to Keshiks.
  • Repelling Volley (III): Increases Arquebusier and Chu Ko Nu multiplier against Light Cavalry by +1.25 (up from +1.00).
  • Arquebusier: Ranged damage reduced to 15 (from 16)
  • Flamethrower: Population cost reduced to 3 (from 4).
  • Keshik: Hitpoints increased to 115 (from 110).
  • Meteor Hammer: Range reduced to 4 (from 5) and cost increased to 180c (from 175c).
    • This increases the coin cost of the Forbidden Army and Black Flag Army to 360c (from 350c).
  • Village: Reduced hitpoints to 2000 (from 2500) and LOS to 24 (from 32).
  • Russian Expeditionary Force (Russian Consulate): Now sends 5 Dragoons instead of 6 Cossacks.
  • Russian Brigade (Russian Consulate): Now sends 25 Schiavone-like infantry instead of 15 Hussars.


  • Belgian Revolution (IV): Now also converts Ruyters into Revolutionaries.
  • [NEW] Nassau Regiment (III, 1000c): Sends 14 musket-armed Blue Guards and enables them in Forts.
  • Waardgelders (III, Religious Freedom): Renamed to Red Lancers. The previous name is now used for an Age 2 card (500c) sending 4 Swiss Pikemen and enabling them in Taverns and Barracks for a smaller price (-5c).
  • Carabineers (IV): Also increases attack range by +1.
  • Stadswachten (IV): Research time is 10s shorter.


  • Tabot (I): Amount of additional coin per Mountain Monastery reduced to 900c (from 1000c).
  • Draft Oxen (II): Moved to Age 1.
  • Hire Band of Cannoneers (II): Unit count reduced to 7 (from 8).
  • Hire Cannoneers (III): Unit count reduced to 12 (from 14).
  • 14 Somali Allies (III): Unit count reduced to 11.
  • Sudanese Alliance (Age-up): Now provides 300 influence (down from 400).
  • Somali Alliance (Age-up): Now provides 300 influence (down from 400).
  • Neftenya: Attack reduced to 14 (from 15).
  • Shotel Warrior: Damage multiplier changed from Infantry to Light Infantry (Skirmishers).


  • Cuirassier: Train time reduced to 55s (from 60s).
  • Native Scout:
    • Can now be retrained from the Town Center and Native Embassy by default.
    • Is upgraded into a mounted lancer unit with greater build limit upon reaching the French Revolution.
  • Sansculotte (French Revolution): Now counters Heavy Infantry instead of all Infantry.
  • Storming of the Bastille (French Revolution):Sansculotte siege damage improved by +20% (down from 25%).
  • Napoleonic Era (French Revolution): Now also upgrades Bourbon units to Guard status and turns them into Napoleonic versions.
  • Royal Fencing School (II): Also improves the train time of Shock Infantry.
  • Young Guard (II, Edict of Nantes): Now also enables Grenadier training in Barracks.


  • Advanced Buildings (IV): Fixed an issue where this card would not deliver Uhlans as expected.
  • Circle Army: This card costs 625w 625f in the Treaty game mode if the Blood Brothers card has also been sent.
  • Native mercenary cards: Fixed issues where cards did not apply the Germans’ civ bonus:
    • 8 Wettin Allies (II): Count increased to 10.
    • 9 Wettin Allies (IV): Count increased to 11.
    • 9 Habsburg Allies (III): Count increased to 11. No longer researches Veteran Habsburgs.
    • 14 Habsburg Allies (IV): Count increased to 17.
  • Polish Winged Hussars (IV): Now delivers 7 Winged Hussars (up from 6).
  • Zweihänder (IV, Treaty of Westphalia): Also increases Doppelsoldner melee range by +1.
  • Needle Guns (IV): Unique Skirmisher upgrade now increases hitpoints only by +30% (down from 40%), but improves ROF to 2.75 (from 3).
  • Czapka Uhlans (IV): Unique Uhlan upgrade now also improves ranged resistance by 5%. Renamed to Prussian Uhlans.
  • Prince-Electors (I):
    • Fixed an issue where the Royal Hunter wouldn’t cost any population after allying with the Oldenburg Royal House.
    • Fixed an issue where population changes for allied native units differed from the card’s description.


  • New civilization bonus: Trees last longer (+75%).
  • Town Center Big Buttons: Cost of each reduced by 5%.
  • 8 Aennas (III): Increased to 9 Aennas.
  • 11 Aennas (IV): Count increased to 20.
  • 9 Forest Prowlers (IV): Count increased to 13.
  • 6 Musket Riders (IV): Count increased to 8.
  • Canadian Loyalists (IV): No longer arrives fast.
  • Conservative Tactics (II): Now improves all Infantry. Moved from the Elder section to the Warrior.
  • Environmentalism (IV): Tree yield reduced to 400% (from 500%), but now converts the costs of Forest Prowlers and Musket Riders to wood and food.
  • Extensive Fortifications 2 (III): Renamed to Advanced War Huts and merged with the War Hut Training card. Train time reduction improved to -40% (from -35%)
  • [NEW] Native Warrior Conscription (III): Replaces the Native Warriors (25% cheaper) and TEAM Native Warrior Societies (+20% build limit) with a single card.
  • TEAM Scout Infantry (II): Moved to Age 1 and also sends 1 Native Scout.
  • Wampum (IV): Moved to Age 3and also reduces unit train time by -20% (Artillery / Siege Units only -5%).
  • War Hut Training (II): Replaced with Advanced War Hut (formerly Extensive Fortifications 2).
  • Aenna: Minimum ROF mechanic removed.


  • Draft Oxen (II): Moved to Age 1.
  • Berber Alliance (Age-up): Now provides 300 influence (down from 400).
  • Akan Alliance (Age-up): Now provides 300 influence (down from 400).
  • Imam (Moroccan Alliance): Fixed an issue where the Imam would cost Food and Influence. It now costs only Influence as expected.
  • Maigadi: Reduced hitpoints to 260 (from 270) and cost to 190i (from 200i).
  • Dane Guns (II): Changes Maigadi costs to 100c 90i (from 100c 100i).


  • Chasqui: Now inflicts +5x bonus damage versus Mercenaries.
  • Chimu Runner: Damage multiplier against artillery decreased to 1.2x (from 1.5x).
  • Huaraca:
    • Age 3 attack range increased to 23 (from 20).
    • Increased damage multiplier against artillery to 2.5x (from 2x).
    • Decreased damage multiplier against cavalry to 0.3x (from 0.5x) and against infantry to 1.2x (from 1.5x).
  • Aymara Support (II):
    • Now adds 3.5 bonus damage to Chasquis against heroes instead of mercenaries.
    • Improves Chasqui damage by +9 (down from +15).
    • Increases Chasqui limit by +15 (up from +5)
    • Now sends 7 Chasqui (up from 5).
  • Cloud Warriors (IV): Moved to Age 3.
  • Chachapoya Support (IV): Increases Huaraca building attack range by +7 (up from +5).
  • Champion, Legendary Huaracas: Now adds +1 attack range each.
  • Queen’s Festival (Kancha House Big Button): Cost reduced by 50 resources each.


  • Shipment rate: Increase shipment curve penalty to 10% (up from 8%).
  • 7 Azaps (Ottoman Consulate): Reduced to 6 Azaps.
  • Dravidian Martial Arts (II): Now improves Rajput melee damage by +20% in total (down from 30%).
  • Rajput (Mansabdar): Melee damage reduced to 12 (down from 14). Cover mode hand attack reduced to 6 (from 7).
  • Gurkha (Mansabdar): Melee damage increased to 8 (from 6) and melee damage multiplier against Heavy Infantry increased to 2.5x (from 2x). Now uses the famous kukri short sword in melee animations.


  • Basilica shipments: Now arrive 20% faster in the Imperial Age like all other cards.
  • Sienese Financers (II): Now deposits 800f (down from 1000f).
  • Luccan Financers (III): Now deposits 1200w (down from 1500w).
  • Genoese Financers (III): Now deposits 1200c (down from 1500c).
  • Florentine Financers (VI): Now deposits 2300c (down from 3000c).
  • Monte di Pieta (II): Now deposits 600c (down from 700c).
  • Uffizi (II): XP gather rate during resource conversions reduced to 0.2 (from 0.5).
  • Freemasonry (III): Now enables Architects to build Outposts and Walls.
  • Roman Tactics (IV): Hitpoint improvement reduced to 10% (from 15%) and automatic Imperial upgrade for Pavisier hitpoints (+25%) and damage aura removed. Pavisier damage aura lowered to the same level as Pikemen and Halberdiers.
  • Heavy Paveses (III): Reduced resistance improvements by -5%.
  • Holy League (IV): Added the missing cost of 1500c.
  • Redshirts (IV): Renamed to Garibaldini.
  • The Papal Guard (Politician):
    • Amount of Papal Guards reduced to 5 (from 8) and to 10 (from 12) when using the Advanced Politicians card.
    • Now also enables Guard and Imperial upgrades for Pavisiers.
  • Spingardes (IV):Unique Culverin upgrade also increases ranged resistance by +5%.
  • Galilean Mortars (IV): Unique Mortar upgrade also reduces Mortar cost by -50c.
  • Veteran, Guard Pavisiers: No longer improves attack range (-2).
  • Carabinieri (II, Statuto Albertino): Moved to Age 3 (from Age 2).
  • Risorgimento (II, Statuto Albertino): Moved to Age 4 (from Age 2).
  • Architects: Can no longer build Outposts and Walls by default.
  • Bersagliere: Decreases the damage bonus multiplier against Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry on the Stun attack to 0.4x and 0.3x respectively (from 0.6x and 0.5x).
  • Papal Zouave: Now only provides damage deflection for other Ranged Infantry.
  • Papal Lancer: Now only provides damage deflection for other Cavalry.
  • Pavisier: Hitpoints reduced to 115 (from 120).


  • Shinobi-No-Mono: Removed negative damage multipliers against Heavy Cavalry.
  • Close Combat (III): Hitpoints improvement increased to 15% (from 10%).


  • Axe Rider: Damage multiplier against Light Cavalry reverted to 0.75x (from 0.5x).
  • Winter Counts (IV): Moved to Age 1.
  • Seven Council Fires (IV): Decreased amount of units to 7 (from 21) and costs to 400c (from 750c).
  • Lakota Tokala Soldiers (II, Big Button): Cost reduced to 1800f (from 2000f).
  • Lakota War Chief: Berserk attack now only inflicts 25% damage against the Beast Of Gévaudan hero treasure guardian.


  • Civilization bonus: Hitpoints increase per shipment is now +1% for ships and artillery (2% for everything else).
  • Morgan’s Flagship (IV): Added the missing cost of 1500c.
  • Wall Guns (III):
    • Aura radius increased to 16 (from 12).
    • No longer improves Sentinels near enemy walls if the Crusader Knights technology got researched.
  • Flame Throwers (II): Now also sends an Artillery Foundry Wagon.
  • 7 Fire Throwers (III): Unit count increased to 8.
  • Depot:
    • Cost increased to 60w 60c (from 50w 50c) and build time to 24s (from 20s).
    • Blast radius decreased from 16 to 14.
  • Fixed Gun:
    • No longer affected by the Maltese hitpoints bonus.
    • Decreased population to 6 (from 7) and range to 34 (from 35).
    • Minimum distance to enemy’s first Town Centers reduced.
  • Hospital: Heals units at a rate of 2.00 (down from 2.50) in a radius of 8 (down from 12).
  • Arbalesters (IV): Unique Crossbowman upgrade now improves combat strength by 35% (down from 40%), but researches 10s faster.
  • Basilisks (IV): Culverins now also inflict additional poison damage.


  • Advanced Frontier Defenses (Central America Revolution): This card now costs 200w to send during the revolution. Cost removed after returning to Mexico.
  • Bastimento (Rio Grande Revolution): Now also reduces Settler train time by 20%.
  • Old Three Hundred (Texas Revolution): Now ships up to 24 Citizens (down from 85).
  • Plan of Ayutla (IV): Decreases costs of Revolutionaries again (by -10% instead of -30%) and allows training them in batches of 10. Cost reduced to 500w 500f (from 1000w 1000f).
  • Plan of Tuxtepec (III): Costs of 1000w and 1000f added.
  • Rancheros (I): Cuatrero spawn time at Haciendas increased by +10s.
  • Insurgente Combat (III): Added to homecity.
  • Reservistas (IV): Increased Insurgente range to 14 (from 10).
  • Sonora Cuatreros (III, Sonora): Cuatreros can no longer kill huntable animals or gather food from them.
  • Vigilantes (IV): Unique Salteador upgrade also reduces unit cost by -5c to 60f 55c and increases range by +1.
  • Charros (IV): Unique Chinaco upgrade researches 10s faster.
  • Chinaco: Damage bonus for Hand Shock Infantry removed.
  • Hacienda: LOS reduced to 24 (from 34).
  • Insurgente:
    • Cost increased to 70 food (from 65).
    • Siege ROF changed to 3 (from 1.5) and damage increased to 20 (from 12).
    • Fixed the slow lasso attack animation of the Yucateco Insurgente.


  • Abus Gunner:
    • Train time increased to 44s (from 42s).
    • Damage multiplier against Light cavalry reduced to 2.25x (from 2.5x).
  • Artillery: LOS increased by +2 (0.25 for Culverins) and now uses the unique Ottoman cosmetics by default.
  • Azap: Damage increased to 8 (from 6), but ranged multipliers reduced to 3x (from 4x).
  • Bashibozuk: Negative damage multiplier of 0.5x added against Villagers.
  • Humbaraci:
    • LOS corrected to 17 (from 15).
    • Damage multiplier against artillery reduced to 2.0x (from 2.25x).
  • Spahi:
    • Hidden cost increased to 400 food (from 280 food). Bounties adjusted accordingly.
    • Unit name corrected to Sipahi.
  • Yörük: Now construct Town Centers 15% slower than other villagers.
  • 4 Humbaracis (III): Unit count increased to 5.
  • Millet System (I): Cost increased to 75w (up from 50w).
  • The Imam (I → II): Cost reduced to 800f, but now only sends 100c (down from 150c).
  • Kapikulu Corps (Palace Intrigue, IV): Cost increased to 2500f (up from 2200f).
  • Topcu Corps (Palace Intrigue, IV): Cost changed to 1700c (from 1500f).
  • New Order Infantry (Palace Intrigue, III): Cost reduced to 2200w (down from 2500w).
  • Ulufelis (IV): Unique Humbaraci upgrade also reduces unit costs by -5 coin.


  • Order of the Tower and Sword (IV, Treaty of Tordesillas): Now also improves Black Riders’ hitpoints (15% hitpoints) and melee combat (+30%). Enables Black Riders in Taverns.
  • Ordinance Besteiros (IV): Unique Crossbowman upgrade also reduces unit costs by -25%. Research is 15s shorter.
  • Grapeshot (IV): Now also removes pack-up animation for Organ Guns.


  • Strelet: LOS increased to 18 (from 16).
  • Musketeer: Renamed to Rekrut. Added unique visuals.
  • Halberdier: Renamed to Poruchik. Added unique visuals and unit is now available in Age 2.

Developer Note: These units always had lower combat values than other Musketeers and Halberdiers. In an effort to make these unique values more visible these units are now unique units.

  • 4 Grenadiers (III): Unit count increased to 5.
  • Boyars (II): No longer affects Streltsy, but Cavalry Archers instead.
  • [NEW] New Order Regiments (II): Improves Strelet, Rekrut, and Poruchik hitpoints and damage by +10%.
  • [NEW] Landed Gentry (II): Enables Cavalry Archers to be trained in the Commerce Age in shorter train time and for wood instead of coin costs.
  • Pjotr’s Toy Soldiers (IV): Rekrut damage and hitpoints reduced to 15% (down from 25%), but card now also affects Poruchiks and Grenadiers.
  • [NEW] Polk (III): Poruchik hitpoints increased and Poruchiks gain more hitpoints from nearby infantry.
  • [NEW] Milyutin Reforms (IV): Turns Rekruts into Northern Guard Musketeers (costing population).
  • [NEW] Bashkir Rebellion (III): Turns Cossacks into Disciplined Tatar Archers (costing population).
  • TEAM House of Romanov (II): Moved to Age 1.
  • [NEW] Tula Arms Foundry (II): Delivers 2 Grenadiers and 1 Artillery Foundry Wagon.
  • Westernization (III, Reformist Tsar): Now also researches Veteran Poruchiks, cost increased to 400w 400c (from 300w 300c).
  • Petrine Reforms (IV, Reformist Tsar): Costs changed to 1600w 1600c (from 2500c).
  • Bashkir Ponies (IV, Reformist Tsar): Now delivers 23 upgraded Schiavoni-like Infantry instead of 17 Guard Hussars. Renamed to Lifeguard Jaegers.
  • Tatar Loyalists (IV): Unique Cavalry Archer upgrade improves combat strength by 35% (down from 40%), but melee resistance by +5%. Research is 10s shorter. Renamed to Dvoryane.
  • Pavlov Grenadiers (IV): Unique Grenadier upgrade also reduces unit food cost by -10%.


  • Spanish Gold (III): Fixed several instances where cards available in Spanish revolutions did not work as intended.
  • Viceroyalty of Spain (III): Now costs 200 wood to send.
  • Royal Alabarderos (III, Royal Decree To Claim The New World): Now also grants Halberdiers hitpoint regeneration and promotions.
  • Wild Geese (IV, Royal Decree To Claim The New World):
    • Moved to Age 3. Costs reduced to 1500f (from 2000f).
    • Now ships 12 Irish Brigadiers instead of 10 Harquebusiers.
    • Enables Irish Brigadiers them in Taverns and improves their movement and melee attack speed.
  • [NEW] Walloon Guards (IV, Royal Decree To Claim The New World): Sends 14 Fusiliers for 3000c, requires Wild Geese. Enables Fusiliers in Taverns.
  • Garrochistas (IV): Unique Lancer upgrade also improves movement speed gets improved by +0.25.
  • Tercio (IV): Research time is 10s shorter.


  • Caroleans:
    • Costs increased to 65f 40c (from 60f 40c).
    • Negative Melee damage multiplier toward Riflemen changed to include all Light Infantry units.
  • Leather Cannon:
    • No longer tagged as gunpowder trooper.
    • Train time increased to 38s (from 33s).
    • Damage multiplier against heavy cavalry reduced to 0.5x (from 0.6x).
  • Hakkapelit:
    • Cost reduced to 90f 100c (from 100f 100c).
    • Negative damage multipliers of 0.7x increased to 0.75x.
  • Settler: Increased Swedish Settler build limit to 90 (from 85).
  • Torp: Build time increased to 19s (from 16s).
  • Line Grenadiers (III): Added to homecity.
  • 1 Foundry Wagon + 1 Leather Cannon (II): Renamed to Julita Styckebruk, the Swedish foundry that produced the first Leather Cannons.
  • German Mercenary Contracts (IV): Improves damage and hitpoints of Mercenaries by 20% (down from 25%).
  • Light Gun Carriages (III): Cost of 200w added.
  • Gustavian Guards (II, Treaty of Roskilde): Now have slightly more armor and movement speed.
  • Savolax Jaegers (III, Treaty of Roskilde): Now also enables Jaeger training in Barracks, but cost increased to 1500w (from 1000w).
  • Dalkarl Pikemen (IV): Unique Pikeman upgrade also reduces unit costs to 25w 25f (from 40w 40f).

United States

  • German Immigrants (I):
    • Settler Wagons are now trainable from the Commerce Age.
    • Delivers a Homestead Wagon.
    • Cost of 200 wood added.
  • Oklahoma Black Mesa (III): Cost increased to 250w (from 200w).
  • Kentucky Hunters (III, Kentucky): No longer increases Owlhoot range, but ships 5 Owlhoots instead.
  • Florida Cowhunters (V, Florida): Now also sends 2 Cowboys for each shipment you have sent so far this game.
  • Seminole Ponies (V, Florida): Now also sends 9 Hussars.
  • Marion’s Diversions (IV, South Carolina): Now also sends 2 Quaker Guns.
  • Volunteers (IV): Unique State Militia upgrade now researches 15s faster.


  • 2 Covered Wagons (Infinite): No longer increases build limit by +2. Instead revolutions with this card (Brazil, Haiti) grant +4 to their build limit.
  • Loyal Warriors: Added to homecity.
  • Outlaw Combat: Added to homecity.
  • Updated the revolution with various cards from the British, French and Haudenosaunee civilizations.
  • Grizzly Bear: Now costs 1 population slot.
  • 16 Musketeers (Infinite): Added to homecity.
  • [NEW] Fencibles: Researches Musketeer upgrades and improves their cost and range.
  • Canadian Militia Officer: Can now be sent from the homecity and improves Villagers, Native Warriors and Militiamen in combat.
  • 4 Settlers (infinite): Card removed
  • 2 Culverins: Cost of 100 wood added.
  • Hire Balkan Stradiots: Unit count reduced to 4 (from 5).
  • Is no longer available to the British.
  • Karelian Jaeger: Now has improved combat values and can also construct the following buildings: Market, Livestock Pen, Church, Arsenal, Tavern, Native Embassy.
  • Northern Wilderness: Cleaned up the long tooltip and updated the icon. Card is no longer required to train Fishing Boats again.
  • Blockhouse: Blockhouse build limit assigned to 15 (from unlimited).
  • 5 Blockhouses (Infinite): This card is no longer infinite and now sends 4 Blockhouses and 1 Fort. Renamed to Cha Cha Cha Suomenlinna.
  • Added several Swedish and Russian cards to the homecity.
  • Independence Guard: Ranged damage multiplier of 1.5x against Cavalry added for comparable performance to other Revolutionaries.
  • [NEW] Colombian Army: Enables the Imperial upgrades for your Barracks units to be researched for greatly reduced costs.
  • Pirate: The new population cost of 4 is now reduced by -2 instead of being set to 1.
  • Revolutionary: Now have -15% less hitpoints (down from +20%) and but also cost -10 food less and gain +2 range. Unit renamed.
  • Is now also available to the British.
  • Outlaw Combat: Added to homecity.
  • Now also researches the Rumeliots Royal Guard upgrade for Ottomans and Guard Cossacks for Russians.
  • 2 Ironclads (Infinite): Added to homecity.
  • Civilization Name: Civilization is now called Revolutionary Mexicans for proper differentiation from the Mexican main civilization.
  • Cuerudo:
    • Now classified as Lancer and Heavy Cavalry instead of Light Cavalry.
    • Costs changed to 50w 50c from 100f.
    • Added siege resistance of 20% and increased ranged resistance to 40% (from 20%).
    • Speed decreased to 6.5 (from 7.25).
    • Now counters Artillery and Skirmishers instead of Heavy Cavalry.
  • Wild West: Can no longer be researched when the Folk Heroes technology from the Tavern is already active (and vice versa).
  • Dorobant: Have 15% more hitpoints (up from 10%), but also cost 10 food more.
  • Cavalry Combat: Added to homecity.
  • [NEW] Danubian Principalities: Allies to the Houses of Phanar in the Native Embassy.
  • Riding School: Added to homecity.
  • Roșior Dragoons: Can only be sent once again, but now also allows Roșior Dragoons to be trained from Forts.
  • Now grants 200 population by default.
  • Instead of shipping 3 Trek Wagons now all Houses turn into Trek Wagons.
  • Trek Wagon: Can now be trained from Town Centers, Stables, Forts, and Galleons.
    • Lowered maximum garrison damage by -30%.
  • [NEW] Wagon Warfare: Fully replaces your Light cavalry units in the Stable with Imperial War Wagons. Costs 400 wood to send.
  • No longer improves Gatling Gun hitpoints, but now spawns a General instead.
  • Updated the revolution with various cards from the USA civilization.
  • Cattle Drivers: Card replaced by Fertile Lowlands.
  • Conscription: Card replaced by Rhode Island Militia.
  • Cowboys: Card replaced by Lee’s Continental Light Dragoons.
  • Native American Allies: Card replaced by Bourbon Allies.
  • Volunteers: Card replaced by Morgan’s Continental Sharpshooters.

Random Maps

Map Set Changes

Team maps:

  • Added Andes – Upper
  • Added Lithuania
  • Added Wallachia
  • Removed Bayou
  • Removed Caucasus
  • Removed Rhine
  • Removed Siberia

Map Changes

  • Bohemia: Fixed an issue where some starting units could spawn within Royal houses in team games.
  • California: Fixed an issue with the Treaty spawn.
  • Florida – Large: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Trading Posts not to spawn.
  • Himalayas: Fixed an issue that caused the Settlements not to spawn in 2v2 games.
  • LOST Maps: Architects can no longer build the first Town Center (exclusive to these special maps).
  • New England: Reduced the number of whales that spawn in team games slightly.
  • Saxony: Fixed an issue where the River Trader would spawn on land in games with more than two teams.
  • Unknown: Added some new layouts and adjusted some of the existing layouts for added randomness. As always, they’re yours to discover!


Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

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