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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 15.59076

Welcome trailblazers to another exciting update for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! While there are plenty of notable fixes and features in today’s update, you can look forward to lots of bug fixes, balance updates, plus a few things we’ve tweaked to make your gameplay experience stellar.

Thank you for sharing in yet another major milestone for Age of Empires with us!

—The Age of Empires Team

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

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Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue with the Hero Cosmetic rewards not being unlocked for some players.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when picking up treasure if the player name contains a % character.


  • Added legacy hotkeys for units in Blockhouses, Grenadiers in Barracks, Ordinance Riflemen and Karelian Jaegers.
  • Cards of Salteadores are now colored green to use another color from Chinacos and Soldados.
  • Added new icons for recently added team cards.
  • Updated the icons of the Japanese Attack cards for Samurai, Yumi, Ashigaru and Yabusame.
  • Fixed the dark player color in the Ram icon.
  • Fixed the head size in the Wokou Ronin and Masterless Samurai icon.
  • Fixed the Inspiring Flag’s icon when returning from Mexican revolutions.
  • Fixed the Guerilla Tactics icon in the Yucatan revolution.
  • Fixed the outdated Observers card tooltip in the Yucatan revolution.


  • The following cards now play a jingle upon arrival:
    • Marvelous Year (Spanish)
    • British Grenadiers (British)
  • Georgian Hussars (Russians): Now speak Georgian.


  • Mounted Riflemen now display swords while in the melee stance.
  • Masterless Samurai now wear a brown robe to be distinguishable from Wokou Ronin.
  • Upgraded Spies now wear a historical mask.
  • Fixed an issue with the Jesuit Church skin not always showing up correctly for the Ethiopians.



Algiers (1516)

  • Fixed the appearance of the Villagers.
  • Mosques now use the North African skin.
  • Replaced the Grenadiers of the Barbary Pirates with Humbaracis.

Christopher Da Gama’s Expedition(1542)

  • Fixed an issue with the 3 Organ Gun card costing resources.

Battle of Alcácer-Quibir (1578)

  • Fixed the appearance of the Villagers.
  • Replaced the Grenadiers of the Moroccans with Humbaracis.
  • Mosques now use the North African skin.

Chuvash Cape (1582)

  • The Tatars now train Tatar Archers instead of Cavalry Archers.

Civilization Balance


Units & Buildings
  • Artillery: Now take 3 seconds to embark on ships.
  • Walls: Costs increased by an additional +4w to 10w (up from 6w).
  • Hand Shock Infantry: Fixed the omission of removing the Cover mode from several units such as Tiger Claws or Rattan Shields.
  • Stagger formation: Increased the maximum numbers of lines in the Stagger formation to 6 (from 4) to ensure units spread out correctly at the selection limit of 95.
  • Galleon-likes: Ships that can train units by default are now classified as Training Ships .
  • Culverin: Now inflicts 400 damage against Training Ships such as Galleons or Steamers (down from 700).
  • Outlaws: Added a class icon to make bonuses against Outlaws visible in the statistics panel. Damage bonuses against Outlaws get added through Sheriff (United States) and Carabinieri (Italians).
  • Wokou Ronin: Speed increased to 5 (from 4.5).
  • Tatar Archer (Tengri Shrine): ROF improved to 1.2 (from 1.25) and artillery damage multiplier reverted to 2.5x (from 2x).
  • Mountain Trooper (House of Wittelsbach): Reduced the promotions’ benefits for range and rate-of-fire for level 2 and 3 by about -33%.
  • Sudanese Dervish (Sudanese):
    • Damage, range and ranged resistance reduced to 9 (from 14), 13 (from 14) and 15% (from 20%).
    • Removed the 0.5x damage multipliers against infantry, artillery and villagers.
    • Ranged damage multiplier against Heavy Infantry reduced to 2.5x (from 3x).
    • Speed increased to 5 (from 4.5).
  • Zapotec Lightning Warrior (Zapotecs): Damage multiplier against Heavy Infantry reduced to 2.25x (from 2.5x).
Cards & Technologies
  • Advanced Artillery (III): Now also sends 1 Mortar.
  • Bastion, Redoubts, City Walls (IV): Now slows down Wall construction time by an additional +30% (up to +80%, 70% for Redoubts).
  • Goldener Reiter (House of Wettin): This ability now increases cavalry armor by +15% (down from +20%).


  • Arrow Knight:
    • Speed increased to 4 (from 3.75).
    • Improved damage multipliers against artillery and cavalry to 5.25x and 0.75x (from 5x and 0.6x).


  • Improved Grenades, Grenade Rifles (III, IV): Cards removed and effects merged into the new British Grenadiers card.
  • [NEW] British Grenadiers (III): Card added. Compared to the two previous cards this card improves Grenadiers in combat by 20% and building damage by an additional +15% (down from 25%).


  • Hand Mortar: Added a 6x damage multiplier against Siege Units (Grenadiers, Arrow Knights, etc.).
  • TEAM Hanging Bridges (II): Corrected the availability of the card to Age 2 (from Age 1) and updated the icon and name to TEAM Yongle Infrastructure .


  • Dutch East India Company (I): Improves Bank HP by 75% (from 100%). Icon updated.
  • Belanda Hitam (IV): Fixed the omission of build limits for Akan Ankobias (now 30). Build limit now scales with additional Akan settlements.


  • Shotel Warrior: Movement speed increased to 6.25 (up from 6).
  • 7 Jesuit Allies (II): Now sends 6 Conquistadors.
  • 10 Jesuit Allies (III): Now sends 8 Conquistadors.


  • TEAM Tirailleurs Sénégalais: Name simplified to TEAM Senegalese Riflemen and icon updated.


  • Doppelsöldner: Melee attack range is now visible.
  • TEAM Cavalry Attack (II): Effect no longer stacks with the Italian equivalent card.


  • War Chief: Eagle Eye ability’s area-of-effect reduced to 2 (from 3).
  • Forest Prowler: Train time increased to 36s (from 33s).
  • Ram: Can now attack units inflicting 10 damage with a 4x multiplier against Artillery. Rams continue to prioritize buildings over units.


  • Fodio Tactics (II):
    • Card moved to Age 3.
    • Non-siege range now gets increased by +2 (down from +3)
    • Siege range now gets increased by +4 (up from +3)
  • Fulani Archer: Range increased to 18 (from 17)


  • Huaraca:
    • Damage multiplier against Infantry now applies to Heavy Infantry only.
    • Range reduced to 21 in Age 3 (down from 23) and increased to 14 in Age 2 (up from 12).
  • Plumed Spearman: Cost increased to 100f 25w (from 90f 25w).
  • Chimu Runner: Cost and train time increased to 75f 40c (from 70f 35c) and 30s (from 27s).
  • Jungle Bowman: Poison effect now inflicts 50% less damage against Heavy Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry.
  • Priestess: Hitpoints reduced to 320 (from 360).


  • Roman Tactics (IV): Now also improves units in the Imperial Age by an additional +15%, but the aura’s radius has been halved to 17.
  • TEAM Cavalry Attack (II): Effect no longer stacks with the German equivalent card.


  • TEAM Rum Distillery (I): Card added.


  • 47-Ronin (IV): Masterless Samurai are now also classified as Heavy Infantry and had their speed reduced to 5.5 (down from 7).
  • TEAM Odzutsu Mortars (III):
    • Fixed an issue with the card neither affecting damage nor the team as a whole.
    • Now also grants Samurai a hand mortar siege attack (only against buildings).


  • Reduced shipment penalty curve to 1% (from 2%).
  • [NEW] 1 Falconet + 1 Mortar (III): Card added.


  • Salteador:
    • Hitpoints reduced to 110 (from 115).
    • Range reduced to 18, but the Vigilantes upgrade now adds +2 range (up from +1).
  • Plan of Ayutla (IV): Fixed an issue that resulted in Revolutionaries not becoming available after returning from a revolt.
  • Plan of Miramare (IV): Cost reduced to 750w 750f (from 1000w 1000f).
  • Maya Revolution
    • Cruzob Infantry: Range decreased to 16 (from 18).
    • Cult of the Talking Cross: Corrected the tooltip pointing out the card improves both hitpoints and damage of all hero units (not just Generals) and improves treasure rewards.
    • Nojpetén: Now also sends 6 Fishing Boats.Icon updated.
    • Maria Uicab:
      • Updated the Priestess’ strength and capabilities to roughly match a legendary Inca Priestess.
      • Enables retraining in Cathedrals (build limit 1) for 300c.Icon updated.
  • Rio Grande Revolution:
    • Guard upgrades: Remain free, but now take 200% longer to research.
    • Sierra Madre Republic: Maximum amount of possible Settlers reduced to 24 (from 85).
  • Texas Army (Texas Revolution): Fixed an issue with the cost increase by setting it to 500c. Also reverted the train time increase.


  • Azap:
    • Fixed an issue with the siege damage not being reduced to 20.
    • Ranged damage multiplier against Light Cavalry increased to 3.25x (from 3x).
    • Range decreased to 14 (from 16), but the Veteran and Guard upgrades now improve range by +2 (up from +1).
  • The Imam (II): Cost increased to 900 food and now provides 200 gold (up from 100).


  • Ordinance Rifleman: Reverted unintentional improvements to the unit’s speed and train time.
  • TEAM Rum Distillery (I): Card added and replaces the Rum Distillery card.
  • Naval Infantry (I): Now also classifies other ships than Galleons as Training Ships , resulting in lower damage from Culverins.


  • 5 Poruchiks (II, Russians): Increased to 6 Poruchiks.


  • March of the Hakkapelits (II): Now also sends 3 Hakkapelits.

United States

  • Carbine Cavalry: Range reduced to 12 (from 14) in Age 2, but automatically restored to 14 in Age 3.
  • 1st Pennsylvania Rifles (Philadelphia Convention, II): Cost increased to 625f (from 575f).
  • Pennsylvania Cavalry (Philadelphia Convention, II): Cost changed to 625c (from 800f).


  • Hire Elmetti: Fixed the wrong display number of the card in the Italian Argentina revolution.
Barbary States
  • Corsair Captain: Fixed an issue that unintentionally gave Corsair units partial hunting abilities.
  • Native Warrior Conscription: Card replaced with TEAM Native Weapon Trade increasing native warrior build limits.
  • German Settlements: Now sends 2 Settler Wagons (down from 3) and Settler Wagons take 40s to train (up from 25s).
  • Salitrera: Fixed the omission of build limits for Estates (now 10) and lowered the coin trickle to 0.5c/s (down from 0.8c/s).
  • 3 Ironclads: Card added.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Card added.
  • Sumatran Elephants (infinite): Also adds 1 population space cost to War Elephants.
  • American Allies: Fixed an issue with the card not removing the Quechua option within the Caribs’ alliance.
  • Manco Inca: Manco Inca is no longer classified as hero.
  • Bushnell’s Continental Sappers: Reverted the cost increase to 500c (from 800c).
  • Knox Continental Artillery: Cost reduced to 600w (from 1000w).
  • Removed costs from the following cards: Lee’s Continental Light Dragoons (-500f), Morgan’s Continental Sharpshooters (-500w), Haslet’s Continental Regiment (-500c).

Random Maps


  • Historical Battles: Added flags to the thumbnails of the Historical Battles for easier identification of player civilizations.

Random Maps

  • Unknown: Fixed an issue with several spawns

Map Set Changes

Standard Maps

  • Removed Rockies
  • Removed Sudd
  • Added Deccan
  • Added Horn

Team Maps

  • Removed Alaska
  • Removed Malaysia
  • Added Pomerania
  • Added Spain


Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

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