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Age of Empires IV — Festival of Ages: Sounds of Reverie

For our second event of Age of Empires IV’s Season One, we’re celebrating some of the music you might overhear at a Festival with Sounds of Reverie. You can challenge yourself to a match of the Royal Rumble game mode mod and face off with an enemy King, improve your strategy by watching a replay, and more to earn rewards that let you show off your festive spirit!

  • Unlock new Portraits
  • Unlock new Coats of Arms
  • Show off your earned rewards while celebrating the Festival of Ages! 

Event Rewards

From May 4th through May 18th, complete in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards! The first challenge unlocks 1 Coat of Arms that you can put on your banner. 

Scouting for Intel Watch a Replay from your or another player’s Profile Golden Notes banner pattern 
A pattern used across the background, or field, of your banner shape.
1000 XP 
Population Boom Produce 200 or more units in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match Harp Portrait 
The classic stringed instrument was a common appearance in festivals around the world. 

1000 XP 

For the Empire! Build the Regnitz Cathedral and deposit a Relic as the Holy Roman Empire Burst sigil frame 
A framing device for your sigil to rest upon 

1000 XP 

This Seems Familiar Kill a King while playing the Royal Rumble game mode mod Trumpet 
Dah dah dah! A royal entrance is incomplete without an appropriately-dramatic degree of fanfare. 

1000 XP 

War Rations Collect 1000 Food in a Ranked Season match Boisterous Bard 
Trained singers and musicians, medieval bards composed beautiful songs celebrating the achievements of their fellow man. Toss a coin… 

1000 XP 

Show it off!

You can show what you’ve earned by changing your portrait or flashing your sweet coat of arms, so show off your rewards with pride!  

We hope you enjoy our second event of Season One, Sounds of Reverie, and look forward to the rest of the events in this Season. Don’t forget to keep letting us know what you’d like to see in upcoming seasons – it excites us too! 

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