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Age of Empires IV — Map Monsters: By Stars and Sea

We’re giving you more time to stargaze during our second Seasonal Event for Age of Empires IV Season Two, By Stars and Sea, now ending on August 30th! This means you have one more week to Make it Big, Get to Safety, or claim each reward All by Yourself.

Look up to the skies as we navigate our second Seasonal Event, By Stars and Sea, as part of Age of Empires IV’s Season Two.

Head To the North! by playing through the Formigny mission on Hard difficulty, Get to Safety by garrisoning 10 Villagers in your Town Center, and more as you complete challenges and unlock seasonal rewards.

Navigating the endless seas goes hand in hand with experiencing unique sights and natural wonders. Be careful not to get lost – or you might end up stranded!

  • Unlock new Coats of Arms
  • Unlock new Portraits including the stunning Aurora Borealis!
    (At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of history? Localized entirely within Age of Empires IV?… YES!)

Event Rewards

From August 9th through August 30th, complete in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Title Details Rewards Image
To the North! Conquer back the North by playing through the Formigny mission on Hard difficulty Big Dipper Banner Pattern
Sailors at sea could use constellations to find their heading.

The Big Dipper, in particular, is helpful for locating the North Star. Seafarers still use this method today.
1000 XP 
Kill the Messengers Kill 2 Scout units in a Multiplayer match

Bottled Message Portrait
What could it contain?

1000 XP

Get to Safety Garrison 10 Villagers in your Town Center Starfish Sigil Frame 
A framing device for your sigil to rest upon.

1000 XP 

All By Myself Win a match as the Mongols alone in a 2v1 against Easy AI in Skirmish Swordfish Sigil
Swordfish are a elusive, impressive fish that use their sword to slash at prey. They travel alone and migrate over long distances, making them a rare sight.

1000 XP 

Making It Big Produce 5 Warships in a Multiplayer match Northern Lights
Aurora borealis are a rare and mesmerizing sight.

1000 XP 

Show it off!

Be sure to show off your Season’s progress by changing up your portrait or customizing your coat of arms with your new rewards from Season Two, By Stars and Sea.

We hope you’re enjoying this event and are looking forward to the rest of the Season.

Don’t forget to keep sharing your feedback on Seasons with us in the forums! We love hearing what you think.

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