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Age of Empires IV — Map Monsters: Wonders of the Deep

Our third Seasonal Event takes us miles below the surface as we explore the Wonders of the Deep, as part of Age of Empires IV’s Season Two.

Take A Mohi Minute and complete The Battle of Mohi on Intermediate difficulty in under 15 minutes, and become a Tinkerer as you play a match with a modded Game Mode on a modded Crafted or Generated Map using a Tuning Pack, plus more as you complete challenges and unlock rewards.

What lies in the depths below? Many a terrifying creature – real or imagined – lurks amidst the scattered reminders of long-lost seafarers.

  • Unlock new Coats of Arms
  • Unlock new Portraits!
  • Unlock a new Monument!

Event Rewards

From September 1st through September 22nd, complete in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Title Details Rewards Image
Destruction of Production Destroy an enemy Dock with a Warship

Compass Portrait
No adventure was complete without the navigational aid of a compass.
1000 XP 

A Mohi Minute Complete The Battle of Mohi campaign mission on Intermediate difficulty in under 15 minutes

Scroll Banner Shape
The shape of banner that your Coat of Arms sits upon.

1000 XP

Tinkerer Play a match with a modded Game Mode on a modded Crafted or Generated Map using a Tuning Pack Cute Crab Sigil
They can be found in the deepest reaches of the ocean, or dancing to party music on sandy shores.

1000 XP 

Robot Religion Achieve a Sacred Victory in a 1v1 match against the Hardest A.I. Deep Sea Jellyfish Portrait
Bioluminescence is a phenomenon of the deep seas, where animals glow for a variety of ecological purposes.

1000 XP 

Rock, Paper, Torch Earn a Gold medal without losing a building in the Basic Combat Art of War mission Water-Horse Monument
The legends and folklore of the water-horse is muddy at best, with confusion over their preferred hunting grounds – lakes or seas.

1000 XP 

Show it off!

Don’t forget to change up your portrait or customize your coat of arms with your new rewards!

We hope you enjoy this event and are looking forward to the rest of the Season.

PS: Don’t forget to keep sharing your feedback on Seasons with us in the forums! We love hearing what you think.

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