Age of Empires is having an outstanding year of exhilarating tournaments and inspiring matches! With the conclusion of some community favorites, such as the Battle of Africa 2, the hype continues into much, much, MUCH more just around the corner! The Age of Empires team is extremely excited for the future and hoping to support many more community based events and tournaments throughout the second half of 2020.

Current Tournaments

The month of July is turning out to be an incredibly busy for tournaments! Below, you will find a list of details, brackets and schedules to tune in for all the action! This is just scratching the surface, so we hope you’re prepared, Age Fans!

Death Match World Cup 3

The Death Match World Cup 3 — hosted by Nili, Robo, and True — will be triumphantly returning for its third installment. With a $10,000 prize pool sponsored by a combination of Microsoft and community donations, it will be boasting five times the prize pool of the Death Match World Cup 2.

The tournament has always been a great chance to drive the popularity of the Death Match game mode, and many well recognized Random Map players are signed up to play. Last year, TheViper was crowned champion and there are dozen dedicated Death Match players waiting to take a shot at the title!

  • Semi-Finals – Saturday 1st August 17:00UTC​
  • Grand Final – Sunday 02nd August 17:00UTC

AoElympics 2020

MembTV is back to host another tournament – the AoELympics! Sponsored by PinzTec, the prize pool comes in at $7,000 and is open to a multitude of players and teams worldwide! Groups shall be rewarded gold, silver, and bronze medals based on the choice of nationality you wish to represent. This makes the competition possibilities and intense match making both interesting and endless. Semifinals are currently underway, so make sure you tune in!

Thursday, July 9th:

  • 04:00 GMT – St4rk vs ACCM – Bo5
  • 15:00 GMT – jibatong vs speedlimit – Bo5
  • 20:00 GMT – dogao vs Nemvn – Bo5
  • 22:30 GMT – Tim vs Keno – Bo5

Friday, July 10th:

  • 21:00 GMT – Snyper1 vs Dziamdziak – Bo5
  • 23:00 GMT – Twigg vs Sunzets – Bo5

Saturday, July 11th:

  • 15:00 GMT -TheViper vs St4rk – Bo5
  • 23:00 GMT – dogao vs Twigg

Clown Cup 3

It’s very serious. Seriously.

Thursday, July 9th:

  • 13:30 GMT – PROject_Belgium vs Running
  • 16:00 GMT – Modri vs classicpro
  • 18:00 GMT – St4rk vs JonSlow

Friday, July 10th:

  • 03:00 GMT – Capoch vs Bruh
  • 21:00 GMT – Vodka_L vs Stefan

The Dark Age Cup

Did you hear about the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition tournament, The Dark Ages Cup? It was a tournament for beginners under 1200 ELO that had so many applications, they had to expand! Coming soon, you’ll have several options to test your might with:

  • The Dark Ages Cup – 1v1 Beginners Tournament
  • The Fuedal Age Cup – 1v1 Intermediate Tournament
  • The Castle Age Cup – 2v2 Team Tournament
  • The Imperial Age Cup – 1v1 Professional Tournament

There’s much more announcements to come from In Season Esports, so make sure you catch the details on their discord! Good Luck!

Recent Tournaments

The Esports scene has been expanding tremendously from amazing community events, to full fledged tournaments organised by our dedicated community members, content creators and other official organizers. Lets take a look at some of these recent events!

Battle of Africa 2

The Battle of Africa 2 —hosted by MembTV— recently completed it’s tense tournament with the grand finale featuring the talented players of Team Secret vs Aftermath! This tournament has brought team games to the forefront of the Age of Empires scene: pitting the top 16 teams in the world against each other on some of the most open and aggressive maps available. Following its raging success in 2018, its triumphant return to the tournament stage with its impressive $20,000 prize pool was well received!

Visible Cup

The final round of the Visible Cup was quite the match: Vinchester and Barles went head-to-head in this interesting twist to it’s predecessor, the Hidden Cup 3. This tournament has taken place over multiple weeks with all players being mid to high-tier ranked, allowing for some upcoming names to battle in fierce competition! 176 participants have battled thus far, with only one becoming victorious— Find out who took the crown by watching in English with Lidakor, or German with Nili!

Beginner Cup

The Beginner Cup  hosted by Artemiz and Debbie  had a maximum ELO allowance of 1100 and was designed to give newer players a tournament experience! The finals were live streamed and casted to give valuable insight into the contestants abilities and how they can continue to pull up the ranks. After a two month long journey, Scheslong and Nigho made it to the grand finals, and now you can watch them battle valiantly for the crown!

Classic Cup

The Classic Cup has championed through the ages with several tournaments of its own, this time topping the weekend off in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition! WinstonsWaffles and NovaAoe tag-teamed for the final of this 1v1 tournament “King of the Huns” which ended in an epic best of 7 battle of Vinchester vs Tatoh!

AoE DE Championship 2020

The AOE DE Club, a prominent figure in the Vietnamese Age of Empires Community, recently had a successful grand final in the AoE DE Championship 2020!  It has brought together together several of the best Age of Empires: Definitive Edition players across the world to compete in this 3v3 team format tournament. Team Avengers clashed with Team HSTL in this final installment you definitely don’t want to miss!