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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 13.27885

Welcome back for another exciting update for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

This time, we’re celebrating the Age of Empires 25th Anniversary! We’ve got a fun event in store, plus some awesome new improvements!

While there are plenty of notable fixes and features in today’s update, here are some of the big highlights of what you can expect to see:

  • Ageiversary Event
    • New profile icons
    • New Hero customizations
    • New official mods
    • New cheats
  • Tons of Balance changes
    • Standard units
    • Outlaws & mercenaries
    • Water balance
  • Native & Mercenary cards
  • Brand-new cards
  • New politicians
  • Modding improvements
  • Deck renaming & Hero name randomizer
  • Photo Mode Update
  • 6 new special maps and Special map set
    • Black Forest – Arena
    • Black Forest – Forest Nothing
    • Eurasian Steppe – LOST
    • Eurasian Steppe – Survival
    • Unknown – LOST
    • Unknown – Survival
  • Map changes

Thank you for sharing in yet another major milestone for Age of Empires with us! We hope you enjoy all the changes and look forward to sharing in all the adventures yet to come!

—The Age of Empires Team

During the event, the appearance of the Town Center and Resource Crates will be altered. These cosmetic effects can be disabled from Options/Game Options under the Game section. The event cosmetic effects will automatically be disabled once the event has concluded.

Download on the Microsoft Store
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  • Select Downloads and updates.
  • Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 13.27885

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.
That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Download on Steam
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  • Open Steam.
  • Click on Library to see your games list.
  • Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 13.27885

That’s it;you’re ready to play!

Download on the Xbox App for Windows 11
Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Xbox App for Windows.

  • Open the Xbox app.
  • Games that are installed show up on the left side of the app.
  • Hover over the game or click it, and then select Update.
  • [If the new build does not download automatically,] hover over the game, select More Options (…), choose Manage. Under the Files tab, choose the option to Check for Updates.
  • Open the game. The title screen should show you on Build 13.27885.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Please note that custom mods may not be compatible with the latest game update. If you are experiencing issues launching or playing the game after downloading the new build, try disabling your installed mods before trying again.

Still having trouble? Visit our support site!

Build Spotlight

Ageiversary Event

💥October 25th – November 20th💥

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is celebrating 25 years of Age of Empires with the coming of the new community event, Ageiversary! For a limited time, you can unlock new portraits and explorer customizations by completing the community challenges!

New Rewards!

Starting October 25th through November 20th, complete daily in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Day ~ 🎯 Sign in to Xbox Live.
🏆Profile Icon Unlock – 25th Anniversary Profile Icon.

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days.

Day 1 🔒 Destroy 20 Buildings with Elite Rams or Siege Elephants in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
Mod Unlock – “Wololo Priests”.
Day 2 🔒 Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer match as any Native American civilization.
Profile Icon Unlock – Birthday Capybara.
Day 3 🔒 Win an Empire Wars match in Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
Cheat Unlock – “I don’t exist” (AoE II).
Day 4 🔒 Kill 10 enemy units with Villagers in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock – Ivan the Terrible (AoE IV).
Day 5 🔒 Train 50 Cavalry in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer Game.
 Hero Skin Unlock – General Warwick.
Day 6 🔒 Research 5 Naval Technologies in a Multiplayer match.
🧱 Cheat Unlock – “Flying Dutchman” – Allows all Naval units to move on land.
Day 7 🔒 Train 20 Mercenaries in a Skirmish or Multiplayer match.
🏆 Profile Unlock – Cuman Party! (AoE II).
Day 8 🔒 Win a Tycoon match in a Skirmish or Multiplayer Match.
🧱 Mod Unlock – “Tonight we hunt” – All maps start in night mode.
Day 9 🔒 Raze 20 enemy buildings with Artillery units in a Skirmish or Multiplayer Match.
🏆 Profile Icon Unlock – Genghis Khan (AoE IV)
Day 10 🔒 Build 40 Farms, Fields, Mill or Rice Paddies in any amount of Skirmish or Multiplayer matches.
🧱 Hero Skin Unlock – Kichiro

Keep it Forever!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live at any point during the event, you get to keep all the mods and profile icons you unlock! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy!

—The Age of Empires Team

Event F.A.Q.

Q: Do I have to complete the challenges on consecutive days?

While challenges don’t have to be completed on consecutive days, only one challenge can be completed per day.

Q: When is the last day I can complete the daily challenges?

The Ageiversary Event concludes November 20th.

Q: Do I get to keep all of the event unlocks?

All you need to do is log into your Xbox Live account before the end of the event to keep all of the profile icons and mods you unlock; it’s as easy as that!

Q: What do I do if I accidentally unsubscribe from a special mod?

No problem! All you need to do is click your Profile Icon on the main menu, select Event Mods (under Collection), and then check the unlocked event mod you want to enable!

Q: How do I change my profile icon?

You can update your profile icon in your profile:

  1. On the main menu, click the Profile Icon next to your name.
  2. You should now be in the Profile Icons tab under Collections.
  3. Select your favorite icon, then click the Select Icon button to lock in your choice.
  4. You’re done!

Q: How do I download and enable mods?

For information about how to subscribe to and prioritize your mods, visit this article.

New Cards & Units!

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Age of Empires we wanted to give each Age of Empires III civilization some much needed attention as some of them still have been missing out so far! To make up for your time of waiting we are delivering gifts to many civilizations in the form of new cards and units! Here is a small selection of 5 new exciting cards:

French Royal Army (French, II)
“Enables your Musketeers and Halberdiers to benefit from Combat promotions to receive extra hitpoints and damage for each defeated enemy military unit.”

  • Hitpoint and damage tiers for both units: +5% / +15% / +25%.
[NEW] Prince-Electors (II)
“You may choose a German Royal House as an ally that will allow you to recruit and upgrade units at the Royal Embassy.”

  • You may only pick ONE ally.
  • Allied units will now cost population in the Royal Embassy and home city.
  • Each alliance costs 50f 50w.
  • Alliance options are: Hanover, Habsburg, Oldenburg, Wettin, Wittelsbach.
Mughal Elephant Armors (Indians, IV)
“Improves different resistances of Indian elephant units, +1 Villager.”

  • Card costs 500 coin, 500 wood.
  • Siege Elephant +10% ranged resistance.
  • Flail Elephant +10 % siege resistance.
  • Mahout Lancer +10% melee resistance.
  • Howdah +10% melee resistance.
Forty-Seven Ronin (Japanese, IV)
“All your Villagers and Shrines turn into Masterless Samurai guardians. Castles are replaced by Wokou Ronins. Wonders and Town Centers are replaced by Ronin mercenaries.”

  • Card costs 1000 food, 1000 wood, 1000 coin.
  • Masterless Samurai guardians will assume a default formation.
Sovnya (Russians, III)
“Notably increases the melee damage of Cavalry Archers, Streltsy, and Halberdiers. Cavalry Archers inflict area damage in melee.”

  • Cavalry Archer +5 melee damage and +1 area damage radius.
  • Strelet +10 melee damage.
  • Halberdier +4 melee damage.

6 New Special Maps!

🌐 Black Forest - Arena

[Knights of the Mediterranean]
Each player’s starting town is well protected behind stone walls while local settlements and extra resources can be found in the central clearing.

Description: On this classic map, a dense forest rings the perimeter of the map and gives way for a large central clearing containing extra resources. You are safe to boom your economy behind stone walls, but don’t wait too long before you try to establish a presence on the map, otherwise you will find yourself pinned down and your economy struggling.

Settlements: variable

Outlaws: variable

🌐 Black Forest - Forest Nothing

[Knights of the Mediterranean]
Players battle on a map with no natural resources other than wood.

Description: On this classic map, players spawn into a vast thick forest. There are no other natural resources available, only wood as far as the eye can see. Players will need to chop their way toward the enemy, and sometimes even toward their teammates. Small pockets of treasures may appear all over the map. There is no trade route here.

Settlements: Bourbon, Habsburg, Wittelsbach

Outlaws: Inquisitor, Crabat

🌐 Eurasian Steppe - LOST

[Knights of the Mediterranean]
You’re LOST in the Eurasian Steppe! Explore the steppe to gather the treasures needed to get your town started in this harsh region! Players begin with only a few of their usual starting units and an extra scout scattered across this vast steppe.

Description: Your expedition got dispersed in the vastness of the Eurasian Steppe, and you are LOST! A few of your starting units are scattered across this extensive landscape. Once you’ve collected enough wood using your heroes and three villagers, construct a base to establish a foothold in this harsh region. In this remote place you will not receive your usual starting crates and villagers once your first Town Center has been constructed. Plan accordingly and use your resources wisely!

Settlements: Oldenburg, Jagiellon, Tengri

Outlaws: Wokou Horseman, Cossack Daredevil

🌐 Eurasian Steppe - Survival

[Knights of the Mediterranean]
Players spawn into a nearly empty map with only some Villagers, a Shipment from their Home City, and their first Town Center. Defeating the enemy will require a unique deck and strategy.

Description: Players spawn into a barren region with only some Villagers and their first Town Center. That’s right, no hero or scouting units and no natural resources are present on this map! A starting shipment which arrives quickly and some early infrastructure has been granted to you to help you get started.

Settlements: Oldenburg, Jagiellon, Tengri

Outlaws: Wokou Horseman, Cossack Daredevil

🌐 Unknown - LOST

[Knights of the Mediterranean]
You are LOST in the mysterious Unknown!

Description: You are lost in a mysterious uncharted wilderness without even the resources needed to establish a town! Snow or desert, land or water, Trade Routes or Natives or both – you never quite know what you’re going to get. It is crucial that your starting hero unit remains alive and as always, expect the unexpected!

Settlements: variable

Outlaws: variable

🌐 Unknown - Survival

[Knights of the Mediterranean]
Players spawn into a nearly empty map with only a few Villagers, a Shipment from their Home City, and their first Town Center. Defeating the enemy will require a unique deck and strategy.

Description: Players spawn into a barren mysterious region with only a few Villagers, a starting shipment, and their first Town Center. That’s right, no hero or scouting units and no natural resources are present on this map!

Settlements: variable

Outlaws: variable


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a common crash from the server’s cloud data files.
  • Fix for particle system crash when it fails to create a frame of particles to render.
  • Fixed a multithreading issue in the particle system where it could occasionally cause rendering corruption, or crash.
  • Fix for various crashes that occurred when mods have altered tech trees.


  • Fix for shadow mapping terrain artifacting in Photo Mode.


  • Hero names: Added a new Randomize button to the Edit Home City menu in the top right that will randomize your hero name.
  • Deck names: Decks can now be renamed upon double-clicking them in the deck list.
  • Floating Text: Added an option to hide the display of floating XP and Resource bounties when buildings are created or enemies defeated.
  • Haudenosaunee Night Lighting now uses the correct icon within Home City Customization.
  • Fixed the missing bow string in the Tatar Archer unit icon.
  • Improved the readability of whales on minimaps through a new icon.
  • Added colored unit shipment icons to remaining civilizations for improved readability

Photo Mode

  • Added 2 additional Lighting Presets: Sunrise & Sunset.
  • There are now 4 Preset Lighting options:
    • Sunrise
    • Day
    • Sunset
    • Night



  • Fixed a bug that caused the Maltese Grandmaster to occasionally play horse noises when hit.
  • Fixed a bug where Unit Stance and Formation hotkey overlays could not be disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Team House of Nassau Home City Card would not remove some resource costs from certain technologies.
  • Fixed a map bug where Tassili could generate maps with less than the correct number of trading posts.

Civilization Balance


  • Imperial Age: Homecity shipments now arrive 33.33% faster in the Imperial Age
  • Villagers:
    • Now inflict 3x damage to Japanese Shrines (like they do against Mountain Monasteries).
    • Villagers will no longer use melee attacks against huntable animals.
  • Animals: Fixed all remaining instances of animals receiving area of effect damage.
  • Petard: Melee resistance reduced to 20% (down from 40%) to improve counterplay.
  • Target Lock: The following units now benefit from the feature:
    • Cavalry Archers
    • Culverins
    • Grenadiers
  • Livestock Pen: Cost reduced to 150w (from 200w); adjusted build bounty to 30 (corrected from 10); Architect build time adjusted accordingly.
  • Town Centers: The following buildings may no longer be built near enemy Town Centers (changed to same distance as in treaty).
    • Mountain Monastery
    • Torps
    • Shrine
    • Tribal Marketplace
  • Pikeman: The Pikeman now gains +0.5 attack range with each direct unit upgrade.
  • Trading Post: Automatically constructed Trading Posts now take 70 seconds to be built (up from 60).
  • Cavalry Archer: Speed increased to 7 (from 6.75); Updated unit visuals to match the portrait and combat values.
  • Spy: Now uses proper animations for cover and stealth mode.
  • Grenadier:
    • Melee damage increased to 24 (from 8), now inflicts area damage in a radius of 1, added multiplier of 0.25x against cavalry.
    • Unit tooltip and compendium article no longer describe the Grenadier as an artillery unit in order to prevent misconceptions about the applications of upgrades and bonus damage.
  • Warrior: Hitpoints reduced to 100 (from 200), ranged damage reduced to 20 (from 26), build limit increased to 8 (from 6).
  • Canoes: Now must wait 3 seconds before they can garrison in a Dock. Larger Canoes such as Tlaloc Canoes or War Canoes can no longer garrison in Docks.
  • Galleon: Cost decreased to 300w, 300c (from 300w, 400c).
  • Battle Canoe: Ranged attack raised to 14 (from 13).
  • Sloop: Hitpoints increased to 750 (from 700).
  • Bolivar (Peru Revolution): Hitpoint aura no longer affects artillery.
  • Revolutionary (Egypt Revolution): Replaced Revolutionaries and Nizam Fusiliers with Khevite Fusiliers, Revolutionaries with bonuses against Artillery and Siege Troopers in Stagger mode.
  • Trek Wagon (South Africa Revolution): This unit is now classified as ranged cavalry; unit tooltip fixed.
  • Bosniak:
    • Lance charge range reduced to 3 range (from 4) and area of effect to 2 (from 3).
    • All attack multipliers on the charged attack have been removed.
    • The melee attack no longer inflicts bonus damage against hand cavalry.
  • Fusilier: Base movement speed reduced to 5 (from 5.5).
  • Kanuri Guard: Population cost increased to 3 (up from 2).
  • Mounted Rifleman: Hitpoints reduced to 360 (from 560); ranged resistance increased to 25% (from 20%), cost reduced to 375c (from 400c).
  • Pandour: Cost increased to 185c (from 170).
  • Royal Horseman: Stampede damage increased to 10 (up from 7).
  • Sennar Horseman: Hitpoints reduced to 1000 (from 1100); siege resistance reduced to 30% (from 40%).
  • Zenata Rider: Hitpoints reduced to 375 (from 400).
  • Royal Abilities: Reduced the charge times for the abilities of several Royal Houses between -8% and -33%.
  • Qizilbash (Sufi): Cost reduced to 120f 75w (from 120f 80w).
  • Tatar Archer (Tengri):
    • Cost reduced to 90f 55w (from 90f 60w), Hitpoints increased to 150 (from 140).
    • Corrected the damage multipliers from Hand Shock Infantry to all Shock Infantry in order for the unit to deal the intended damage to Ranged Shock Infantry.
  • Klamath Rifleman (Klamath): Fixed an issue that did not allow Klamath Riflemen to gather resources once rescued from treasure guardians.
  • Evzone (Houses of Phanar): Corrected the build XP to 14 (from 12).
  • Somali Darood Militia (Somali): Range reduced to 22 (from 25), now receives +1 range from the first and second unit upgrade and +2 range from the Legendary upgrade (+4 range in total).
  • Shock Rider (House of Jagiellon): Hand and ranged resistance both reduced to 10% (down from 20%).
  • Lipka Tatar (House of Jagiellon): Build limit per trading post reduced to 10 (down from 14).
  • Red Sea Wagon: Can now build the Commandery for the Maltese civilization.
  • Bandido:
    • Charged attack now has an area effect of 3 (down from 3.5).
    • Ranged attack multiplier against heavy infantry increased to 2x (from 1.75x).
  • Barbary Warrior (Barbary States Revolution): No longer tagged as an Outlaw.
  • Comanchero: Ranged damage increased to 20 (from 19), melee damage increased to 11 (from 9).
  • Corsair Marksman:
      • Corsair Marksmen acquired through the Barbary revolution, Moroccan alliance (Hausa) or the Tavern now all share the same stats.​

    • Occupies 2 population slots (up from 1), costs changed to 35f 80c (from 80f 35c), speed reduced to 4.5 (from 5.5)
  • Cowboy:
    • Bullseye charged attack cooldown increased to 60 seconds (up from 40) and damage reduced to 30 (down from 38).
    • Ranged damage increased to 20 (from 19), melee damage increased to 11 (from 9).
  • Cuatrero:
    • Charged attack area of effect reduced to 2 (from 3).
    • Ranged damage increased to 20 (from 19), melee damage increased to 11 (from 9).
  • Desert Raider: Ranged resistance reduced to 20% (from 30%) and melee siege damage reduced to 26 (from 30).
  • Hajduk:
    • Ranged damage increased to 14 (from 13.5), multiplier against Heavy Infantry increased to 1.5 (from 1.34).
    • Melee attack updated to have the same damage and multipliers as the ranged attack.
    • Improved the firing animation to allow kiting.
  • Highwayman:
    • Population cost reduced to 4 (from 5)
    • Resistance of the Highwayman Rider version flipped to ranged and Highwayman (dismounted) to melee.
    • Mounted: Speed reduced to 7.25 (from 7.5), ranged damage increased to 16 (from 12) and damage multipliers against hand shock infantry increased to 2.25x (from 2.2x).
    • Dismounted: Melee damage increased to 15 (from 12) and the damage multipliers against cavalry and hand shock infantry are increased to 3.0x (from 2x) and 2.0x (from 1.6x) respectively.
  • Inquisitor:
    • Is now classified as Siege Trooper and no longer counters cavalry to enable early counterplay with Militiamen and Cavalry.
    • Siege attack increased to 22 (from 12) and speed reduced to 4.5 (from 5).
  • Owlhoot:
    • Charged attack now has a range of 18 (up from 12) with the area of effect being 2 (down from 2.5).
    • Ranged attack multiplier against heavy infantry increased to 2x (from 1.75x).
  • Pirate: The pirate has been reworked into a Shock infantry Outlaw.
  • Renegado:
    • Ranged resistance increased to 30% (from 25%).
    • Ranged attack multiplier against heavy infantry increased to 2x (from 1.75x).
  • Wokou Monk:
    • Ranged damage increased to 20 (from 13) and attack multipliers changed to 1.25x Heavy Infantry, 2x Light Cavalry, 1.5x Villagers, 0.75x Cavalry (from 2.5x Villagers, 2x Heavy Infantry, 0.75x Cavalry).
  • Wokou Horseman:
    • Resistances changed from 20% ranged resistance to 30% melee resistance and ranged attack increased to 18 (from 12).
    • Train time reduced to 40 seconds (from 70 seconds).
  • Wokou Pirate: The Wokou Pirate has been reworked into a Shock infantry Outlaw.
  • Wokou Ronin:
    • Population cost increased to 4 (from 3).
    • Siege attack increased from 35 to 60.
    • Now inflicts 2x bonus damage against Cavalry, attack multiplier for Shock infantry adjusted accordingly.
  • Fencing School (II): Now also increases Shock Infantry trainspeed.
  • Fish Market, Fish Market (2x), Rendering Plant: Whale gather rate reduced by 5% for each card.
  • TEAM Coastal Defenses: All European civilizations now have access to this card.
  • Advanced Dock (I): Healing rate for ships reduced to 85% (from 100%).
  • Naval Gunners (III): Added to French, Swedish and Russian home cities.
  • Offshore Support (II): Removed from British and Italian Homecities; added to German homecity.
  • Hire Irish Brigadiers (II): Reduced amount of Irish Brigadiers to 9 (from 11).
  • Assassins: Now also unlocks a charged rifle attack that can only be used against heroes and mercenaries. Assassins wield swords instead of knives.
  • Agents: Now also unlocks a charged pistol attack with lower bonus damage that recharges more quickly. Agents wear a slightly fancier coat.
  • Roșior Dragoons (Romania Revolution): Can now be sent twice.
  • Chile Revolution: Added Advanced Dock, Advanced Trading Post, Capitalism, Fish Market, Liberation March, Rendering Plant, Schooners, INF 2 Steamers, and Fishing Fleet to the homecity.
  • South Africa Revolution: Added Extensive Fortifications, Land Grab, Pioneers, Ranching, Stonemasons, Town Militia, 2 Bank Wagons, and 2 Covered Wagons to the homecity; Industrial Revolution removed.
  • Ransom: Cost no longer increases by +50 with the Knighthood and Peerage upgrades; now has a 90 second cooldown.
  • Cree Tanning (Cree): Unit hitpoint improvement reduced to 5% (from 10%).
  • Royal Tax (Bourbon Royal House): No longer grants coin for Tribal Marketplaces, fixed outdated tooltip.
  • Aztec Chocolate Recipes (Aztec Minor Civilization): Now correctly ships 1 Crate of Coin for every 2 minutes of game time.
  • The Gentleman Pirate (Age II → III): Now delivers 1 Privateer and 300c instead of 1 Privateer and 2 Barbary Corsairs.
  • The Admiral of the Ocean Sea (Age II → III): Now delivers 1 Caravel/Galley and 300w (down from 400w), Maltese receive 1 Order Galley and 200w (down from 300w).
  • Chile Revolution: Now grants 8 Hussars of Death (down from 10).


Oc! Check out the latest tech news from Az-tec!

  • Eagle Runner Knight:
    • Ranged resistance reduced to 25% (from 30)
    • Train time improved to 34 seconds (from 37)
  • Jaguar Knight: Hitpoints increased to 215 (from 205)
  • Legendary Otontin Slingers: Also grants +1 attack range
  • Legendary Coyote Runners: Hitpoint improvement increased to +60% (up from 50%)
  • Otontin Slinger Combat: Damage and Hitpoint improvement increased to 20% (from 10%)
  • 5 Villagers (II): Removed from homecity
  • High Priest of Ixtlilton: Effect updated to “Improves your War Chief in combat. Warrior Priests are more effective at the Community Plaza.” (Previously: “Improves your War Chief in combat. Enables you to construct Nobles Huts and train Jaguar Prowl Knights from them an age sooner than usual.”)
    • +50% War Chief damage and hitpoints (no changes)
    • +20% Warrior Priest effectiveness
  • Great Temple of Tezcatlipoca Support (IV): Now grants +50% damage and hitpoints to Pet Jaguars (up from 35%)
  • Great Temple of Quetzalcoatl Support (III): Jaguar Prowl Knight damage and hitpoints improvement increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • Temple of Coatlicue Support (IV): Now also grants Arrow Knights 10% siege resistance
  • INF 1000 Coin (IV): Increased to 1300c


Sir, did you see Roggan’s Roger’s Rangers?

  • Rocket: Now inflicts 1.5x to Infantry
  • Longbowman: Ranged attack reduced to 16 (from 17).


  • Thin Red Line (The Glorious Revolution, II): Infantry speed decrease reduced to -10% (from -25%), hitpoint improvement remains unchanged
  • Roger’s Rangers (The Glorious Revolution, II): No longer replaces Longbowmen cards with Ranger cards
  • Queen’s Rangers (The Glorious Revolution, IV): This technology now also replaces Longbowmen training with Ranger training in Barracks
  • Guard Pikemen, Imperial Pikemen: These upgrades are no longer available by default due to the absence of a Royal Guard upgrade
  • The Inventor (IV, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Black Duke (IV, Politician): This new Imperial Age politician delivers 6 Drummers
  • Whale Oil (I): Card replaced with TEAM Whale Oil
  • 9 Cherokee Allies (II): Card replaced with 7 Hanover Allies (III, Totenkopf Hussar)
  • 22 Cherokee Allies (IV): Card replaced with 24 Akan Allies (IV)
  • 9 Barbary Corsairs (IV): Card replaced with 11 Giant Grenadiers (IV)
  • 6 Elmetti (IV): Card replaced with 8 Jat Lancers (IV)
  • [NEW] 4 Hanover Allies (III): Added to homecity, sends 4 Drummers, costs 500c
  • [NEW] Mercenary cards: Added 9 Irish Brigadiers (II) and 6 Harquebusiers (III) to the homecity


A chopstick is a big weapon for a miniature soldier.

  • Qiang Pikeman: Now gains +0.5 attack range with each direct unit upgrade
  • Fire Junk: Train time increased to 15 seconds (from 10)


If the Banks are closed, we recommend you trying to paint some historical scenes. It is very relaxing.


  • Removed 50f from starting crates


  • Bank: Reverted Build XP to 280 (up from 210) and Kill XP to 140 (up from 105)
  • Envoy: Inflicts -50% damage against heroes and villagers in Exploration Age; specified in the unit tooltip that this unit benefits from Villager upgrades
  • Settler: This unit is now called Merchant for the Dutch to do justice to its unique coin costs, coin gather rates and build limit; unit visuals and portrait updated


  • INF 17 Carib Allies (IV): Now properly grants all Carib Warrior line upgrades (formerly missing Carib Ceremonial Feast)
  • [NEW] Peace of Münster (I): Ships 1 Envoy. Allows your Envoy to build Trading Posts and military production buildings.
  • TEAM House of Nassau (I) (formerly TEAM Cheap Market Improvements): Now also provides a Market wagon and correctly reduces the cost of all Exploration Age market technologies.
  • [NEW] Dutch Paintings (I): Infinite Resource exchange card converting coin into equal amount of food
  • 10 Halberdiers, 11 Halberdiers (IV): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] Seventeen Provinces (IV): Ships 1 Halberdier for each military production building that you own (up to 17)
  • [NEW] Flemish Revolution (III, 750f 750w 750c): All your Villagers join the rebellious Flemish Militia and turn into Halberdiers!
  • [NEW] Belgian Revolution (IV): All your Halberdiers pick up arms and turn into Revolutionaries to fight for the Belgian cause!
  • [NEW] Mercenary cards: Added 9 Irish Brigadiers (II), 6 Bosniaks (III), and 7 Mounted Riflemen (IV) to the homecity
  • [NEW] Native unit cards: Added 9 Habsburg Allies (III, Mounted Infantry), and 9 Wettin Allies (IV, Saxon Cuirassier) to the homecity
  • The Inventor (IV, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Royalist (IV, Politician): This new Imperial Age politician delivers 17 Line Infantry


The new crossroads: Trade route or rout your enemies?

  • Trading Routes: Influence is no longer available at the trade route until Stagecoach is researched
    • Abun:
      • A unit may now only be healed by 1 Abun at a time (previously multiple Abuns were able heal)
      • Speed increased to 4.5 speed (up from 4)
    • Gascenya: Maximum rate of fire boost when near enemies reduced to 2.65 (from 2.5); this bonus is now properly described in the unit’s tooltip
    • Oromo Warrior: This unit has been reworked into a heavy hand cavalry unit with a charged musket attack:​

  • Book of Axum (II): Now reads “Significantly increases Abun healing range and build limit, but Abuns may no longer gather from Mountain Monasteries” (Researching this technology will also stop them pinging as an Idle Villager)
  • Solomonic Dynasty (IV): Now only affects enemy Infantry and Cavalry
  • Prize Bull (II): Big Benny is now worth 750 food (up from 700), and can fatten to 900 (no change)
  • 12 Sudanese Allies (II): Now sends 10 Dervishes
  • INF 1 Sebastopol Mortar (IV): Now costs 600 influence after the first time it is shipped (but it remains free to ship the first time)


Can you also hear these loud noises of battling Grenadiers and revolting Sansculottes? Why fight? Let them eat cake!

  • Coureur des Bois: Training time reduced to 28 (from 29)
  • Code Napoleon: Reduced the building cost increase to 25% (down from 50%)
  • Grenadier Church technologies (Edict of Nantes): These technologies will now send powerful Grenadiers instead of regular ones. Additionally, they neither grant direct Grenadier upgrades anymore nor will they use the misleading “Imperial” prefixes for Grenadier names any longer.
    • Young Guard (II): Now fully enables Grenadiers in the Artillery Foundry instead of researching Veteran Grenadiers
    • Middle Guard (III): Now researches Incendiary Grenades instead of granting additional hitpoints and damage
    • Old Guard (IV): Researches Grenade Launchers instead of Incendiary Grenades and Guard Grenadiers
  • Thoroughbreds (IV): Now reduces the cost of all Cavalry units in the Stable (previously only Cuirassier)
  • Grenade Launchers (III): Removed from homecity
  • TEAM Louvre (II) (formerly TEAM Cheap Church): Moved to Age 1 and now improves the global XP trickle for the entire team by +0.1 instead of reducing the costs of Church-like buildings
  • Long-Range Infantry Hitpoints (II): Now also applies to Musketeers, card renamed to “Ranged Infantry Hitpoints”
  • Fencing School (II): This card now sends 3 Royal Musketeers for the French and is called “Royal Fencing School”
  • [NEW] French Royal Army (III): Enables your Musketeers and Halberdiers to benefit from Combat promotions to receive extra hitpoints and damage for each defeated enemy military unit.
  • [NEW] Cent-Suisses (II): Increases armor and hitpoints of Pikemen, Halberdiers, and Crossbowmen by +10%
  • [NEW] Ancien Régime (I): The House of Bourbon grants access to its royal units, upgrades, and two technologies in the Royal Embassy. Bourbon units now cost population slots when acquired from the Royal Embassy or the home city.
  • Hot Air Balloons (I): Removed from homecity
  • Advanced Balloon (IV): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] Aerostatic Corps (IV): Your explorer gains the ability to use a temporary Hot Air Balloon for reconnaissance. Hot Air Balloons can be called more often and can stay longer in the air.
  • [NEW] Mercenary cards: Added 9 Irish Brigadiers (II), 8 Giant Grenadiers (III), 8 Armored Pistoleers (III), and 9 Zouaves (IV) to the homecity
  • Added a new Revolutionary France option to the Town Center. A powerful villager revolution that can be enhanced with additional upgrade and unit cards!
  • The Inventor (IV, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Royalist (IV, Politician): This new Imperial Age politician delivers 18 Royal Musketeers
  • The Mohawk Statesman (II, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Mercenary Contractor (II, Politician): This new Fortress Age politician enables the Tavern to train Mounted Riflemen and Royal Horsemen


For all of you who have been missing some serious Holy Roman Empire vibes, we got some gifts! Bitteschön!

    • [NEW] Prince-Electors (II): You may choose a German Royal House as an ally that will allow you to recruit and upgrade units at the Royal Embassy.
      • You may only pick ONE ally
      • Allied units will now cost population in the Royal Embassy and home city
      • Each alliance costs 50f 50w
    • [NEW] Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers (III): Replaces War Wagons in your Stable and Home city with naturalized Wittelsbach Chevaulegers, called Prinz Chevaulegers, that can be trained and upgraded. +2 Prinz Chevaulegers
    • [NEW] Circle Army (III) – Infinite card that sends different German Royal House units each time
      • 5 Black Brunswickers → 4 Mounted Infantry → 2 Saxon Cuirassiers.
    • [NEW] Scharnhorst Reform (III): Crossbowmen are fully replaced with Landwehrs at the Barracks, Homecity, and on the map. Landwehrs are riflemen that inflict higher base damage at the expense of less bonus damage.​

  • [NEW] 20 Crossbowmen, 24 Crossbowmen (IV): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] Mercenary Camps (III): Upgrades Taverns into Mercenary Camps that can be built in higher numbers and offer a fixed assortment of German mercenaries.
    • The added mercenaries are: Landsknecht, Jaeger, Giant Grenadier, Black Rider, Pandour
    • One Mercenary Camp roughly equals half a Tavern
    • Build limit increased by +3
  • [NEW] Witch Hammer (II): Sends 3 Inquisitors. Allows the hiring of Inquisitors from Taverns, Town Centers, Churches, and Outposts, +2 Uhlans.
  • [NEW] Death Ride (IV, 1000f): Replaces all existing Uhlans with Guard Totenkopf Hussars consuming only 1 population slot. Instead of Uhlans, you receive extra Totenkopf Hussars. +4 Totenkopf Hussars
  • [NEW] March Revolution (IV, 1200f 1200c 1200w) : All German Settlers and Settler Wagons pick up arms to turn into Revolutionaries and Guard Hussars!
  • Mediterranean Mercenary Army (IV): Card replaced with 9 Wettin Allies (IV, Saxon Cuirassiers), costs 1000c
  • 10 Fusiliers (IV): Card replaced with 12 Giant Grenadiers (IV)
  • TEAM 10 Cree Allies (IV): Card replaced with 14 Habsburg Allies (IV, Line Infantry)
  • [NEW] Mercenary cards: Added 11 Irish Brigadiers (II), 13 Pandours (III), and 7 Bosniaks (III) to the homecity
  • [NEW] Native unit cards: Added 9 Habsburg Allies (III, Mounted Infantry) and 8 Wettin Allies (II, Trabant) to homecity
  • The Inventor (IV, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Black Duke (IV, Politician): This new Imperial Age politician delivers 16 Black Brunswickers


The Healer let the Chief know that these new renegades seem more inclined to cooperate – the former ones weren’t that wise.

  • Discovery Travois: Dock construction rate reduced from 0.66 to 0.35
  • Nonahkee (Warchief skin): Fixed the missing musket
  • Musket Rider: Now have 20% ranged resistance (down from 25%) and their anti-artillery multiplier has been increased to 3.0x (from 2.5x)
  • Cooperation (II): Now improves the discount on coin cards by -25% (up from -15%). Cost increased to 250f 250w (up from 200f, 200w)
  • The Chief (Tribal Council option): Now provides the following:
    • Exploration Age → Commerce Age: Delivers 2 Villagers and 1 Healer
    • Commerce Age → Fortress Age: Delivers 4 Villagers and 2 Healers
    • Fortress Age → Industrial Age: Delivers 6 Villagers and 4 Healers
    • Industrial Age → Imperial Age: Delivers 10 Villagers and 10 Healers
  • Beaver Wars (IV): Adds 0.15 siege resistance to Mantlets (down from 0.30)
  • 20 Renegade Dutch (IV): Now sends 11 Stadswacht Halberdiers (Royal Guard Halberdiers) instead of 20 Veteran Halberdiers
  • 8 Renegade French (IV): Now sends 5 Gendarmes (Royal Guard Cuirassiers) instead of 20 Veteran Cuirassiers


The thriving Hausa music scene is evolving from solo artists to boy bands!

  • Trading Routes: Influence is no longer available at the trade route until Stagecoach is researched
  • Griot: Hitpoints reduced to 260 (from 360)
  • Hand Cavalry Hitpoints: Moved to age 2 (from 3)
  • Kola Nut Cultivation: Villager wood trickle whilst gathering from a Field reduced to 5% of the resource being gathered (down from 10%)
  • Loyal Warriors (III): Added to homecity
  • Sahelian Kingdoms (II): Moved to Age 3
  • 12 Sudanese Allies (II): Now sends 10 Dervishes
  • Sarkin Dogarai (III): Maigadi hitpoints improvement reduced to +20% (from 25%)
  • Emir of Katsina (I): Now provides a Tower Wagon instead of Trading Post Wagon
  • Fulani Migrations (Fulani Alliance): Range of the long-range attack reduced to 21 (from 22)


Pick up your dusty mace – not the small one! the big one! – and be at the ball park on time at sunrise.

  • Inca Warchief: Building rate for Stronghold reduced to 1x (from 1.5x); but now increases by +0.25x with the Industrial and Imperial ages
  • Stronghold Travois: Build rate reduced to 2.0x (from 2.5x)
  • Bolas Warrior: Now benefits from the Target Lock feature
  • Maceman:
    • Now benefits from the Target Lock feature
    • Hitpoints reduced to 325 (from 400)
    • Cost reduced to 100f 100c (from 150f 150c)
    • Added 10% siege resistance
  • Kancha House: Now supports 16 population slots (up from 15)
  • Priestess: From Fortress Age conversion range now improves by +4 per age (down from +5) and conversion delay now reduces -1.20 per age (down from +1.5)
  • INF 11 Huaracas (IV): Reduced to 10
  • Chachapoya Support (IV): Huaracas now also gain +10% siege resistance
  • 5 Macemen (III): Cost reduced to 200f (from 500f)
  • 7 Macemen (IV): Increased to 8 Macemen
  • Chanca Support (IV): No longer reduces Maceman costs but now improves both resistances by +5%; now sends 10 Macemen
  • Chicha Brewing (II): Now also enables Priestesses to gather crates and pick up treasures
  • Temple of Mama Killa (III): No longer improves Priestess hitpoints and no longer enables Priestesses to gather crates and pick up treasures, instead improves Priestess range by +3
  • Tupac Rebellion (IV): Macemen now convert into Guard Soldados instead of Light Cannons
  • Native Treaties (II): No longer synergizes with the American Allies card


Rocket is not an ingredient of a curry, but if your grazing cow likes it, then you better eat what has been served!

  • Karni Mata Wonder: Economic bonus increased to 15% (from 10%); gather aura range increased to 46 (from 36); aura range is now displayed when placing it
  • Sacred Field: Cost reduced to 200 (from 250); bounties recalculated; hitpoints improved to 1400 (up from 1300)
  • Mahout Lancer, Mahout Lancer Mansabdar:
    • Obstruction radius reduced to 0.39×0.89 (from 0.49×0.99)
    • Trample damage reduced to 20 (from 28) and area of effect increased to 3 (from 2)
  • Wagner the Pet White Tiger: Now inflicts 1.3x to light infantry (up from 1.0x); update rollover accordingly
  • Sepoy, Sepoy Mansabdar: Train time increased to 38s (from 34s)
  • Crushing Force (IV, 500w 500c): In addition to increasing the Brahmin’s stomp chance this technology also improves the hand damage of all Elephant units by +20%, including Brahmins
  • Consulate (French Relations): The three techs which grant resource crates have been adjusted as follows
    • Food Crates (II): Now ships 400f (up from 300f) costing 150 Export
    • Wood Crates (II): Now ships 500w costing 300 Influence (no change)
    • Coin Crates (II): Now ships 600c (down from 700c) costing 350 Export (down from 450 Export)
  • Grazing (II): Also enables Sacred Cows to generate coin at 0.075c/s
  • Conscript Sepoy: Also improves Infantry training time time by 20%; card renamed to “Zamindars”
  • Mughal Architecture: Building construction time improvement reduced to 30% (from 50%); Wonder build time adjusted accordingly
  • [NEW]​ INF 2 Mysorean Rockets (IV, 1000f): Sends two powerful Rockets
  • [NEW] Rocketeers (IV): Enables Arsonists in Castles and upgrades them into Rocketeers that attack units with rockets at longer range, +1 Villager
  • [NEW] Foreign Trading Companies (IV): Adds an export trickle and reduces the cost of Consulate armies but all Indian units now cost slightly more resources, +1 Villager
    • Export trickle is 0.6 per second
    • Consulate Army cost -15%
    • Unit costs +5%
  • [NEW] Mughal Elephant Armors (IV, 500c, 500c): Improves different resistances of Indian elephant units, +1 Villager
    • Siege Elephant +10% ranged resistance
    • Flail Elephant + 10 % siege resistance
    • Mahout Lancer +10% melee resistance
    • Howdah +10% melee resistance
  • [NEW] Indian Gunpowder (IV): Sepoys are cheaper and train faster, +1 Villager
  • [NEW] 2 War Dhows (IV, 1500c) Ships 2 War Dhow mercenary warships, +1 Villager


47 is much better than 42.

  • Shrine: Gather rates reduced by 5% – Note: The gather rate improvements granted by upgrades such as Heavenly Kami and Tempo Reforms are the same as before
  • Monk:
    • May now reconstruct destroyed Dojos after sending either Dojo card from the homecity
    • Smoke Screen ability now shares the same cooldown for both monks
  • Samurai: Cost reduced to 95f 95c (from 100f 100c)
  • Ashigaru: Shock Infantry multiplier on their melee attack is increased to 2.625x (from 2x)
  • [NEW] Forty-Seven Ronin (IV, 1000f 1000w 1000c): All your Villagers and Shrines turn into Masterless Samurai guardians. Castles are replaced by Wokou Ronins. Wonders and Town Centers are replaced by Ronin mercenaries.
  • [NEW] Azekura (II): Increases Shrine hitpoints by +15%
  • [NEW] 2x Nanban Trade (III, 350w 350c): Grants 500 Export


So much battle anger! Better save your resources and sit around a fire if you intend to count more winters in the future.

  • Wall bonus: The damage bonus of Lakota units against walls is now properly being displayed in the unit statistics panel with a previously missing wall multiplier icon
  • Teepee: The Teepee aura no longer increases the range of artillery.
  • Seven Council Fires (IV): Added a 750c cost
  • [NEW] Winter Counts (IV): Units grant +40% and Buildings +20% XP when created
  • 4 Axe Riders (II): Reduced to 3 Axe Riders
  • 6 Club Warriors (II): Reduced to 5 Club Warriors
  • North America Trade (IV): Reduced the coin trickle whilst gathering from huntables and herdables to 0.15 coin/sec (from 0.34 coin/sec) and coin trickle whilst gathering other resources reduced to 0.015 coin/sec (from 0.034 coin/sec).
  • Battle Anger (II, Big Button): Now improves the Warchief’s damage to Artillery by 6.0x (from 9.0x)


Chinaco: Bonus damage against artillery increased by +9000% … just kidding!

  • Chinaco: Melee damage multiplier against Cavalry reduced to 1.25x (from 1.34x)
  • Cerro de Mercado: Now exchanges all current wood for 25% more coin (down from 30%)
  • Presidial Lancers (IV): Now boosts Chinaco attack by 10% (down from 15%)
  • Advanced Frontier Defenses (Central America, II): Cost of 100w added for the duration of the revolution
  • Michoacan Fishermen (Michoacan, II): Will now check for a water spawn point
  • Port Veracruz (Veracruz, V): Now boosts Fort attack range and LOS by +6 (down from +8)


Selam! To celebrate the arrival of the Ottomans in Age of Empires 4 we have given the Ottomans in Age of Empires 3 a thorough makeover!

    • Abus Gunner:
        • Ranged resistance improved to 25% (from 20%)
        • ROF improved to 3 (from 3.5) and ranged damage reduced to 36 (from 40)
        • To accomodate for the faster rate of fire the ranged damage multipliers have been changed to 1.75x to Heavy Infantry (up from 1.5x), 1x to Light Cavalry (down from 1.5x), 1x to Ships (up from 0.75x), 0.5x to Heavy Cavalry (changed from all Cavalry), Shock Infantry, Artillery, 0.3x to Villagers (from 0.25x)
        • Melee damage multipliers have been removed except for 1.75x to Heavy Infantry
        • Unit tooltip and compendium article no longer describe the Abus Gunner as an artillery unit in order to prevent misconceptions about the applications of upgrades and bonus damage
        • This unit is now consistently referred to as Abus Gunner (infantry unit) instead of Abus Gun (artillery unit) and received a new unit portrait to reflect this change:​

    • [NEW] Azap (II): We added a new anti-cavalry unit to Ottoman Barracks! The Azap is a heavy anti-cavalry infantry unit that costs 40w 40f. Next to a halberd it is also armed with a bow to counter light cavalry at range.​

    • Settler: This unit is now called Yörük for the Ottomans to do justice to its unique training and build limit mechanic; unit visuals and portrait updated.​

    • Hussar: Unit removed
    • [NEW] Deli (II): The Deli is the new unique Ottoman Hussar! Compared to a Hussar it has increased movement and attack speed, but less damage and hitpoints. Cards and effects for Hussars now apply to Delis. The new Royal Guard upgrade is called Rumeliots.​

    • Grenadier: Unit removed
    • [NEW] Humbaraci (II): The Humbaraci is the new unique Ottoman grenadier! Compared to a Grenadier it is much more effective against buildings and also artillery, but more vulnerable to infantry and cavalry. Cards and effects for Grenadiers now apply to Humbaracis. The new Royal Guard upgrade is called Ulufelis.​

    • ​Militiaman: Unit removed
    • ​[NEW] Bashibozuk (I): The Bashibozuk is the new unique Ottoman Militiaman! Compared to an ordinary Militiaman the Bashibozuk is better against Heavy Infantry and Mercenaries but worse against Siege troopers. It is slightly faster and loses hitpoints less quickly, but also has lower hitpoints and ranged damage.​

  • Nizam Fusilier:
    • Moved the +0.5x heavy cavalry damage multiplier from the New Order Infantry Mosque technology to the unit’s melee attacks for a total of 2.5x
    • Volley attack now inflicts 2.0x vs Heavy Infantry instead of all Infantry
  • New Order Infantry (Palace Intrigue, II):
    • Moved to Fortress Age.
    • Instead of improving Heavy Infantry train time and their melee bonus damage against Heavy Cavalry this technology now allows you to retrain up to 15 Nizam Fusiliers in Age 4 from your Barracks.
    • Nizam Fusiliers costs 60f 70c and take 50 seconds to train
    • Cards sending Nizam Fusiliers ignore the build limit of 15
  • Imperial Abus Gunners: Now also adds +2 Range and LOS
  • The Governor (II, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Imam (II, Politician): This new Commerce Age politician costs 900f and delivers 1 Mosque Wagon, 1 Imam, 150c. The Mosque build limit is also increased by +1.
  • Acemi Oglan School: Reduces not only the cost of Janissaries and Nizam Fusiliers but now also their train time by -40%
  • Cigar Roller (II): Removed from Homecity
  • Textile Mill (III): Added to Homecity
  • Artillery Hitpoints (II): Removed from homecity
  • TEAM Artillery Attack (II): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] Topçular (III): Improves Artillery, Abus Gunner, Humbaraci attack and hitpoints by 15%; also regulates the dress code for Ottoman artillery units.
  • Light Artillery Hitpoints (II): This card is now called “Cebeci” and improves the hitpoints of Abus Gunners by 25% instead of 20%
  • Janissary Combat (III): Also applies to Azaps and was therefore renamed to “Enderun School”
  • Battlefield Constructions (II): Also applies to Azaps; card renamed to “Derbentler”
  • Irregulars (III): This card has been renamed to “Akincis”
  • [NEW] Kuleli School (IV): Improves +15% hitpoints and damage of all Ottoman infantry
  • [NEW] Flight Archery (IV): Speeds up the train time and arrow release of your Cavalry Archers and Azaps; train time reduced by -20%
  • [NEW] 6 Nizam Fusiliers (III): Added to Homecity
  • [NEW] INF 7 Nizam Fusiliers (IV): Added to Homecity
  • TEAM Rumeliots (IV): Ships 4 Spahi (no changes) and adds 10% melee resistance to all Heavy Cavalry in the entire team, cost increased to 1500f (from 1200f), card renamed to “TEAM Kapikulu”
  • Town Militia (I): Replaced by the City Defense card
  • 6 Bosniaks (III, 1000c) Added to homecity
  • 9 Barbary Corsairs (III): Card replaced with 8 Berber Allies (III, Camel Riders)
  • 6 Elmetti (IV): Card replaced with Infinite 9 Sufi Allies (IV, Qizilbash)
  • 12 Ninja (IV): Card replaced with 11 Askaris (IV)
  • [NEW] Native unit cards: Added 9 Phanar Allies (II, Evzones), 7 Phanar Allies (III, Boyars), and 7 Tengri Allies (II, Tatar Archers) to homecity
  • [NEW] 2 Xebecs (IV): Added to homecity, costs 1000c


Were you already playing Fado music on your Organ Guns? No need to despair in your saudade, here is some new music for your Organ!

  • [NEW] Feitorias (I): Causes your Town Centers to slowly generate resources
    • 0.6 Food, 0.3 Wood, 0.3 Coin, 0.3 XP per second (1.5 total per Town Center)
  • 2 Organ Guns (III): Increased to 3 Organ Guns
  • 3 Organ Guns (IV): This card is now infinite
  • [NEW] Estremoz Field Guns (III): Sends an increasing amount of (upgraded) Falconets per age.
    • Age3: 1 Field Gun; Age4: 3 Field Guns; Age5: 5 Field Guns
  • Donatarios (III): Removed the displayed number on the card that implied the card sends 2 Town Centers (only increases build limit)
  • Dragoon Combat (III): No longer affects Hussars
  • [NEW] Constable (III): Improves the hitpoints and damage of all Portuguese melee units by +15%
  • [NEW] Grapeshot (IV): Improves Organ Gun rate of fire (-0.5) and area of effect (+0.5)
  • [NEW] Carracks (III): Improves Caravel Hitpoints by +15%
  • [NEW] Naval Infantry (III): Enables Portuguese Warships to train Infantry
  • 4 Mamelukes (III): Card replaced with 8 Armored Pistoleers (III)
  • 9 Barbary Corsairs (III): Card replaced with 8 Landsknechts (III)
  • INF 15 Barbary Corsairs (IV): Card replaced with 24 Akan Allies (IV)
  • [NEW] 8 Cannoneers (II): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] 8 Wettin Allies (II): Added to homecity, sends 8 Trabants, costs 500c
  • Organ Gun: Now benefits from the Target Lock feature
  • Ordinance Besteiros: This Royal Guard upgrade for Crossbowmen is now available by default and no longer needs to be enabled by the Papal Guard politician
  • Besteiros (Treaty of Tordesillas): Removed from Church
  • [NEW] Ordenança (Treaty of Tordesillas, 1000f): Greatly improves the train time and hitpoints of Crossbowmen and Pikemen. Enables Valor promotions for Crossbowmen that will improve their hitpoints and attack speed for each defeated enemy military unit.
    • +25% Hitpoints
    • -40% Train time
  • The Mohawk Statesman (II, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Ethiopian Queen (II, Politician): This new Fortress Age politician delivers 5 Elite Shotel Warriors


Are you going to send Boyars or Boyars?

  • Settler Batch: Train time increased to 52 seconds (from 51)
  • Westernization: Cost reduced to 300w 300c (from 350w 350c); properly counts to military score now
  • The Inventor (IV, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Royalist (IV, Politician): This new Imperial Age politician delivers 18 Northern Musketeers
  • Strelet Horde (IV): Now also grants Streltsy +2 range; icon updated
  • Boyars (II): Grants +10% damage and hitpoints to Strelet, Cossack and Oprichnik (down from 15%)
  • National Redoubt (IV): Now increases Musketeer hitpoints by 25% (up from 10%), renamed to “Pjotr’s Toy Soldiers”, icon updated and card plays a small tune upon arrival
  • [NEW] Sovnya (III): Notably increases the melee damage of Cavalry Archers (+5), Streltsy (+10), and Halberdiers (+4). Cavalry Archers inflict area damage in melee (+1)
  • Economic Theory (I): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] INF 1000 Wood (IV) Added to homecity
  • Frontier Defenses (III): Renamed the card to “Detinets” due to notably different effects compared to other “Frontier Defenses” cards, icon updated
  • INF 17 Nootka Allies (IV): This card is no longer infinite and does not upgrade Nootka Clubmen to Champion level anymore. Moved to Age 3 and cost reduced to 500c (down from 1000c)
  • 12 Ninjas (IV): Card replaced with infinite 12 Oldenburg Allies (IV, Royal Hunter)
  • 8 Fusiliers (IV): Card replaced with 8 Giant Grenadiers (III)
  • [NEW] Native unit cards: Added 11 Vasa Allies (II, Royal Arquebusier) and 7 Phanar Allies (III, Boyars) to homecity


En serio, no one expected these changes!

  • Shipments: XP cost bonus reduced to 0.74X (up from 0.72X)
  • War Dog: Cost increased to 80f (up from 75f)
  • Marvelous Year (III): Villager training speed improvement increased to 33.3% (from 27.5%)
  • TEAM 1 Falconet (III): Coin cost removed (previously 200c)
  • Economic Theory (I): Removed from homecity
  • Peninsular Guerrillas (IV): Infantry attack improvement reduced to 20% (from 25%)
  • Spanish Gold (III): Spanish Treasure chests now contains 330c (up from 300c)
  • Unction (II): Moved to Age 1
  • TEAM Inquisition (I): Card moved to Age 2 and renamed to “TEAM Spanish Inquisition”; unexpectedly now also sends 1 Inquisitor
  • 11 Maya Allies (II): Card replaced with 9 Irish Brigadiers (II)
  • 24 Maya Allies (IV): Card replaced with 25 Bourbon Allies (IV, Royal Musketeer)
  • 6 Stradiots (III): Card replaced with 8 Armored Pistoleers (III)
  • 12 Ninjas (IV): Card replaced with 8 Fusiliers (IV)
  • Asian Mercenary Army (IV): Card replaced with Holy Roman Army (IV)
  • [NEW] 9 Habsburg Allies (III): Added to homecity, sends 9 Mounted Infantry, costs 500c


Winter is approaching! Stock up with wood from your hungry Torps and get inside to play some card games!


  • Starting Conditions:
    • 6 Settlers (up from 5)
    • 200f (down from 300f)
    • 300w (no change)


    • Settler: Build limit reduced to 85 (from 90)
    • Hakkapelit: This unit has been reworked into a Light ranged cavalry unit to give it a clearer role next to Hussars.


  • Blackberries (III): May now be sent infinite times
  • Platoon Fire (III): Carolean cavalry bonus damage improved by 0.5x (from 0.7x); Shock Infantry multiplier improvement adjusted accordingly
  • TEAM Ranged Cavalry Combat (III): This is no longer a team card and the card effect has been updated to improve Ranged Cavalry attack and hitpoints by +15% (previously improved range and speed)
  • March of the Hakkapelits (II): No longer converts Hussars into Hakkapelits, instead increases Hakkapelit speed by +0.25 (and continues to enable Hakkapelits in the Commerce Age)
  • Finnhorses (IV): Hitpoint improvement for Hussars and Hakkapelits reduced to 15% (down from 25%)
  • TEAM Engineering School (II): Removed from homecity
  • INF 4 Dragoons (III): Removed from homecity
  • INF 8 Skirmisher (III): Removed from homecity
  • [NEW] 1 Foundry Wagon + 1 Leather Cannon (II): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] INF 2 Leather Cannons (III): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] 3 Leather Cannons (III): Added to homecity
  • Allotment System (IV): Also allows Torps to be sold to recover 50% of their wood cost
  • Great Northern Forests (IV): Tooltip updated to “Tremendously improves your Torps at gathering wood by enabling them to gather from more trees as well as further away trees. Also, all existing Torps also spawn 3 Trees.” (previously spawned only 1 Tree and Torps did not gather from multiple trees)
  • 4 Copper Mines (IV): May now be sent infinite times; effect updated to “Ships 4 Prospector Wagons. Ships 2 thereafter.”; Card renamed to “Osemund Process”
  • Surstromming (IV): Build limit increased to 10 (up from 8)
  • Vasa (IV): Added cost of 1000c; effect updated to “Ships 1 Battleship. Battleships, Frigates and Galleons return 20% of their Coin cost when sunk by an enemy unit” (previously sent a Frigate)
  • 6 Mamelukes (IV): Card replaced with 7 Royal Horsemen (IV)
  • Contract Highlanders (III): Card replaced with Contract Irish Brigadiers (II), sends 8 Irish Brigadiers
  • Contract Fusiliers (III): Card replaced with Contract Giant Grenadiers (III), sends 8 Giant Grenadiers
  • INF 9 Carib Allies (II): This card is no longer infinite and now sends 17 Carib Blowgunners; moved to Age 3
  • INF 13 Cherokee Allies (IV): Card replaced with INF 8 Chevaulegers (IV)
  • 22 Cherokee Allies (IV): Card replaced with 25 Oldenburg Allies (IV, Northern Musketeer)
  • [NEW] Native unit cards: Added 11 Vasa Allies (II, Royal Arquebusier), INF 7 Wittelsbach Allies (II, Mountain Trooper), 5 Jagiellon Allies (II, Shock Rider) and 7 Wittelsbach Allies (III, Chevauleger) to the homecity


  • The Inventor (IV, Politician): Politician removed
  • [NEW] The Royalist (IV, Politician): This new Imperial Age politician delivers 17 Mountain Troopers

United States

Even a mammoth project comes to an end at some point.

    • Starting Conditions:
      • 6 Villagers (no change)
      • 400f (up from 300f)
      • 200w (no change)
      • 100 XP (no change
      • State Militia:
        • Ranged damage reduced to 13 (from 14)
        • Ranged resistance reduced to 25% (from 30%)
        • Group bonus cap reduced to 20 units (down from 29)
      • Moultri’s Militia: Inspiring Flag damage bonus for State Milita reduced to 7% (from 9%)
      • Settler: Build limit decreased to 85 (from 99)
      • Sharpshooter: Attack range and Line-of-sight reduced to 21 and 27 (down from 22 and 28)
      • State Capitol Wagons: Now take 5 seconds to train (up from 2.5)
      • Imperial Volunteers: Now grants +40% attack and hitpoints for State Militia (down from 50%)
    • French Immigrants: Cost increased to 250w (from 200w)
    • Hamiltonian Economics (II): No longer improves the Market buy factor, but now refunds the cost of any Market technologies that were researched prior to sending the card
    • Improved Buildings: Removed from homecity
    • Hire Scottish Highlanders (III): Removed from homecity
    • [NEW] Scottish Immigrants (II, 350c): Costs 350c, Ships 1 Highlander, gain +1 Highlander for each Saloon, Meeting House and Trading Post (up to 10)
    • New Jersey Seaports (IV, New Jersey): Now only adds +300 resources to resource shipments which can be sent infinite times (down from +400)
    • Indiana Mammoth Improvement Act (Indiana, III): Fixed an error in the calculation of Age-up research points that allowed players to advance to the next age faster than intended with the Statehood State Capitol technology researched prior to sending this federal card.
    • Kentucky Hunters (Kentucky, IV): Ships 1 Sharpshooter per shipment sent in the game (down from 2); resource costs removed
    • Texan Forts (Texas, V): Spawn rate for free units from Forts is now +15% slower
    • The Alamo (Texas, V):
      • Destroyed buildings now spawn 25% less Minutemen
      • This card no longer affects destroyed walls
    • United States Marines (III): Will now add a XP bounty of 14 to Marines
    • European Cannons (II): Now correctly affects the Steamer and Sloop
    • INF 2 Horse Artillery (IV): This card is no longer infinite
    • INF 2 Culverins (IV): Removed from homecity


We’re making some room in the Commanderies, but becangerous! be aware that you can no longer cancel your order.


  • Commandery:
    • Deploy ability may no longer be canceled once in progress
    • No longer deals siege damage to fishing boats.
  • Fixed Gun: Range increased to 35 (from 34)


  • Advanced Commanderies (I): Effect updated to “Commanderies gain additional garrison space and may deploy Units more often.”
  • 1000 Coin (III): Added to homecity
  • 4 Culverins (IV): This card now sends 3 Culverins.


Mamma mia, the pavise shield was so heavy, it was time to lose some weight!

  • Shipments: XP cost penalty increased to 1.07x (from 1.05x)
  • Architect: Hitpoints reduced to 275 (from 300)
  • Lombard: Hitpoints reduced to 2500 (down from 3000)
  • Bersagliere:
    • Stun duration on enemy units reduced to 2 seconds (from 3.5) and ally speed increase reduced to 2.5 seconds (from 4)
    • Reduced bugle call sound volume
  • TEAM Marco Polo (II): No longer grants already looted resources to your team again; card moved to Age 1
  • 4 Culverins (IV): This card now sends 3 Culverins
  • Imperial Bersaglieri (V): Also grants +5% ranged resistance
  • Guard Pikemen, Imperial Pikemen: These upgrades are no longer available by default due to the absence of a Royal Guard upgrade
  • The Papal Guard (III → IV): This politician now also enables Guard and Imperial upgrades for Pikemen and reduces costs for Guard Pikemen (free) and Guard Halberdiers (-50%)
  • The Royalist (IV → V): This politician sends 18 Royal Musketeers (down from 20)

Random Maps

Map Set Updates

  • Added a new map set, “Special Maps” which can be filtered in the map selection screen.
  • The new Special Map Set includes:
    • [NEW] Black Forest – Arena
    • [NEW] Black Forest – Forest Nothing
    • Budapest
    • Congo Basin
    • [NEW] Eurasian Steppe – LOST
    • [NEW] Eurasian Steppe – Survival
    • Honshu – Regicide
    • Saharan Routes – LOST
    • Swahili Coast
    • Unknown
    • [NEW] Unknown – LOST
    • [NEW] Unknown – Survival
  • Standard Maps:
    • Added Bohemia
    • Added Pampas
    • Added Pripet Marshes
    • Added Yellow River
  • Treaty Maps:
    • Removed Bahia
  • Team Maps:
    • Added Yellow River
    • Removed Horn

Map Changes

  • Anatolia:
    • Reduced the map size by approximately 6%.
  • Andes:
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent one of the Native Settlements from spawning.
  • Atlas:
    • Fixed an issue where the Japanese civilization would only start with a single Orchard Rickshaw and no berries in treaty games.
  • Bohemia:
    • Forest patches have been spread out and reduced in number to allow for better pathing of units.
  • California:
    • Adjusted some constraints so all players have better access to hunts in team treaty games.
  • Danish Straits:
    • Adjusted whale constraints in 1v1 spawns.
  • Dnieper Basin:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented one player from spawning in 3 player FFA games.
  • Guianas:
    • In treaty team spawns the map size has been increased significantly.
  • Hungarian Plains:
    • Players will now always spawn with a third hunt nearby their starting position.
  • Karelian Lakes:
    • The trade route has been split in two and the two routes share their upgrades. Therefore, if Stagecoach is researched on one trade route, the other route will also be upgraded.
  • Lake Victoria:
    • Reverted the change to remove the starting fishing boats in 1v1 games.
  • Lithuania:
    • Fixed an issue where a pond could fail to spawn.
  • Mediterranean:
    • Fixed an issue where treasures could spawn within some settlements.
  • Ozarks:
    • In team treaty spawns, the map size has been increased significantly. Also, the gap between allies in 2v2 spawns has been removed.
  • Pampas:
    • This classic map has been reworked to be played in the standard 1v1 ranked map pool.
  • Pomerania:
    • Fixed an issue where some hunts were not herdable.
  • Saguenay:
    • Fixed an issue that caused some trade post sockets from spawning.
  • Saxony:
    • Reduced the size of the cliffs by approximately 10%.
    • Improved water clarity on certain spawns to better see the trade route.
  • Scandinavia:
    • Adjusted constraints on some starting resources to prevent them from bunching up.
  • Siberia:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Tengri Settlements not to spawn.
  • Tassili:
    • Fixed an issue that caused a trade post socket not to spawn.
  • Unknown:
    • Added new technologies, scouts, and starting wagons. Some existing wagons now also come with extra bonuses. As always, they’re yours to discover!
    • The random chance of getting some of the rarer starting wagons has been increased and the chance of starting with a trade post wagon has been decreased to promote variety.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Inca from forming an alliance with their American Allies card.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Italian, Mexican, and American villagers from building native embassies on certain spawns.
  • Vistula Basin:
    • Players will now always spawn with a third hunt nearby their starting position.
  • Yellow River:
    • This classic map has been updated to be included in the ranked supremacy map pools. Please note, the flooded spawn with extra crates is no longer available in 1v1 games.



  • Fame resource can now be displayed globally in the main game UI by setting DisplayFame to 1 in civs.xml or civmods.xml.
  • New ProtoUnit Commands no longer require DBID attribute to be set manually in order to be functional.
  • Politician and Consulate dialogs now support displaying cost for age-up or relation options in any resource.
  • Adding new unit types is now possible through the unittypes.xml data file. Additive modding for this file is available through unittypesmods.xml, using unittypesmods as root node.
  • Additive modding for damagebonuses.xml is now available through damagebonusmods.xml, using damagebonusmods as the root node.
  • Restored functionality of YPUseBigButton2 and YPUseBigButton3 technology flags for the usage of additional big button UI slots.
  • Usage of new additional big button UI slots is now also available for both ProtoUnitCommands and abilities though the UseBigButton2 and UseBigButton3 flags.
  • ProtoUnit for Disciple Conversion can now be changed by setting the DiscipleProtoUnit attribute in protoAction data.
  • Implemented additive modding for the sound sets xml files and for the proto unit sounds xml files.
  • A mod that changes any of the sound xml files will now cause the data to be hot reloaded. This means that when an audio mod is enabled or disabled the game doesn’t need to be restarted for the mod to have an effect.
  • Scenario files in a mod can now be loaded from the Custom Scenario file browser.



Community-Reported Issues:
  • Your reports continue being crucial to our prioritization and implementation of fixes and features in the game. Keep them coming!

For other known issues, please visit this page to see what’s being tracked!

What's on the Horizon?


Look for our big update next Spring!


Please note that this list is subject to change, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all the known issues we’re tracking. The above is to inform you of the team’s current priorities, which will change as other issues arise or take precedence.

For the latest updates and announcements, please visit our social channels.

Hotfix 13.29366

  • A fix for an out of sync that occurs when ransoming your Hero/Explorer
  • A fix for an out of sync error in recorded games for civilizations that have two Hero/Explorer units
  • A fix for an issue that invalidated some player generated UI mods
  • Added missing home city cards that were intended to go out with the previous patch
  • Functional fixes for new cards
  • Various balance tweaks
  • Localization improvements
  • Minor inconsistencies in Hero cosmetic visuals
  • A fix for Ottoman villagers not showing up in player score
  • A fix for missing Galley card icons
  • A fix for the deck rename dialogue showing up in other areas than the deck list
  • A fix for several missing legacy hotkey bindings for new units
  • A fix for missing visuals of Sansculottes in the French Revolution
  • A fix for erroneous train time reduction on the Indian Gunpowder card

Hotfix 13.29985

  • Fixed Ransom Explorer OOS
  • Add missing Idle animations to Kunoichi and Nakano second cosmetic
  • Add missing precomps for Humbaraci and Deli
  • Additional balance fixes

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