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New Civilization-Specific Achievements Coming with Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition

Age IV victory screen

On October 25th, you’re once again invited to make history your story with the official release of the Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition on Steam and Microsoft Store. This new version of the game will include the base game and all prior updates, plus the Anniversary Update featuring two exciting new civilizations, the Ottomans and the Malians.  

Existing Age of Empires IV owners will get the Anniversary Update for free, so whether you’re embarking on your Age IV journey for the first time later this month or jumping back in, mark the date and prepare yourself by reading up on the 20 new achievements coming your way (you can find the base game achievements list here for a refresher!). This latest round of achievements focuses on rewarding those who are brave enough to challenge themselves in learning new strategies with the Malians and Ottomans. Lead with stealth with the Malians’ unique unit the Musofadi Warriors by completing From the Shadows or showcase the military prowess of the Great Bombard with A Wonderful Cannon – there’s plenty of strategic opportunity just around the corner! 

The Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition is available for purchase on Steam or Microsoft Store on October 25th. You can learn more about the Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition and the 25th Anniversary Celebration here!  

Ottoman ExpansionWin a match as the Ottomans.10
Transcontinental EmpireWin 20 matches as the Ottomans. 20
Regimented TrainingHave 5 Military Schools active at the same time as the Ottomans.10
Mobile StrikesDefeat 100 ranged units with a Sipahi unit as the Ottomans. 10
A Wonderful Cannon Destroy a Wonder with a Great Bombard as the Ottomans.10
Sound AdviceUnlock 7 Imperial Council upgrades in a single match as the Ottomans.20
Hell of a BeatDefeat 500 enemies with units affected by Mehteran as the Ottomans.10
Trojan HorsesGarrison units into 3 Trebuchets as the Ottomans.5
Malian RiseWin a match as the Malians.10
Trans-Saharan EmpireWin 20 matches as the Malians.20
Tax CollectorGenerate tax from 5 Toll Outposts on a single trip as the Malians.5
From the ShadowAttack 100 enemies with invisible Musofadi Warriors or Gunners in a single match as the Malians.10
Just a PrickDefeat a Heavy Cavalry unit with a Poisoned Arrow as the Malians. 10
All MineGather Gold 1,000 times from Open Pit Mines as the Malians.10 
Aerial Poisoned AttacksDefeat 500 units with Poisoned Arrow as the Malians.20
All in the RanchGet 20 Cattle in Ranches at the same time as the Malians.10
Master of the OttomansComplete the Ottoman Mastery.50
Master of the MaliansComplete the Malian Mastery.50
The Ottoman ArtsEarn a gold medal in the Ottoman Art of War challenge.10
The Malian ArtsEarn a gold medal in the Malian Art of War challenge.10

We hope you enjoy the 20 new achievements coming with the Age of Empires IV Anniversary Update!

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