The Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition launch is just days away! Ahead of the October 15th release date, we’re here to dive into the all new, completely overhauled and updated UI options that Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition has to offer!

Both new and veteran players of Age will appreciate the option to select from distinct HUD layouts based on their preferences. After extensive feedback from our community, we landed on three HUD layouts that will be familiar and welcoming.


The Definitive HUD

The Definitive HUD closely resembles what fans of previous Definitive Editions are used to: with the mini-map on the bottom-right and the resources along the top of the screen.


The Classic HUD

Not just a clever name, the Classic HUD closely resembles the original layout of the classic Age of Empires III: with the mini-map on the bottom left and resources adjacent.


The Default HUD

The Default HUD combines both the Definitive and Classic HUD layouts to provide a new, streamlined presentation with the mini-map on the bottom right and resources adjacent.


Built for You!

Veterans of the original Age of Empires III will immediately pick-up on the extensive work that went into designing the above options. The HUD is less obtrusive overall, appearing and disappearing as you select different units and buildings. Unit and building stat-blocks have been overhauled, presenting a clean, streamlined look. Stats are presented on one panel, with the player no longer needing to toggle between the Hammer / Paper icons to see unit stats. The HUD even offers scaling options in the settings menu!

These UI upgrades were made with usability and visibility in mind, allowing you to pick the look and feel that best fits your style of gameplay—whether you are a seasoned veteran of Age of Empires III or joining in fresh with this new Definitive Edition. We invite you to experiment with each layout and let us know which you like best in the comments below.

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  • gruntgg October 15, 2020
    You have done a great work on the game but the HUD UI still needs a lot of improvements. Me and others made many suggestions during the beta that have not yet been implemented. * There are visibility problems with the numbers displayed on top of icons and flags (number of shipments and number of units garrisoned for example). Add a black square box around the text for easier readability. * The shipment progression being the flag greyed out also is difficult to see. Adding an option of a progress bar like in the original AoE3 would be easier to read. * The toggle to display garrisoned units should be enabled by default since new players struggle to find it and experienced players also want to use it every game. * Unit shipments should display the number of units shipped (I want to know if I sent 8 skirmishers or I miss clicked and sent 7 first, for example). * Unit queues should display number "1" when there is only a single unit in queue (this is particularly relevant for AoE3 whereyou train batches of 5 units). * Have the event log messages written in a different color from chat messages to differentiate them easily. * Enable chat scrolling without having to press Enter. Just like in AoE3 where you could easily scroll by pressing Pg Up and Pg Down buttons. * The score could use some work too like including the civilization flag next to the player name and adding a "," to easily differentiate the numeric score value between 1,000 and 100. Consider adding the option to switch between AoE2 style score (the one you made default now and is AoE3 score multiplied by 100) and the classic AoE3 style score. * Make the "You are victorious" and "You abandon your town" messages into windows so they can be closed. Currently it's really hard to look at the map on the post-game because those messages take a lot of central space in the screen. Please take those suggestions into account. It would improve the game substantially and many of us veteran players, including top players agree with those changes. Thank you!
  • moveable35 October 14, 2020
    I'm glad that they kept the original look, and most everything else in the AoE III DE. Also the from what I saw on YouTube the original sound and music is still there. Nice

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