Age of Empires IV Shortcuts Revealed

Queue up some Archers, get those Farms quickly constructed, and find that dang Idle Villager who’s just been hanging out taking up space. Today we’re excited to give an early look at some of the key Shortcuts you’ll need to help build up your village, manage your army on the battlefield, and in general help you become a better player with Age of Empires IV.

You can see the list below, helpful to keep open as an extra tab or to print out and stick on your wall for even easier referencing (we recommend double-sided tape). We should also note that should you choose to mess with a good thing, all these keys are remappable in Age of Empires IV, allowing you to update and adjust as needed for your optimal gaming experience.

How To Pre-Order

With innovative new ways to expand your empire across vast landscapes in stunning 4K, Age of Empires IV is set to bring real-time strategy to a new generation of PC gamers. We hope you’ll join us October 28 when a new age dawns with the release of Age of Empires IV available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Steam, and Windows.