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Content Preview: Age of Empires IV Expansion

Age of Empires IV Creator Preview

Starting TODAY, some of your favorite content creators are ready to show YOU an exclusive preview of the upcoming expansion for Age of Empires IV.

Want to know more about the upcoming addition of the two new civilizations, four variant civilizations, and the new campaigns? Well, we have fantastic news for you: some of your favorite Content Creators have been granted early access to The Sultans Ascend DLC, and you’ll be getting a sneak preview of the new units, new maps, civilization bonuses, and other additions ahead of release!

Take a look at the brand-new content, ask questions, and support your fellow Age of Empires IV streamers and content creators below:

Age of NoobBeastyqtAussie_DrongoSortOfSCCorvinus1
Farm Man Officialvortix93SAS_ychoom_aoelucifron7
Bella CapillaMr_JayseTenFourTimJeandoYellowish
Wanderbraunzuka_tvnynyhonturin roger
TeamRespawnBaByuByuutinownsDarkCarrot Iby_Aoe

Pre-Order Now!

The Age of Empires IV Content Creator Preview will provide you with plenty of information and excitement on the lead up to the expansion launch on November 14, 2023! The Sultans Ascend is available to pre-order now!

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