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Customize Your Battle with the Age of Empires IV Content Editor Beta!

Content Editor (Beta)

Season One: Festival of Ages is finally here and we’re celebrating with everything related to the beta launch of the Age of Empires IV Content Editor! 

What is it? 

The Age of Empires IV Content Editor will be your one-stop shop for custom play. Want to create your own highly specialized map? Want to play with a French Knight that’s overpowered to the nth degree? With this tool at your fingertips, you get the complete say on how to play. 

With the launch of Season One, the Beta release of the Age of Empires IV Content Editor will allow you to play around with several customization options. 

Crafted Maps

Create your own custom map for multiplayer, skirmishes, or custom games with Crafted Maps! Crafted Maps will be the easiest tool to use when customizing your match, containing terrain elements, wildlife, resources, units, and scripted events. 

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Tuning Packs

Customize and modify the stats of your units with Tuning Packs! With this tool, you can modify the unit cost, speed, toughness, attacks – and anything else that affects unit behaviour. 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Generated Maps

Generated Maps

Love how maps in the game change each time you play them?

Now you can make your own Generated Maps using the Age of Empires IV Content Editor Beta. Using the Generated Map mod, you’ll be able to create randomly generated maps that adhere to a set of rules of your choosing, while continuing to offer variation each time you play using our map generator. Get started with our templates and documentation and when you’re ready, put your programming skills to test as you create your own complex maps!

Generated Maps allow you to create randomly generated maps for skirmishes or multiplayer. It differs from Crafted Maps as you create scenarios based on data to nudge the random map generator in a specific direction you choose. 

Difficulty Level: Experienced

Game Modes

Game Mode is the ultimate way to script your matches! This is for expert modders, requiring knowledge of both Lua and SCAR (short for SCripting ARelic). Re-write the fundamentals and change behaviours (I.e. Victory conditions) – create an entirely different game within the engine! 

Difficulty Level: Expert

Watch the Tutorials

Ready to get started?  
Take a look at the detailed tutorials for you on how to navigate and use the official Content Editor: 

Plus stay tuned, as more tutorials will be coming soon!

Learn More about Mods

Check out the Age of Empires IV Mod Workshop page for more information, guides, and how-to information for all things UGC.

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