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Pre-Order Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Dynasties of India!

Explore history in all of its epic moments in Dynasties of India the exciting third expansion for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. It is available now for pre-order or to add to your wishlist – we know you’ve been waiting! Here are some of the new features you can expect:

  • Three new civilizations for you to master and challenge your friends, each including new unique units and technologies.
  • Battle your way through three new campaigns spanning across India, uncover betrayals and reclaim your lands while immersing yourself in the stories of history.
  • Earn 23 new achievements on your Xbox or Steam account! Full list below.

Dynasties of India will be released on the Microsoft Store and Steam on April 28, 2022!

Three New Civilizations

The Bengalis

image of the Bengali civ

Navigate the winding rivers and dense jungles of Bengal as you build a thriving economy to fuel unstoppable armies of elephants. The Bengali unique unit is the Ratha, a sturdy chariot that can switch between melee and ranged attack modes.

The Bengalis focus on elephant and naval units. Bengali elephants, in addition to benefiting from a strong technology tree, are more resistant to anti-elephant bonus damage than those of other civilizations. Additionally, their attack speed can be boosted by researching the unique technology Paiks, which also improves Rathas. Bengali ships regenerate hitpoints, increasing their longevity. These strengths are built on the back of a strong economy.

Bengali Town Centers automatically spawn additional Villagers whenever each next Age is reached, and the Bengalis can support a larger economy after researching the unique technology Mahayana, which reduces the amount of population space that each Villager takes up. Finally, Bengali trade units and those of their allies generate food in addition to the gold that is accumulated during each trip to/from an allied Market.

Elephant and Naval Civilization

  • Elephant units receive 25% less bonus damage and are more resistant to conversion.
  • Town Centers spawn 2 Villagers when the next Age is reached.
  • Ships regenerate 15 HP per minute.
Unique Units
  • Ratha – Bengali unique chariot that can switch between melee and ranged attacks. Strong vs. infantry. Weak vs. Skirmishers and Camel Riders.
  • Armored Elephant – Anti-building cavalry unit. Resistant to most ranged attacks. Weak vs. melee units. Cannot be converted by enemy Monks from distance.
  • Unique Techs
  • Paiks (Rathas and elephant units attack 20% faster)
  • Mahayana (Villagers take 10% less population space)
  • Team Bonus: Trade units yield 10% food in addition to gold

The Dravidians

image of the dravidian civ in game

Seize control of the lucrative Indian Ocean trade routes and utilize advanced metallurgy as you build one of the wealthiest sea empires of medieval Asia. The Dravidian unique units are the Urumi Swordsman, a warrior wielding a scathing flexible sword, and the Thirisadai, a massive vessel that dominates the high seas.

The Dravidians focus on infantry and naval units. Cheaper Barracks technologies, a strong technology tree, the devastating Urumi Swordsman unique unit, and the unique technology Wootz Steel — which causes infantry and cavalry attacks to ignore the armor of enemy units — make Dravidian infantry among the most formidable in the game. In addition to being able to access the powerful Thirisadai, Dravidian naval power is augmented by increased carry capacity for Fishing Ships and Fishermen, as well as the fact that their Docks and those of their allies provide additional population room.

However, another Dravidian trademark is pure versatility. Upon advancing to each next Age, the Dravidians receive 200 additional wood that can be put towards a variety of uses and strategies. Their Skirmishers and Elephant Archers fire faster, making them more effective in combat. Additionally, their elephant units will regenerate hit points once the unique technology Medical Corps is researched, increasing their longevity.

Infantry and Naval civilization

  • Receive +200 wood when advancing to the next age.
  • Fishermen and Fishing Ships carry +15.
  • Barracks technologies cost -50%.
  • Skirmishers and Elephant Archers attack 25% faster.
Unique Units
  • Urumi Swordsman – Dravidian unique infantry unit which can charge its attack. Strong vs. buildings and infantry. Weak vs. archers at long range.
  • Armored Elephant – Anti-building cavalry unit. Resistant to most ranged attacks. Weak vs. melee units. Cannot be converted by enemy Monks from distance.
  • Thirisadai – Dravidian unique warship that fires multiple projectiles. Strong vs. warships.
  • Unique Techs
    • Medical Corps (Elephant units regenerate 20 HP per minute)
    • Wootz Steel (Infantry and cavalry attacks ignore armor)
    • Team Bonus: Team Bonus: Docks provide +5 population room

The Gurjaras

image of the gurjara civ in game

Ride swift mounts across the fertile fields and open plains of western India and unleash diverse armies of sturdy warriors upon your enemies. The Gurjara unique units are the Shrivamsha Rider, a speedy cavalry unit that can dodge enemy attacks, and the Chakram Thrower, an infantry unit that unleashes volleys of deadly metal discs.

The Gurjaras also begin the game with a Camel Scout instead of a Scout Cavalry, and can train more Camel Scouts starting in the Feudal Age.The Gurjaras focus on cavalry and camelry. Their mounted units deal additional bonus damage against the enemy units that they counter, while their camelry and elephants — and those of their teammates — also train faster. Gurjara camelry also benefit from additional armor once the unique technology Frontier Guards is researched.

The Gurjaras also benefit from a variety of useful economic bonuses. They begin the game with two additional Forage Bushes near their Town Center, and they can garrison livestock inside of Mills to slowly but indefinitely generate food instead of slaughtering them with Villagers. Gurjara Docks can be garrisoned by Fishing Ships, allowing theirs and those of their allies to take refuge when under attack. Finally, researching the unique technology Kshatriyas reduces the food cost of all military units, making them more affordable and easy to mass.

Cavalry and Camel civilization

  • Start with 2 Forage Bushes
  • Can garrison Mills with livestock to produce food
  • Mounted units deal +50% bonus damage
  • Can garrison Docks with Fishing Ships
Unique Units
  • Chakram Thrower – Gurjara unique infantry unit with ranged melee attack. Strong vs. infantry. Weak vs. archers and siege weapons.
  • Shrivamsha Rider – Gurjara unique light cavalry unit which can dodge projectiles. Strong vs. archers. Weak vs. Pikemen and Camel Riders.
  • Camel Scout – Gurjara unique scout unit. Strong vs. cavalry. Weak vs. Pikemen, Monks, and archers.
  • Armored Elephant – Anti-building cavalry unit. Resistant to most ranged attacks. Weak vs. melee units. Cannot be converted by enemy Monks from distance.
  • Unique Techs
    • Kshatriyas (Military units cost -25% food)
    • Frontier Guards (Camel Riders and Elephant Archers +4 melee armor)
    • Team Bonus: Camel and elephant units created 25% faster

3 New, Fully Voiced Campaigns


image of hindustani king sitting on a throne

Nearly a century after Tamerlane’s death, his descendants are still fighting for supremacy in Transoxiana and Persia. The youngest among them is Zahir ud-Din Muhammad – also known as Babur, ‘the tiger’. He dreams of restoring the crumbled empire, but another wave of invading horsemen from the northern steppes is about to change everything. In this campaign, you will play as the Tatars and Hindustanis.


father who is the king walking with his son through the jungle

The dread of inevitable corruption plagues the ambitious Rajendra Chola as he navigates the harsh political climate of south India. Can Rajendra escape moral decay as he expands the empire that he inherited from his father, or is his fear of corruption the true enemy within? In this campaign, you will play as the Dravidians.


battle elephants in line

Guided by the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, Devapala rules a rich and vibrant empire. However, as dangerous rivals threaten his realm, the ambitious emperor finds it increasingly difficult to balance his policies with his morals. Will the ends ultimately justify the means, or will Devapala’s quest for his own enlightenment and that of his subjects fail? In this campaign, you will play as the Bengalis.

New Achievements

Achievement NameAchievement ConditionPoints
The Persian TigerComplete the Babur campaign.10
Never Trust a Campaign AIIgnore Kabul’s offer to form a non-aggression pact in “The Last Timurids”.15
An Offer You Khan’t RefuseConvert both Alam Khan and Daulat Khan in “The Battle of Panipat”.20
The RenovatorRepair all 4 Town Centers in the devastated villages in “The Rajputs”.15
Like Father, Like SonComplete the Rajendra campaign.10
No Rest for the WickedDefeat Mannaram and Polonnaruwa without capturing a Town Center in Rajendra #2.15
Eye of the TigerDefeat all enemy factions in “Rising Star”.15
No Wonder You WonWin the game before Mahipala completes his Wonder in “Sacred Waters”.20
Won’t You Take Me by the HandComplete the Devapala campaign.10
Huna Join Me?Convert all 3 Huna Khans in “Renunciation”.15
Construction CancellationDestroy the Rashtrakuta Wonder before it is completed in “Liberation?”.15
ParinirvanaAccumulate 100 piety points in “Enlightenment”.20
Raja of the PeopleSave both allied villages in “Born of Fire” on Hard difficulty.15
Hopeless RomanticWin “Hand of a Princess” with 12+ minutes remaining on the timer.15
Inspiring PoetConvert all Rajas before the Ghorids attack in Prithviraj #5 on Hard difficulty.20
Bengali VictoryWin a game playing as the Bengalis.5
Dravidian VictoryWin a game playing as the Dravidians.5
Gurjara VictoryWin a game playing as the Gurjaras.5
Face My RathaTrain 10 Rathas as the Bengalis.5
King of the SeasSink 10 enemy ships with Thirisadais as the Dravidians.5
Forged in the Heat of BattleTrain 10 Chakram Throwers as the Gurjaras.5

Hindustanis (Previously Indians)

image of the hindustani civ in game

Stake your claim to populous, diverse lands and lucrative trade routes as you parry foreign invasions – or step into the invader’s shoes yourself. The Hindustani unique units are the Ghulam, a heavily armored infantry unit adept against masses of archers, and the Imperial Camel Rider, a powerful unique upgrade to the Heavy Camel Rider.

The Hindustanis focus on camelry and gunpowder units. Their camelry attack faster than those of other civilizations and deal additional damage to buildings, while their gunpowder units are more heavily armored than their counterparts. The Hindustanis can also research the unique technology Shatagni, which increases the range of Hand Cannoneers.

The Hindustanis also have an excellent economy. Their Villagers are less expensive than those of other civilizations, and the unique technology Grand Trunk Road boosts all sources of gold income. Additionally, they can construct the Caravanserai, a building that heals and increases the speed of trade units within its vicinity.

This civ is available to play without purchase of Dynasties of India.

Camel and Gunpowder civilization

  • Villagers cost -10% Dark, -15% Feudal, -20% Castle, -25% Imperial Age
  • Camel Riders attack 25% faster
  • Gunpowder units +1/+1P armor
  • Can build Caravanserai in Imperial Age
Unique Units
  • Ghulam – Hindustani unique infantry unit that thrusts its spear through multiple targets. Strong vs. archers. Weak vs. cavalry.
  • Imperial Camel Rider (camel rider)
  • Unique Buildings:
  • Caravanserai – Economic building. Heals and increases speed of Trade Carts in a 10 tile radius. Unique building of the Hindustanis.
  • Unique Techs
    • Grand Trunk Road (All gold income 10% faster)
    • Shatagni (Hand Cannoneers +2 range)
    • Team Bonus: Camel and light cavalry units +2 attack vs. buildings

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