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EGCTV’s Golden League Starts this Weekend!

The Golden League, hosted by Elite Gaming Channel, is the latest Age of Empires IV event. With a prize pool of $125,000, it’s the biggest in franchise history. Over ten grueling weeks of action, all online, all leading to one champion!

The Golden League is broadcast live at 15 GMT on every Saturday and Sunday for the entirety of the event! So tune in and join us as some of your favorite commentators including Aussie Drongo, Turin, Lidakor, Dave, Nili, Killer Pigeon, Mitoe, and others, guide you through the action! 

To kick things off, 64 of the greatest players in AoE IV begin by taking each other on in three bracket rounds, each with a unique theme. Depending on their performance in these brackets, the players will score points on the Golden League Table! At the end of these three brutal rounds, only the top 8 that somehow emerge somewhat unscathed will progress to the Elite Playoffs, where they’ll battle once more in a round robin group stage. The top two in each group will then progress to the Final Four where a champion will be crowned!

Round 1: Open Battlefields

The first round is Open Battlefields! Here players will have nowhere to hide as they fight on the most open of maps! This is the first opportunity to begin scoring some valuable points to qualify for the Golden League Elite Playoffs.

Round 2: Off-Meta Combat

In the second round, players are forced to show off their versatility as we enter the Off-Meta Combat round, where the three strongest civilizations on each map will be banned! Players will be forced to rely on strategic gameplay with the five remaining civilizations. Here is a chance for strong players to reinforce their positions atop the league, or for challengers to knock them down and emerge victorious!

Round 3: Exclusive Conclusion

The final preliminary round is the Exclusive Conclusion, where each player will have the opportunity to draft unique civilizations that they alone will be able to play with in their match. This is the last opportunity to accumulate points to qualify for the Golden League Elite Playoffs!


The Golden League starts every Saturday and Sunday at 15GMT from March 26 until May 29!

  • Open Battlefields: March 26 – 27 & April 2 – 3
  • Off-Meta Combat: April 9 – 10 & 16 – 17
  • Exclusive Conclusion: April 23 – 24 & April 30 – May 1
  • Playoff Group Stage: May 7 – 8, 14 – 15 & 21 – 22
  • Final Four: May 28 – 29

Learn More About Golden League

If you want to follow the progress of players as they take on the Golden League, as well as more information on the rules and broadcasts, be sure to check out the interactive league table at

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