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World’s Edge loves the supportive, diverse, and passionate gamers that play, stream, and take part in the Age of Empires community. Our goal is to nurture a community where everyone feels safe in their shared love of Age games. One of the best ways to unite our players in celebration is to organize and host official events: such as our recent Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Battle Royale event. We truly believe the best way to share what we’re doing is with the help of our community; as such, when we invite players to stream in official events and on our channels, we do so with the full expectation that we’re inviting them to participate with a welcoming and supportive community.

The weekend before last, some of the key players invited to join us for the event did not receive the support we expect from the Age community. Comments aimed at demeaning, hurting, or disrupting the success of others stand in direct conflict with our core values. Age titles represent a variety of people and cultures, and our goal is to ensure that Age-related events and streams do the same. We’d ask you—as a community united by a common passion—to focus your efforts on protecting and championing each other.

We all share a common goal: to make Age the greatest game and community on earth!

— Shannon Loftis, Studio Head of World’s Edge

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  • spectral-logic November 13, 2020
    Can someone say who shouldn't have been invited? Cause, from what I know, the invites were very plausible. T90, some pros, plus some content creators for other languages. There are a lot of portuguese, spanish, etc speaking aoe players, so it makes sense that they get some attention. I see no problem with the invites
  • seth-nowai November 12, 2020
    Well, the there is this saying, "get woke, go broke". I get trying to be diversive, but forced diversity never worked it made good impression. Forced diversity movies flop for a reason as example. And you will have to choose, whether you want to cater to gamers, who buy your games, play them and support you. Or you cater to social justice warriors, who will retweet stuff for you, but usually will never buy games, regardless of what they say and will just destroy something by making it woke and then move on to destroying something else. I am all for diversity, but I am also all for picking the best person for the job, not picking worse to meet diversity quota. Which is never specified and never enough, SJWs will always want more. Just saying.
    • mclerristarr November 13, 2020
      Your opinions are objectively wrong from a business point of view, which is exactly why businesses make these decisions.
  • mstrsup3rninja November 12, 2020
    Pity to see that such a great franchise now belongs to the liberal left.
  • swungduck176589 November 12, 2020
    I followed the event and did not see many signs of hurtful comments, though I was mainly watching on T90's stream. Regardless, I think as the sponsor of the event, World's Edge can choose whoever they want for the event, and if that means choosing less skilled or less known players, then that is totally fine by me. It was still a fun event to watch and perhaps it gave exposure to some lesser known channels. I guess my point is let's try to keep the community positive and thank you World's Edge for hosting the event.
    • thejarlofred November 12, 2020
      Worlds edge isn't a 3rd party sponsor. They're the studio that oversees the development of the Age of Empires Franchise, basically a step above Relic and Forgotten Empires. They can choose whoever they want yeah, but this isn't the same thing as a 3rd party sponsor, this is Microsoft that's hosting the event, they're still accountable to their community.
  • plusnomad November 11, 2020
    Honestly, attentively following the community forums for AoE2 I didn't see much abuse directed at the streamers chosen for the morally wrong reasons (in my opinion), more directed at the organisers for making these decisions. The height of abuse I've seen pales in comparison to the day to day on the community forums and in game, which just shows the lack of attention to the game and community that this poster and those associated actually pay. Also without Turkman posting this - you have ONE competent person at FE, you might as well use him to his best ability. People were handpicked in a competitive event, not because they are capable competitive players, but based on appearing diverse. It's VERY hard to get the point across that you don't discriminate while you cherry pick people based on genders, backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities and more. Face it, the organisers F'ed up hard, and are responsible for the fallout. They are just trying to patch up a few people being "emotionallyharmed" by comments that people don't think they belong in an event they were invited to because of the organiser's bad morals, which were far from severe. I've had worse abuse from an SOTL comment.
  • general-reimano November 11, 2020
    What happened?
    • iamjoyster November 12, 2020
      AoeZone happened
  • florian-opel November 11, 2020
    I have no idea who said what to whom, but obviously it is something I didn't see coming from our community. NO TOLERANCE for racists, bigots and trouble makers! And in the spirit of this game, I wish those bad apples to 105.
    • iaxx23 November 12, 2020
      >better find another game then Bud if you think this game(or any game ever that is ever going to come out) is gonna cater to conservative political andys you're out of your mind.
    • mstrsup3rninja November 12, 2020
      better find another game then
  • thejarlofred November 11, 2020
    You did an invite only event, with no clear rhyme or reason as to why you invited who you did. While it appeared that you attempted to invite people from a wide variety of backgrounds, there were some odd exceptions, and some odd overrepresentations. We can't know who you asked and the reasons for your choices. However being surprised that an invite only event like this with no clear criteria for the invitees raised some eyebrows, is rather obtuse on your part.
    • thejarlofred November 12, 2020
      I defended them because I thought a lot of the critique was unwarranted, however this post is incredibly out of touch. I didn't see anyone making inappropriate attacks on individual invitees, but rather on the process itself. A post complaining that people raised valid concerns about invite only events from the Dev team, and practically demonizing them as insensitive jerks harassing invitees, is a shameful display of someone who's unwilling to defend their decisions, and would rather start casting aspersions upon their player-base.
    • guanfranco November 11, 2020
      I wouldn't think a community as old as AOE's would be this entitled.
    • nathan091 November 11, 2020
      People may not agree with the way they recruited for this event but it doesn't give them permission to make the kind of hurtful and demeaning comments directed at individuals they are talking about here. It is possible to critise constructively.