When we launched Age of Empires: Definitive Edition last year, we described it as a love letter to the gamers who’ve made this legendary RTS franchise what it is today. Well, it’s our one-year launch anniversary on Feb. 20, so we decided another love letter is in order with a major update to the game!


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Update 8 is currently in the works! It will be released soon, and will  include some of the community’s most-requested features, including automatic farm reseeding, mixed unit queues, dead unit decay, and more! The full patch notes are below!


Without further ado, here are the patch notes that you can expect for Age DE Update 8:



  • Automatic Farm Reseed – New Option in the Granary
  • Mixed unit Queues –  Players can now train different units at the same time from buildings
  • Mixed tech Queues – Players can now queue units and techs at the same time from buildings
  • Added resolution options to full screen mode
  • Fallen units now decay over time

Unit Behavior:

  • Units navigate better when going through narrow paths
  • Improved intercept targeting behavior
  • Ship acceleration removed to improve tasked response times
  • Builders no longer fail to build wall pieces under certain circumstances


  • AI should no longer get stuck in the Stone Age under certain circumstances
  • AI can now hunt Elephants
  • AI Scouts are less prone to killing themselves to hazards
  • AI units pick their targets better
  • General AI build orders/strategies have been updated to be more efficient


  • Fixed various crashes at game end
  • Destroyed buildings disappear much faster


That’s it for now! Remember to follow us on social media at /ageofempires for all the latest updates!

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  • slickknot850572 May 10, 2019

    me manda al store y ya nose que hacer para jugar.. alguien que le haya pasado lo mismo

    • xtremexploit November 23, 2019

      tienes que bajar el xbox game pass para pc, es una app que se instala en windows 10, de ahi te lo descargas

    • dcardona87 May 12, 2019

      Tenes que bajar el juego en la tienda. Tambien como es pagado. Tenes que tener una tarjeta registrada en la parte de configuraciones de la tienda. Espero que esto te ayude.

  • livingwords April 27, 2019

    I have pretty well completed all the AofE definitive edition. I played all the original AofE episodes. Are anymore definitive versions coming, to duplicate the originals?

  • player223316696 April 2, 2019

    Please release age of empires 4

  • player223316696 April 2, 2019

    Please release age of empires 4 this year

  • caesarehab March 28, 2019

    Please fix the AI it's playing really in a weird way.

  • perturbedcurve8 March 28, 2019

    In a custom scenario, AI's don't build docks as much as I would expect, and not much intelligent.

  • perseus-1207 March 25, 2019

    Although all the new features are great the AI is ruined after this update..

    Me and a friend of mine often play against the AI and we used to enjoy it. Though after this latest update we can’t get the AI to be good.. Easiest, easy, standard, hard or hardest it doesn’t mater the AI does about nothing. They get to the tool age quickly but that’s about it. We’ve upgraded to post-ironage have about 100 soldiers and 100 villagers and they have about 6-8 villagers and sometimes a slinger or axemen. They build more farms then they have villagers, build the farms half a screen away from their granary or town center and don’t farm on it etc.

    PLEASE!! get this fixed it totally ruins the game. There is no joy in winning if there is no challenge.

  • plewinlon March 20, 2019


  • vijeetgv March 20, 2019

    When is it coming?

    • chesqin March 21, 2019

      It has been updated already. :)

  • vijeetgv March 16, 2019

    Automatic Farm Reseed & Mixed unit Queues would be great.

  • graves1971 March 13, 2019

    Please fix the AI. New campaigns and scenarios won't matter if the AI is not fixed.

  • vitcor-gallo March 13, 2019

    Nothing announced in today's Inside Xbox !!! Where is AoE 4 ???? If it's gonna be delayed just say "wait for it Feb 22th 2023"... or something like that... We don't like being ignored...

  • bfranx March 13, 2019

    Will there ever be a Steam release?

    • vitcor-gallo March 13, 2019

      UP !!! It's n.e.e.d.e.d. !!!

  • desanderes March 12, 2019

    All I really care for are new Campaignes. NEW CAMPAIGNES!
    I want Celts as well as more Romans, more Greeks, more Babylonians, more Egyptians and so on.
    I will pay for a Add-On with new Campaignes. But AoE always was a Singleplayer game for me. And AoE II HD is already my Multiplayer game. So I want more SP Content.

  • xeno-aura March 12, 2019

    Yeah, to echo other comments, the AI is completely non-functioning now.

    Played 2 3vs2 games online against 2 AI set to "Hard" difficulty, after 30 minutes, 1 AI had 6 villagers, the other AI had 17 villagers, the one with 6 was still in Tool Age, the other had made it to Iron, but had mainly tool/bronze age units. Seems like their priorities are all wrong, they build tonnes of houses and storage pits all over the place, but never build up the villagers to use any of it, and their economy is so poor that they can't build a decent army.

  • westerncoldsky March 12, 2019

    When this was published originally, there was mention of AoE being featured on Inside Xbox, scheduled for today. However, the mention has been removed - what happened?

    • westerncoldsky March 12, 2019

      No mention in the stream, and nothing I can find either here or any of the other Xbox news outlets. Not sure if the community manager can comment on the mention that was redacted?

    • vobishaendler March 12, 2019

      The stream just ended, there was no information regarding AOE :(

  • walkaiser5079 March 11, 2019

    BIG BUG in multiplayer
    The Ai has become super easy on every difficulty setting
    Please fix
    Other changes great

  • graves1971 March 11, 2019

    Anyone else having an issue with computer teams being way to easy on hardest? Easy use to be decent but now hardest setting is way easier than easy use to be before the patch. Not worth playing against the computer anymore.

    • walkaiser5079 March 11, 2019

      Same here

  • gucci-rolex March 10, 2019

    Still can't play multiplayer created scenarios with friends. Astonishing how 20 years later you still can't make a map and play it with your friends. It has to be some pre-created Microsoft scenario and it sets your population at 50, it's all completely diminishing. FIX IT. I WANNA PLAY THE MAPS I CREATE WITH MY FRIENDS.

  • reaper170689 March 9, 2019

    What about playing together one fraction like in Age 2 HD? It's still impossible to do that what makes the game still unenjoyable for me and my friend. Why does this option still not exist?

    • reaper170689 March 9, 2019

      For a better explanation: Why is there still no option to play the game in coop??? That sucks!!!

  • bridlingtitan85 March 9, 2019

    "Dead unit decay"? They are just sucked into the ground and some folks like the comp. bowman don't have a "decay animation" at all. I was hyped about that one but damn you disappointed a loyal age 1 fan. :(

  • patbeez March 9, 2019

    "Automatic Farm Reseed – New Option in the Granary
    Mixed unit Queues – Players can now train different units at the same time from buildings
    Mixed tech Queues – Players can now queue units and techs at the same time from buildings"

    Thanks you for this one finnally !
    Can you add some ranking stats? Should be better to have in this game

  • ekvedoj March 6, 2019

    Thank you Jennifer! This are great news :)

  • buddysmaddawgs March 6, 2019

    how do you get the update?

  • iamaboozer March 5, 2019

    why no damned ratings?

  • simulador March 5, 2019

    ah great news. this game needs a lot of repairs.
    but what about the gate on the walls? still nothing?
    such a simple repair and a very lame mistake.
    we got no gates on the walls

    • gucci-rolex March 10, 2019

      there were never gates on walls, the fact that there is now farm reseeding and your vils can walk on farms is FAR OFF the track of how Age 1 should feel. So people like you can back back to your starcraft 2 / age of 3 or whatever games.

    • iamaboozer March 5, 2019

      no. this isnt age of kings

  • davy-vanspauwen March 5, 2019

    I've played the game last year around the release, and it played perfectly.
    Now I can't start the game.
    I only see the small start up square when clicking the icon, after that the screen goes black and when the intro used to start everything stops.
    What can I do ?

  • yorbihtter March 2, 2019

    It'll also be great to see remake of original AOE1 intro.

  • yorbihtter March 2, 2019

    I was pretty excited when I've seen this update post, but there are lots of things that must be fixed, but which were not mentioned in patch notes list. I hope you will read this comment and try to fix at least some of the following issues:

    1. Elephants.
    a) Idle animation of Armored War Elephants and War Elephants are "rougher" and less smooth than of standard Elephant. It seems like these animations are played at about 20 FPS.
    b) Armored Elephant's attack animation, unlike War Elephant's one, is broken and intermittent. It seems like chunk of it is just missing.
    c) It's not so much of issue, but it's weird to see a huge armored war elephant being ridden by some sort of villager without any armor and he barely has any clothes. It's not how ancient age war machine driver should look like. In AOE2 and Rise of Nations war elephants' drivers seemed more like a warriors than just peaceful peasants.

    2. Lions start to shake and shiver when they play an idle animation. They stagger from side to side even when they are completely motionless. Plus it seems like their model's quality is worse when they are playing this animation.

    3. AI players do a lot of stupid things. First of all - they are obviously cheating. They can build about 10 houses and some stockpiles in start of the game, without even gathering any wood. Furthermore they don't defend their bases when they're attacked. AI's army just stands near the attacked base and doesn't do anything. AI does also emulate map exploration even when map is completely revealed and visible.

    4. I get some weird artifacts / visual bugs on my screen when I zoom out to maximum. Some grey boxes just appear in the middle of a screen and flicker from time to time. I've experienced that on several PCs, so it's definitely a bug.

    5. We need flares for teamplay and cooperativity!

    6. There's no classic mode for multiplayer. Why this game has no such option?

    7. It's also necessary to add mod support for this game. If you cant fix the game by yourself, let the community do it. There are thousands of fans of the series, and lots of them are disappointed because of AoE DE's quality. Just let them fix it by themselves!

    • gucci-rolex March 10, 2019

      Flares are a must

    • stevem97 March 3, 2019

      That I know of for the AI; they do indeed cheat at Hard and Hardest difficulties. It was in the original AOE. I would also agree and wish they wouldn't keep exploring, especially with their villagers - understandable at the start of the game but to have them wander into my base at the end is rather, enfuriating because I know they will make another villager and send another around - wasting their resources and time.
      I would also like them to actually attempt to defend as well - go in defensive mode and make units as quickly as possible, and better watch tower placements - it's pointless building towers at the back of your base haha.
      It's probably quite difficult to implement tho as, from my understanding, it is in the base code and isn't very malleable and would need extensive changing, and the community size and frequence of updates suggests they will do as much as they want to with minimal time and resources (which is why it shoulda been on steam and defo moddable and accessible). But I would love improved AI personally as it's what I play against the most - I ain't into that online crowd! haha

  • kgbcrazy March 2, 2019

    Good! After the new patch is on, i will try the game again.

    Guys, even if its slow, consider in futures updates:

    1) Elo system (ladder), dont demand any in game change

    2) Flare (just like aoc, it will not change the classic gameplay, it will just improve team game play).

    3) replay system (recorded game)

    4) multiplayer map auto-transfer

    5) lobby improvements: show numbers of players online, show games room that are been played ( so people will se more rooms and may wait a lil longer to get a game).

  • zynysterv March 2, 2019

    Finally an update!

  • ngdkhoa March 2, 2019

    I need gates!

  • thomassn1985 March 1, 2019

    AOE:DE is a fine remake of Age of Empires. I'm also playing AOE2:HD sometimes which are also a fine remake.
    I would like to have AOE:DE remain as much possible close to the original gameplay of Age of Empires

  • noi9er March 1, 2019

    there is more to added

    - add a door when you click to the wall ( there is no door )
    - add a Scout for searching in map
    - add Option to remove Wonder on lubby options
    - fix arabic reading on game ..
    when we writing its be fine but the problem when we start reading
    we read left to right as english language we sure we want to read right to left ( start playing chat )

    thanks for your efforts

    • noi9er March 2, 2019

      stevem97 Cool its mean he can search on the map automatically?

    • stevem97 March 2, 2019

      There is a scout in the game in the tool age in the stable for 100 food. Perhaps you specifically mean that you should start with a scout in the stone age? I would say it would unbalance the game somewhat - the LOS of the scout is much higher than that of AOE 2, though it could be remedied for reducing the LOS in stone age (as with AOE 2). And the maps for AOE: DE are smaller and more compact somewhat so scouting would uncover the map a lot more quickly initially. But it could work.

    • noi9er March 2, 2019

      there is no scout on this game

    • thomassn1985 March 1, 2019

      You can buy a scout in the stable?

  • sirumgolf1995 March 1, 2019

    Please consider a point system for online matchmaking. Would make it much easier for balanced games and many more players will be online. Excited for Update 8 coming Up!!

  • biegaliusz February 27, 2019


  • rynexwon February 26, 2019

    new features look like AOK's.

    please solved collision box problem.
    melee unit can't attack target at close, villagers can't get resource, especilly gazelle usually

  • aanayeem February 26, 2019

    It is going to be great for the Age of Empires lovers. Keep bringing more updates. Thanks a lot.

  • esvf96 February 26, 2019

    No sound on menu or ingame, have turn it up in audio mixer and change volume ingame still nothing, my friend has the same issue as soon as he alt tabbed after it was installed the sound just went and hasn’t come back. Can’t find any sources about a fix to it. Does anyone know a work around?

  • theorychile1988 February 26, 2019

    it crashes on launch!

  • oakkormaximus February 26, 2019

    from where the hell do you download the fucking patch god damit

    • stevem97 February 27, 2019

      Firstly, Chill.
      Secondly, on the windows store - might need to check for updates when it's released, which it isn't just yet. Patience.

  • nottudwill February 25, 2019

    Please add multiplayer Scenario transferring - I want to play my creations with other players but currently no transfer is making doing so impossible. :( It's what has kept me playing Age of Mythology for 10+ years!

    • thomassn1985 March 1, 2019

      I also agree - much needed feature!

    • rynexwon February 26, 2019

      I agree!

  • principe-persa February 24, 2019

    Long time that I don't come back here, but I have a question: Do we have nowadays an ELO system? Or we still are missing this feature?

    How it is the multiplayer scene? I'm actually considering to return to the game after seeing an important update as described above

    • chromeblayde February 24, 2019

      I'm unsure what an ELO system is but I can say that a lot of the bugs that deterred me from playing it has been fixed but it's still more fun with friends! I'm excited for this update as well! Give it another go man!

  • anexpor299 February 23, 2019


  • william-hkxbox February 23, 2019

    After almost a year of inactive involvement in the forum, it is great to see the news that we still have UPDATES!! Can't wait to see how the new Path-finding works.

  • fyrapan90 February 22, 2019

    Great update but please fix this random freeze bug that appeared from nowhere and has yet to be fixed. No matter the graphics everything lags out and stutters.

    • chromeblayde February 24, 2019

      I agree! this is annoying as hell! but it doesn't happen to me too often.

  • blackstar1780 February 22, 2019

    Awesome!! Great update!!

  • beyond-wonders February 21, 2019

    This is very, very, very good news! ALL you have to do now, is to make a ranked matchmaking system. That way, you will get more people to buy and stick with the game over longer periods of time!

  • exemptedscarf68 February 21, 2019

    These are wonderful news! But the game still need improvement on some aspects not mentioned there.

    - Please, PLEASE, add gates. Their non-existence is not a "feature", is a limitation. I play this game since I was a kid in 1999 and never found any sense on building walls without gates. What is the porpoise of walls if you need holes on them for your units to get out, but the enemies can get in through them?
    - Make units ordered to move to a same location gather closer to each other. If you aren't going to add formations, make at last their behavior on groups more precise.
    - Add as units behaviors the "aggressive" and "defensive" stance, and "non-attack" for catapults. Having your catapults always firing automatically and killing your own units was enervating ever since, as when your units persecute enemies forever, entering their bases and dying.
    - And FINISH the game graphics, please. Add the Egyptian Tool Age house model; Make the cheat code units look as the new graphics; Substitute the old icon figures with the new ones, for those where it wasn't yet.

    Thanks so much for your efforts on completing and enhancing the game!

    • chromeblayde February 24, 2019

      YES! YES! YEESSS! Please do! all this sounds terrific! The gates are NEEDED! and I would love a feature for unit formation and to send someone to randomly (and passively) scout on their own.

  • exemptedscarf68 February 21, 2019
  • mackanman1992 February 21, 2019

    Great work!!!!!
    I think it would be nice if you can gather villager inside the town center when you are under attack. And also have the option to build a gate.

  • leandrocris February 21, 2019

    In multplayer lobby, show the number of players actives .. plzzz

  • tsuyofarmerjp February 21, 2019

    thanks update!
    as long as update this game, i'll continue to stream and fight by bone ! 19
    see you at update 8 :)))))

  • stevem97 February 21, 2019

    Nice to see some nice additional features! Especially the AI updates!

  • samarona7 February 21, 2019

    Muy bien por los cambios en referencia a las colas de reproducción de armería.

    Espero y funcionen bien.

    También necesitamos un sistema de ranking en tiempo real en el lobby del modo multijugador. Tanto para Death Match así como las partidas Random.

    Mejoras en los Sprites de las unidades de Élite de todas las civilizaciones. Ya que parecen las mismas a simple vista

    Enhorabuena y gracias por la actualización.

  • eininfar February 21, 2019

    YES, YES, YES! Thank you for finally adding farm reseed! Now if we can see formations and more unit behavior modes, this will honestly be on par with AOE 2 for me....

    Thank's for the hard work there! Looking forward to what's to come! (And happy birthday AOE DE!)

  • thanhtuk9acntt February 21, 2019

    I think, population limit effect should be longer. Same AOE classic

  • thesonofkali February 21, 2019

    That's nice. And how about a better multiplayer lobby with rating system?

  • idinow February 21, 2019

    I am very happy for an update after so long!
    I remind you of some points mentioned, I hope you have them in mind for another update:

    - Tool Age Egyptian house does not exist, we only see that of Bronze Age.
    - Attack animation of the Armored Elephant is strange, it seems electrified.
    - Bad Academy icons during the game. They should use the ones seen in the technological tree.
    - Cheats units need new modeling. They still have the model of the classic game.
    - Trireme, ballista, Helepolis and Ballista tower, leave a crater with a rock when firing, such as the catapult. It should be seen an arrow buried.

    If these points are solved, the game will be even better!

  • pghawk February 21, 2019

    we NEED ladder and automated matchmaking

  • ariota February 21, 2019

    Ah, other things that I really would like to see in future patches is the option to buy and sell things in the market just like in AOC. This is SOOO NEEDED for gold dependent civs like Persians. If they run out of gold, they're are screwed, and gates with the option to rotate them like in the 1.5 R6 patch of age 2 in voobly

    • thesonofkali February 21, 2019

      Good points!

  • ariota February 21, 2019

    OH GOD, finaly!!! Thanks! I really hope the auto reseed feature can be used with a hotkey, just like in AOC.

    We still want a ranking system for both RM and DM, and others things as well like choosing color in multiplayer, classic mode in multiplayer and with it's own ranking for both RM and DM. Take care, AOE DE team!

  • vn-lam-bkpro February 21, 2019

    good news <3

  • danicela February 21, 2019

    Wow, finally something new after MONTHS of nothingness.. thanks for this.

    Don't forget some important points I have in mind : color choosing in multiplayer, classic mode in multiplayer, shore graphical bug in classic mode, graphical impact of catapult's bullet, ranks in multiplayer.. and surely other things talked about in the forums.

    • ariota February 21, 2019

      oh yes, please. These points are also SO important right now!

  • googs-iii February 21, 2019

    Yes! Thank you so much for this. I love this game!

  • fritz-kolbe February 20, 2019

    I’m hoping for Israelites, gates, and diagonal walls.
    Maybe in update 9?

  • dracoarkan February 20, 2019

    Please bring it to Xbox!!

  • lhbr February 20, 2019

    Release it on XBOX please!!!. We have mouse and keyboard support already

  • kanye-twest February 20, 2019

    Any updates about a multiplayer ranking system or online performance and stability improvements?

  • photon-riders February 20, 2019

    It's good to have news! Will be new content? anything on Age II DE or Age IV?

  • desanderes February 20, 2019

    Awesome! Would love a new Expansion with new Cultures and Campaigns!!!!

  • radiatingblade February 20, 2019

    This is good news! Any multiplayer updates?


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