When we launched Age of Empires: Definitive Edition last year, we described it as a love letter to the gamers who’ve made this legendary RTS franchise what it is today. Well, it’s our one-year launch anniversary on Feb. 20, so we decided another love letter is in order with a major update to the game!


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Update 8 is currently in the works! It will be released soon, and will  include some of the community’s most-requested features, including automatic farm reseeding, mixed unit queues, dead unit decay, and more! The full patch notes are below!


Without further ado, here are the patch notes that you can expect for Age DE Update 8:



  • Automatic Farm Reseed – New Option in the Granary
  • Mixed unit Queues –  Players can now train different units at the same time from buildings
  • Mixed tech Queues – Players can now queue units and techs at the same time from buildings
  • Added resolution options to full screen mode
  • Fallen units now decay over time

Unit Behavior:

  • Units navigate better when going through narrow paths
  • Improved intercept targeting behavior
  • Ship acceleration removed to improve tasked response times
  • Builders no longer fail to build wall pieces under certain circumstances


  • AI should no longer get stuck in the Stone Age under certain circumstances
  • AI can now hunt Elephants
  • AI Scouts are less prone to killing themselves to hazards
  • AI units pick their targets better
  • General AI build orders/strategies have been updated to be more efficient


  • Fixed various crashes at game end
  • Destroyed buildings disappear much faster


That’s it for now! Remember to follow us on social media at /ageofempires for all the latest updates!

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  • plewinlon March 20, 2019


  • vijeetgv March 20, 2019

    When is it coming?

    • chesqin March 21, 2019

      It has been updated already. :)

  • vijeetgv March 16, 2019

    Automatic Farm Reseed & Mixed unit Queues would be great.

  • graves1971 March 13, 2019

    Please fix the AI. New campaigns and scenarios won't matter if the AI is not fixed.

  • vitcor-gallo March 13, 2019

    Nothing announced in today's Inside Xbox !!! Where is AoE 4 ???? If it's gonna be delayed just say "wait for it Feb 22th 2023"... or something like that... We don't like being ignored...

  • bfranx March 13, 2019

    Will there ever be a Steam release?

    • vitcor-gallo March 13, 2019

      UP !!! It's n.e.e.d.e.d. !!!

  • desanderes March 12, 2019

    All I really care for are new Campaignes. NEW CAMPAIGNES!
    I want Celts as well as more Romans, more Greeks, more Babylonians, more Egyptians and so on.
    I will pay for a Add-On with new Campaignes. But AoE always was a Singleplayer game for me. And AoE II HD is already my Multiplayer game. So I want more SP Content.

  • xeno-aura March 12, 2019

    Yeah, to echo other comments, the AI is completely non-functioning now.

    Played 2 3vs2 games online against 2 AI set to "Hard" difficulty, after 30 minutes, 1 AI had 6 villagers, the other AI had 17 villagers, the one with 6 was still in Tool Age, the other had made it to Iron, but had mainly tool/bronze age units. Seems like their priorities are all wrong, they build tonnes of houses and storage pits all over the place, but never build up the villagers to use any of it, and their economy is so poor that they can't build a decent army.

  • westerncoldsky March 12, 2019

    When this was published originally, there was mention of AoE being featured on Inside Xbox, scheduled for today. However, the mention has been removed - what happened?

    • westerncoldsky March 12, 2019

      No mention in the stream, and nothing I can find either here or any of the other Xbox news outlets. Not sure if the community manager can comment on the mention that was redacted?

    • vobishaendler March 12, 2019

      The stream just ended, there was no information regarding AOE :(

  • walkaiser5079 March 11, 2019

    BIG BUG in multiplayer
    The Ai has become super easy on every difficulty setting
    Please fix
    Other changes great


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