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Join Kindred Spirits with Age of Empires IV!

Image of birds flying around a gold cannon and some blue flags in the background with the words "season three event" on it

Spring is nearly upon us, and love is in the air along with the next event for Age of Empires IV! Unwrap your box of chocolates and pet your lovebirds because it’s time for some fun! From today, February 10th through February 15th, play some fun challenges and earn some exclusive rewards in the Kindred Spirits Event!

showcase of kindred spirits event and rewards

New Rewards!

Login Bonus🎯 Log in February 10th to receive:
🧱Coat of Arms Sigil Unlock
ChallengeHow to Unlock Reward
Together for LifeπŸ”’ Recapture Grainville in the Battle of Bremule mission on any difficulty.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock
FruitfulπŸ”’ Increase the yield of 10 Berry Bushes then accrue 3000 Food as the Abbasid Dynasty or as the Delhi Sultanates.
🧱 Coat of Arms Sigil Unlock
Always TogetherπŸ”’ Play a 2v1 Multiplayer match with a friend against any AI difficulty.
πŸ† Profile Icon Unlock
Take Them OnπŸ”’ Last at least 10 min in a 8 players Free For All Multiplayer match.
🧱 Coat of Arms Sigil Unlock
Buckle UpπŸ”’ Win a 1v1 Multiplayer match that results in a Conquest Victory.
🧱 Unlocks a Monument

We hope you enjoy the Kindred Spirits Event and are looking forward to the next one!

Don’t forget to keep sharing your feedback on Seasons with us in the forums – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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