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Journey Back with the Return of Rome Event!

This month, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is celebrating the latest DLC – Return of Rome – with an all-new event! Join us as we soldier back to ancient Rome and unlock golden centurion statues, testudo formations, and more! So grab your helmets, strap on those sandals, and don your shiny armor – it’s time for the Return of Rome!

And for a touch of nostalgia, we’ve brought back some famous units and effects you might have missed from Age of Empires: Definitive Edition!

September 6th – September 20th

Return of Rome Event: New Rewards!

NOW through September 20th, complete the in-game tasks within the time limit to unlock exclusive rewards!

Day ~🎯 Sign in to Xbox Live.
🏆Unlocks a profile icon of a Golden centurion statue.
💾 *Required* to save any rewards unlocked during the event!

Each of the following challenges must be unlocked in order and on separate days:

Day 1🔒 Defeat 5 Villagers with Militia-line units.
🧱 Unlocks a graphical mod where Militia is replaced by Age of Empires Clubman.
Day 2🔒 Win 1 multiplayer game with an Infantry civilization.
Unlocks a profile icon of Roman legionaries in testudo formation.
Day 3🔒 Gather 6000 Wood in a single Skirmish or Multiplayer Match.
🧱 Unlocks a graphical mod where Crossbowmen become stealth archers like Composite bowmen in a famous Age of Empires cheat code.
Day 4🔒 Destroy 2 Town Centers with Mangonels, Onagers or Siege Onagers.
🏆 Unlocks a profile icon of Zug 209 waiting for orders.
Day 5🔒 Convert 40 units.
🧱 Unlocks a graphical mod where a Lightning effect strikes any converted unit.

Event F.A.Q.

Keep It All (Forever)!

Remember: if you sign in to Xbox Live during the event, you’ll get to keep all of the mods and profile icons you’ve achieved! Sign in, earn your rewards, and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy the Return of Rome Event!

—The Age of Empires Team

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