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Mods to Age-Up Your Age of Empires II Gameplay!

Age of Empires has a rich history of player-created modifications: ranging from unique campaigns and stories for you to explore within the Age of Empires experience, to the addition of new units, maps, graphics, and features which expand the way you play! Each mod offers a new way to experience the game, and often explores solutions that fulfill the needs of the entire community!

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a handful of popular mods that can help you improve and develop your Age of Empires gameplay—just a few in the LONG list of modifications for you to explore!

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Interactive Build Order Guide

Are you ready to take your gameplay to the next level? The Interactive Build Order Guide—by Cicero—gently leads you through a guided set of tutorials which help you establish or improve on your competitive build orders. Each tutorial consists of a different scenario, providing you with fully narrated instructions to guide you through the steps. At the end of the tutorials, you will then receive a rank based on your performance!

Though the ranking scale can be tough, it’s a sure-fire way to improve your gameplay and understanding of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Stick with it, and you’ll definitely begin to feel the improvement!

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Small Trees

The Small Trees mod has been a community favorite for the last decade, and is an *absolute* must-have! By reducing the size of trees, you can more effectively micromanage your units, place buildings, and securely wall your base.

Though it may break your visual illusion—as your Villagers are now chopping down pieces of broccoli—it’s a popular way to gain more visibility and improve your control over a competitive battlefield!

image aebad82c-a87a-4736-9f58-65a904d6d892

Bonus Mod: Short Walls

Similar to the Small Trees mod, the Short Walls mod reduces the size of wall pieces: making it easier to select, control, and identify units on the opposite side of the fortification! This is another popular choice to improve your visibility on the battlefield!

image 2ce9cf88-ba6d-4fba-9254-bc95aecca2f3

Bigger Idle Villager Warning

Slackers! Slackers everywhere!

Your economy is the backbone of every match; there’s NO time for lethargic Villagers not doing their job! Setting idle Villagers back to work is an important skill to develop, and the Bigger Idle Villager Warning is a great way to ensure that you always know when new orders are needed!

The Idle Villager Icon is a handy way for ensuring all your Villagers are busy working—however, it can be easy to miss in the heat of the moment. The Bigger Idle Villager Warning adds an exclamation mark (!) notification under the Idle Villager icon to help draw your attention and assist you in getting those loafers back to work: resulting in more resources and creating more opportunities for you to seize victory!

image 431e0b82-130c-4e84-b1f8-fbb092de8873

Bonus Mod: Advanced Idle Pointer

If you’re more of the type that prefers functionality over glamour, the Advanced Idle Pointer will put a massive exclamation point (!) over every idle Villager—making them impossible to ignore! You’re guaranteed to stay alert: helping you micromanage through the tense battle and keeping your economy on pace with the action!

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Mod Browser

The Mod Browser is home to all types of whimsical and fantastic mods designed by the Age of Empires community. Whether you’re looking for a new campaign challenge or some funky game modes, the Mod Browser is the place to explore!

What are some of your own favorite mods? Join the discussion on our social channels, or let us know in the comments below!

—The Age of Empires Team

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Mod Browser

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