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N4C $100k LAN Tournament March 5-13th

N4C Tournament Logo $100,000 prize pool LAN Event 5th-13th of March

The first major Age of Empires IV LAN tournament has arrived, hosted by Nili. The 8 best Age IV players in the world are competing for their share of the $100,000 prize pool. Fan favorite casters Grubby, Aussie_Drongo, Dave & Nili are guiding you through the show, but with a special twist. The event is held in an apartment, at the GamerLegion Team House in Berlin, Germany, giving the tournament a unique charm—a cozy atmosphere where the players are invited to join the casting desk.

N4C will offer quality casting paired with the sharp analysis of pro players, making it enjoyable for casual viewers and long-time strategy fans alike. TheViper, DeMusliM, MarineLorD, Beastyqt, LucifroN, Vortix, TheMista & Leenock will be vying for the N4C Championship title and the $30,000 first prize for themselves.


The action starts March 5th with a Group Stage, where the 8 players face off to determine their standing for the single elimination finale. Then after a day of rest, the players compete in a tense single-elimination round.

Group Stage: 4 sets daily, all Best of 5.

  • Saturday, March 5th: Round 1 Starting at 13 GMT
  • Sunday, March 6th: Round 2 Starting at 13 GMT
  • Monday, March 7th: Round 3 Starting at 13 GMT
  • Tuesday, March 8th: Round 4 Starting at 13 GMT
  • Wednesday, March 9th: Round 5 Starting at 13 GMT

Quarterfinals: Best of 7

  • Friday, March 11th Starting at 15 GMT

Semifinals: Best of 7

  • Saturday, March 12th Starting at 15 GMT

Grand Finale

  • Sunday, March 13th Starting at 14 GMT with a Showmatch
  • Finals Starting at 17 GMT, Best of 9

N4C in Short

The first LAN environment combined with the biggest prize pool and the highest level of game play AoE IV fans have ever seen. Tune in to Nili’s channel March 5th-13th to see who will become the champion of the first Age of Empires IV LAN tournament.

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