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NEXT WEEK—Age of Empires IV Season Three Public Update Preview

Age of Empires IV Public Update Preview Season Three

The Age of Empires IV Season Three Public Update Preview (PUP) launches on September 13th!

Through September 27th, owners of Age IV on Steam will have their first opportunity to try their hand with our two new civilizations—the Malians and the Ottomans. This PUP will also include additional content and updates coming soon to Age of Empires IV. Read on for more information!

Age of Empires Public Update Previews (PUPs) present an opportunity for our incredible players to get hands-on experience with exciting changes ahead of major updates. They also provide an opportunity for passionate players to give feedback and help us prepare for upcoming major releases. PUP builds will generally contain new features, content and bug fixes. This PUP session provides a hands-on look at what’s coming to Age of Empires IV in our Season Three update. 

Introducing the Malians and Ottomans, and more!

Among the future content available is an adrenaline-charged hands-on preview of two new civilizations – the Malians and the Ottomans.

The Malians focus on strong economic play and strategic hit-and-run tactics. This civilization will play best for those that enjoy ambush or hit-and-run style combat while leveraging influence and economic prowess.

The Ottomans couldn’t be more different with gameplay heavily dependent on military expertise – gaining the upper hand in battle with production bonuses and large gunpowder siege weapons. The Ottomans benefit strongly from their military prowess, as well as their Imperial Council and Military school systems.

In addition to the fresh and fun new civs, this Season Three Public Update Preview includes: 

  • Eight new maps
  • A sneak peek of Taunts and Cheats
  • Team Ranked functionality
  • Updates to Naval balance
  • …and more, including additional balance changes and quality of life improvements!

Get Ready for PUP

Coming alongside the PUP next week will be the Release Notes for you to read all about the available content and spectacular changes coming to Age IV.

A survey requesting specific feedback will also become available later in this preview session.

Finally, note that this is a preview build of an upcoming update to Age of Empires IV.

⚠️Some features in this preview are not yet final or reflective of the intended official release.

This includes, among other items, the final unit speech for the civilizations of the Malians (Malinke) and Ottomans (Turkish). In this preview, the new civilizations are using the English civilization unit speech. This is a placeholder only as we work to finalize the unit speech of these two new civilizations with care.

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Join us – we’re excited to hear what you think! 

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