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Nili’s Apartment Cup Is Back: March 11th-19th!

Nili’s Apartment Cup is back and bigger than ever! Ten of the best players in the world will be fighting for their share of the $50,000+ prize pool. The fourth edition of this legendary series, hosted by Nili_AoE, returns to its roots in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition with many familiar faces, and a few new ones too!

The level of competition is just getting hotter after two challenging qualifiers to make it into the top 10. Get ready for nine intense days of competition, starting with five preliminary rounds of grueling matches before a high-stakes playoff.

Will three-time reigning champion TheViper defend his title? Can Hera get his revenge after a loss in the NAC III finals? Will Liereyy finally take home the trophy in a LAN event? Can JorDan lock in an elusive S-Tier 1v1 tournament win? Or will a new champion emerge and upset TheViper’s reign? The level of competition has undoubtedly never been higher, and TaToH, Mr_Yo, ACCM, Villese, Vinchester and Nicov might have tricks up their sleeves as well.

The all-star casting lineup features T90, Dave, Nili, and Dash. They will be joined by players casting throughout the event, giving the tournament a unique charm and sense of comradery. The cozy atmosphere of Nili’s Apartment Cup that is well-known and loved and won’t be changed, even though it will be hosted in a much larger apartment in Berlin!


  • Group Stages: 11th – 15th at 11:00 UTC 
  • Playoffs: 16th – 17th at 15:00 UTC 
  • Semi Finals: 18th 13:00 UTC 
  • Finals: 19th at 17:00 UTC (PLUS a 4v4 co-op showmatch at 14:00 UTC)

How to Watch

Be sure to tune in from March 11th through 19th on Nili’s Twitch channel for an unforgettable experience featuring the highest level of gameplay Age of Empires II has to offer. This will be an experience you don’t want to miss!

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