Lords of the West—the first official expansion to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition—is now available to pre-order or add to your wishlist for the holiday season. Here’s what it brings to Age II: DE:

  • Challenge your friends with two all-new civilizations, each of which include unique units and technologies for you to explore!
  • Battle across Western Europe and the Mediterranean in three new campaigns—including the British king, Edward Longshanks!
  • Claim victory by means of sheer military might, diplomatic prowess, or through overwhelming economic power!
  • New achievements to earn on your Xbox or Steam account! Check out the full list, below.

Lords of the West will be released on the Microsoft Store and Steam this January 26th, 2021!

Two New Civilizations


Rise from a mere duchy to the marvel of Western Europe through economic might, cultural achievement, and the use of advanced military technology and tactics. The Burgundian unique unit is the Coustillier, a cavalry unit that utilizes a powerful shock attack when charging into battle!

Civilization Bonuses

  • Cavalry Civilization
  • Economic upgrades are available one Age earlier than other civs
  • Fallen Knights return 50% of their gold cost

Unique Units

  • Coustillier: Cavalry unit that can charge their attack stat
  • Flemish Militia: Heavy infantry unit with a bonus vs cavalry; can only be obtained via the Flemish Revolution technology (see below)

Unique Technologies

  • Burgundian Vineyards: Convert all food into gold at a 2:1 ratio
  • Flemish Revolution: Upgrades all existing Villagers to Flemish Militia

* Note that civilization balance and bonuses may change between now and release.


Experience the diverse cultures and martial spirit of the Mediterranean’s crossroads as you build one of the most coveted kingdoms in medieval Europe. The Sicilian unique unit is the Serjeant, a hardy infantry unit that can construct the formidable Donjon.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Infantry Civilization
  • Castles and Town Centers are constructed 100% faster
  • Land military units absorb 33% of all incoming bonus damage
  • Each Farm upgrade grants Farmers +1 carry capacity

Unique Building

  • Donjon: Unique fortification used to train Serjeants. Units can garrison in the building for protection; Archers and Villagers shoot additional projectiles when garrisoned

Unique Unit

  • Serjeant: Infantry unit which can also construct Donjons

Unique Technologies

  • First Crusade: Upon researching, each Town Center spawns a one-time group of 7 Serjeants
  • Scutage: Upon researching, each team member receives a one-time payment of 15 gold for each military unit that they own

* Note that civilization balance and bonuses may change between now and release.

Three New, Fully-Voiced Campaigns

Edward Longshanks

A bitter hostage of rebel barons, Edward Longshanks vows to reclaim his birthright and lead a shattered England to unprecedented heights of prestige and fortitude. A shrewd commander and cunning politician, his merciless methods are effective, though amoral. Follow him as his thirst for power and glory leads him throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and even on Crusade! In this campaign, you will play as the Britons.

The Grand Dukes of the West

For decades, the dukes of Burgundy have been embroiled in a bloody struggle over control of the mad French king using their cunning, military prowess, and immense wealth. However, as the blood that they spill is paid for with the blood of their own, their focus turns increasingly northwards as they aim to create a kingdom of their own. In this campaign, you will play as the Burgundians.

The Hautevilles

Robert de Hauteville left Normandy in 1047 CE with a small band of thieves. Within a century, members of his family had become dukes in Italy, princes in the Holy Land, and even kings of Sicily. Join these intrepid Norman adventurers as they fuse three cultures into Europe’s most tolerant and sophisticated kingdom. In this campaign, you will play as the Sicilians.

New Achievements

Unlock and earn brand-new achievements on Steam and the Microsoft Store!

Achievement Name Achievement Description Points
The English Justinian Complete the Edward Longshanks campaign. 5
The Good, the Bold, and the Fearless Complete the Grand Dukes of the West campaign. 5
Haute Culture Complete the Hautevilles campaign. 5
Unchivalrous Pragmatist Defeat Simon the Younger’s army before the baronial forces attack in the first Edward Longshanks mission “Vain Ambition”. 20
Throne Thief Steal the Stone of Scone in the fourth Edward Longshanks mission “Toom Tabard”. 20
Malleus Scotorum Kill William Wallace before Robert the Bruce betrays you in the fifth Edward Longshanks mission “Hammer of the Scots”. 20
No Wheels Do not construct a single siege weapon in the first Grand Dukes of the West mission “A Kingdom Divided”. 15
A Second Hastings Ignore the armistice offered by the British and invade England by wiping out Humphrey’s base in the fifth Grand Dukes of the West mission “The Hook and Cod Wars”. 20
Shut Up La Hire! Defeat the French army before capturing Joan of Arc in the sixth Grand Dukes of the West mission “The Maid Falls”. 20
Self-Made Man Win without allying with either Argyrus or Guaimar in the first Hautevilles mission “Guiscard Arrives”. 20
Haute, Haute, brief candle! Inspire a rebellion in the second Hautevilles mission “Roger in Sicily”. 10
Italy Jones and the First Crusade Do not lose a hero in the fourth Hautevilles mission “Bohemond in the East”. 20
Burgundian Victory Win a game playing as the Burgundians. 5
Sicilian Victory Win a game playing as the Sicilians. 5
Golden Spurs Transform at least 50 Villagers into Flemish Militia by researching Flemish Revolution. 5
Tour d’Italie Construct a Donjon and use it to train a Serjeant. 5


Pre-order Now!

Pre-order Lords of the West today and get ready to march into battle with the Sicilians and Burgundians as you guide your forces to victory on January 26th, 2021!


Lords of the West

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  • dovacima January 26, 2021
    is the new DLC working correctly? I played for an hour and I have noticed some errors in the texts of the missions in campaign, as well as the achievements are not unlocked and are not even shown on Xbox
  • sammenliao January 26, 2021
    why it not in my game, are you want me to repay for this game, so you can earn my money twice?
  • ferdynandfoch January 16, 2021
    AoE II includes a lot of different and interesting nations, but I wonder, why by twenty years there is still not implement a Kingdom of Poland. Country of Piast and Jagiellon dynasty was dominating in middle-east Europe, specially over Slavian and Lithuanian principalities. It is enough to say about battle of Grunwald, victory over Teuton Order and "western flower of knighthood". AoE is a legend RTS, but I hope, I will play as a polish king.
  • bigocles January 10, 2021
    I love that we are finally seeing a “Norman-like” civ after all these campaigns talking about them. I especially like how Bohemond is going to be receiving his own spotlight too. Idea I have for y’all though is an expansion about Britain, with civs like the Anglo-Saxons, Welsh/Cornish, Picts, and even a Frisian/Dutch and Danish/Norwegian civ. You could have campaigns like Ragnar and his Sons, Rhodri the Great of Welsh/Gwynedd, Alfred the Great, even an expanded campaign about William the Conqueror.
  • blast9867 December 27, 2020
    Here are my suggestions for changes: General Changes • House cost restored to 30W • Barracks, Archery Range, and Stable costs each get reduced to 150W • Blacksmith cost reduced to 125W • Farms each have 225 food by default instead of 175 food • Stone Wall moved to Castle Age; a new wall building called the Light Wall is added that serves as the lower niche than the Stone Wall as it is going to be weaker than the Stone Wall but still happens to be stronger than the Palisade Wall and to research the Stone Wall is going to be 200F and 100W • Fortified Wall moved to Imperial Age; Cost increased to 300F and 200W • House, Monastery, and Blacksmith all get their unique Imperial Age building sets • Cavalry Archer is going to be removed from several civilizations since NOT every civ in the old world used mounted archers Civilization Changes • Khmer no longer has the Onager • Koreans receive Redemption • Malians no longer has the Cannon Galleon
  • eidrick277 December 23, 2020
    Maybe the Europeans will have their own regional Semi unique unit now! Then the Far East Next Expansion
  • navinkumarpk December 20, 2020
    Could the developers post more pictures of the new editor units/plant life/animals that have been added to the editor? Vineyards, hunting dogs, jousting tracks? Templars/Hospitaller knights?
  • hsu410929 December 20, 2020
    2021 還能繼續發DLC真的猛 期待女真與西藏也能加入二代DE
  • trophichater December 18, 2020
    Wish you could do the ragnar lothbrook campaing and civs from usa
  • culgil December 18, 2020
    Nice and quite a surprise. Especially the campaigns of Edward and the Hautevilles could be very interesting. Also great connections to existing campaigns (Wallace, Joan of Arc, crusades) and I appreciate the aim of filling gaps of civs without campaigns. I am also looking forward for the tactical implications in multiplayer (obviously too early to comment). At the same time, I share some opinions voiced by many others here: 1) For next DLCs please concentrate on non-European civs, especially on Indian or African ones. The game is already quite Eurocentric while India basically was and is a continent on its own, but is represented by only one civ so far. 2) Most important is not new content (although I understand you need to make money with this), but bugfixing, performance and QoL improvements. Also, some questions come to my mind: 3) Will every civ now have a unique castle texture? That could be great for atmosphere in campaigns and scenarios (30+ castles to choose from for mapmakers!) but could be confusing in multiplayer especially for beginners. 4) Should Sicilians not be named Normans as this seems to be more fitting considering their features (Serjeant, Donjon, Scutage, campaign story)? Then Hastings could feature them too instead of Franks. The whole design (perhaps except architectural style) is based on Normans while Sicily is just a location which was governed by many rulers in medieval times and only one location which was ruled by Normans. E.g. no one would have called the rulers of the crusader state Antioch Sicilian but instead Norman.

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