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Watch the Final Weekend of Queens’ Charity Clash!

Hosted by Age of Queens, the Queens’ Charity Clash continues with its final weekend of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition events: a Free-For-All, five back-to-back 1v1s, and for the grand finale: two sets of 1v1 featuring High Elo female players!

Read more about the month-long Women’s History Month fundraising event here: Announcing the Queens’ Charity Clash. Throughout the month women will be representing two charities: Girls Who Code and the Games and Online Harassment Hotline.

This is the FINAL weekend of Queens’ Charity Clash, and World’s Edge has a challenge to throw your way! World’s Edge will be matching all donations raised during the event up to $5,000! Age of Queens has raised $1,840 for these two charities so far, and you can tune in this weekend to help them reach their goal!

How to Donate

Click here to donate! Donations will be collected by Age of Queens throughout the month of March, and World’s Edge will be matching contributions up to $5,000! All contributions to the Age of Queens channel/PayPal during March will be distributed to the two charities. The total amount donated will be updated on the Age of Empires Women’s History Month Hub!

Current Standings & Point Totals

After the first 3 showmatches the point totals are:

Girls Who Code: 5 Points

Games and Online Harassment Hotline: 9 Points

March 25th, 14 GMT: Free-For-All

The fourth of six showmatches is a brutal Regicide Free-For-All on the map Golden Pit! 8 players will battle it out, but only one will emerge victorious! Each player has a chance to ban one civilization from the game, and all players may freely choose from the civilizations that remain. The winner of the Free-For-All gets to choose which charity to add their point to.

March 25th: Participating Players & Streamers


  • Gabi | Twitch
  • Elhyar | Twitch
  • KaneteTV | Twitch
  • BlackBaby
  • Anthocyanina
  • Yosumi
  • EspressoCat
  • Gaelyn

Casters & Commentators:

March 26th, 14 GMT: 1v1s (5 Different Matches)

In this event, there will be five different 1v1 matchups. Two teams of five players each put forth their most confident player for each game within the varied pool of maps! Civilizations are hidden pick with no repeats, allowing teams to strategize and play to their strengths in terms of both maps and civilizations. Games will be played on the following maps:

  • Acropolis
  • Arena
  • Golden Pit
  • MegaRandom
  • Nomad

March 26th: Participating Players & Streamers

Players representing Girls Who Code:

Players representing Games & Online Harassment Hotline:

Games and Online Harassment Hotline Logo
  • LilTrouble | Twitch
  • KaneteTV | Twitch
  • BlackBaby
  • Daehiise
  • Stealth_R_Us

Casters & Commentators:

March 27th, 14 GMT: High Elo 1v1s

The grand finale of the Queens’ Charity Clash features two sets between some of the strongest women in the Age of Queens community. Watch rising players Nodscouter and Ottila battle it out first in a 1v1 Best of 5 at 14 GMT. Afterward Mica will challenge Gabi, the highest rated woman in the AoQ ladder. Players will draft their civilizations and battle it out on the following maps:

  • Runestones
  • Arena
  • Nomad
  • Four Lakes
  • Haboob

March 27th: Participating Players & Streamers:

Players representing Girls Who Code:

Player representing Games & Online Harassment Hotline:

Games and Online Harassment Hotline Logo
  • Mica
  • Ottilia

Casters & Commentators:

Learn More About Queens’ Charity Clash

More information about the event is available on the public Age of Queens and Friends server (open to anyone to join.)

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