To kick off July with something fresh, we’re updating the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition 1v1 and Team map pools based on feedback from the competitive community. The next time you jump into the matchmaking queue, you’ll be able to choose from the new set of maps highlighted below!

Current map pools as of 6p PACIFIC (9p ET / 20:00 UTC / 22:00 CEST) on Monday, June 29

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👤 1v1 Map Pool

The 1v1 map pool has been narrowed to 7 maps (from 9), and the number of bans have been reduced to 3.


👥 Team Game Map Pool

The TEAM GAME map pool still features 9 of the most popular maps (by the numbers). The number of bans remains the same.


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  • mordac83 July 8, 2020

    As someone already wrote below you could increase ranked map pool and at the same time increase the number of bans. That should be ok for both competetive and casual gamers. I enjoy the randomnes in getting diferent maps, sometimes you get an advantage and somtimes you are at a disadvantage, both ways are fun to play. All in all thanks to the devs for a fantastic game. Bot hthe HD edition and DE edition really brought me back to AOE 2 after a long pause in playing since the first years with AOK/AOC. Keep up the good work!

  • rafik-2 July 1, 2020

    I just want to state the obvious, there's nothing that those poor devs can do to make everyone happy. But damn it they try to anyways, so I just want to thank them for working so hard on our favorite game. Thanks!

  • mahyaoc-i-twitch-tv July 1, 2020

    can you add more bann next time it will be more fun to practice one map all time and go to ather map :b

  • zer0gab June 30, 2020

    you should focus all your efforts for the next patch in fixing iddleing farmers stuck in nothing, and the attack alarm sound, so many times you can see it in viper's videos that he is being attack and there is no sound, i notice that most of the times this happens with house walls and palisades, its so frustrating.

  • zerorook4241410 June 30, 2020

    What about teamgame crashes and bugs?

  • baleta June 30, 2020

    team_map_rotation_probs: {
    "95": ["lombardia", "arena"],
    "4": ["black_forest", "nomades"],
    "1": ["gold_rush", "cenotes", "arabia", "hideout", "migration"]

  • math37 June 30, 2020

    One day you will adapt the maps according to the RM or Dm ?
    For teamgames in deathmatch, map pool is very bad....

    • syn-kaan July 3, 2020

      arabia is the bread and butter for dm.
      if you really want to you can add maybe oasis and lombardia for team games but you don't even need to lol

  • olafkforkbeard June 30, 2020


    MegaRandom is fun, but just isn't a competitive map in any way. Good move.

    Open maps are best maps.

    Honestly the only thing I'd personally change is Gold Rush swapping into Golden Pit, due to the dynamic of it being harder to retain the most important late game resource.

  • chainingyeti732 June 30, 2020

    Thank you devs. I am very grateful of the hard work that you all do. Cheers!

  • zerorook4241410 June 30, 2020

    Can we get freaking "only arabia" for 1v1s??? I BEG YOU

    • syn-kaan July 3, 2020

      yeah more bans plz
      (and only arabia for dm of course, this map pool is heresy on dm)

    • mahyaoc-i-twitch-tv July 1, 2020

      yeah i agree they need add more ban :D

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