Greetings, Wololo Warriors!

It’s time for you to step up and show your Wololo spirit in our monthly contest.

But first, the winners from last month! We asked you to show us what would happen if someone from a later age traveled back in time to meet people from earlier ages—and brought some new technology with them! As always, we had a bunch of awesome entries, but we had to narrow it down to our four favorites. Below are this month’s winners!


Salmase, who introduced a new flying unit into Age of Mythology:



Disneygek, who ran into some translation issues:




For_Sparta, who thinks maybe it’s better if we don’t know the answer to “How do I turn this on?”:


And Soulitaire, who dropped a confusing unit into an African village!




Honorable mention (once again) to Cataphractus, who just kept on upgrading his war elephants:


Congrats to all winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!


This month’s contest: Yo dawg, we heard you like sieging! It’s time to break out that Impact font and submit your funniest Castle Siege-related memes. Your entry must include an image with text and be related to Age of Empires: Castle Siege. You may also include a written portion explaining your entry that may be no more than 200 characters in length (not including spaces).

We’ll pick our five favorites, and the winners will each be able to choose two of the below prizes! Submissions must be appropriate, and must be submitted in the forum discussion thread linked below before 11:59 PM PDT on July 27, 2016. You can find the full official rules here.

wololonewprizelist feb 16