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Multiplayer Server Maintenance begins Wednesday, October 20 at 2PM PT (5p ET /  21:00 UTC) and should last for 1 – 2 hours. During this time, you will not be able to matchmake or access online features. Click for more details!

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'Making Ivan' thumbnail

Making Ivan

Russian Prince, Ivan the III, also known as Ivan the Great, was born in Moscow on January 22, 1440. His childhood was notably dark, as he grew up in the middle of one of the greatest civil wars in Muscovy history. His father, Vasily II spent a significant part...
'Age of Empires IV Has Gone Gold!' thumbnail

Age of Empires IV Has Gone Gold!

The time has come – Age of Empires IV has gone gold! On October 28 battle your way to victory with eight unique civilizations, four epic campaigns, and different game modes – all in 4K. Come join in all the excitement and be a part of the new generation of...

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